2006 NAD Conference Comments

I attended 2006 NAD Conference in Palm Springs, CA last June/July. I had an opportunity to ask some people to share their thoughts on 2006 NAD conference.


  • Paul Kiel 18 years ago

    This is very interesting video of people being thrilled from workshops. It is simple factor – KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! The more we know, the more empowered we are!

    It is very important to remember that we rely on visual cues. Therefore, the videos that everyone is doing the past year are what we need to do for the next generation. The more we make and do videos, we can archive and save to pass on to future.

    In the past 126 years of battle between Bell system and Gallaudet system, we had been too busy with paper and pen. We lack the real direction for a long time. Now with Deafhood, we need a “bible” to live with and pass on to future generations. We need to empower ourselves to be more empowered in determining the Deaf legacy. We need to be firm and stand up for our rights to communication access. We will not take anything less. We need to debate with schools and make them realize that ASL is the option that should be in ALL schools that serve Deaf children of all kinds.

    We need to break the shackles of audism and protect the Deaf culture at all costs!

    Audism spreads while good Deaf people do nothing! (This was borrowed from ” Evil spreads while good men do nothing!”)

    We have to revoke the 1880 Milan and put ourselves on the right track. We need to take care of Deaf schools and clubs. We need our identity. The hearing world will be fine with us. The hearing world had been benefiting from us through our contributions through many people down the history such as Edison, Hoy, Clerc, and many unsung heroes down the history.

    Let’s stand up and raise our hands for Deafhood!

    Thank you, Joey! Keep up the good work!

    For your information, I am conducting videography training seminars and we can help teach anyone to be videogragher and use the system.

    See you all in Deafhood!


    Deaf Images
    Lakeland, Florida

  • Arthur Harreden 18 years ago

    Hey Paul Kiel, Try to be deaf crusader,huh?
    Thomas Edison was not deaf at all,just lost his hearing in late age And more you did not mention that our 40th president Ronald Reagan was deaf too,Ah you did not recognize him as deaf. He was no different from Edison . Both lost their hearings from accidents
    You forget about one of our USA Bill of Rights article 1st and 9th… Parents have rights to decide what is best for their deaf childrens and send them to oral school or deaf! you have no rights to force upon them althought I am DoD and often wished that I went to hearing school instead of stinking deaf school… you should focus more on deaf education at deaf school instead of yelling to abolish oral system… Remember that we have our precious rights to choose our choices! So quit squabble about deaf vs oral
    Put yourself more attention to deaf kids’s moral and attitude at deaf school. that is most important to development of good citizenship!

  • Tim Hickerson 18 years ago

    What makes a good Citizenship of us from “DeafHood” is the right to “identify” who we are and where we came from and it is a good move for us to be more recognized of how we are ourselves today in our society. Thus this is an important movement for us all, whether it be oralism, Hard of hearing, Coclear Implant, late Deaf, or fully Deaf, we all have the similarities as well as to understand the “Bottom line” of our root of history to define us today. Thus this includes the CODAs as well as they are part of our Deaf Society as it turns out today. We have a huge diversity of people in our group as people we are together in this as “Citizenship” we thrive to respect one another and help situations better by understanding one another. Deaf Hood exists to represents a very important approach for us all to understand “Sign Language” Society and its history of root. I am applauded by this Deaf Hood era, but be it for everyone who knows Sign Language as this would bring us as a Diversity group to in our society to know us of our Deafness history to make us whole as Deaf persons we are as part of today Society. let us feel proud and let us not abuse this in any other ways, but to “help” one another to feel “Great!” An important step or of this development approach is the “responsibility” of us as a group to “educate and show the way” and for those who are not “Deaf” to accept and to understand us better of our history and to work with us as “equally” as “people in the “development of good citizenship’.” How am I doing so far?

  • Tim Hickerson 18 years ago

    By the way, yes, of course, bring those Deaf Clubs and Deaf school as a stronghold to protect Deaf Culure and that is very good for the society of us Deaf to have back, but instead let us work together as Diversity group who knows and understand Deafness to help us become stronger to have back what belongs to us as our Society, those are the things that are precious to our Deaf Society We do have something to “Say” as our rights as a group of people who has “Culture values” as well. We just have to work together to bring it back to us what we don’t have. There are so many issues behind the door I know, but the “process” of Deaf Hood can be met with all those who know us and our history of “Culture Values.” Look at ourselves today and “good changes” are needed. Everyone has a right to his/her stand on DeafHood and everyone has a right of choice. This is America, and the only thing “DeafHood” can do is a sense of “Process” within ourselves to make positive gain, but none of the “negative approach” I don’t think.

  • Paul Kiel 18 years ago


    Parents have been misled for the past 126 years and should we twiddle thumbs while they were lied and manipulated by the audists?

    Get real!

  • Paul Kiel 18 years ago

    Thomas Edison was deaf as Ronald Reagan was deaf too. Everyone is deaf! =^)

    It is only a label…. we are all human beings.

  • Paul Kiel 18 years ago

    Let me correct… Thomas Edison started being deaf around age of 10 when he was late and running after the departing train. He had stacks of newspapers under each arm and running down the railroad tracks. He yelled for the conductor to help him get on train. The conductor had no choice but to bend over and picked him up by the ears. Edison was a small kid back then….thus causing him to become deaf.

  • MB1992 18 years ago

    Paul Kiel, you are obviously a Deaf fundamentalist. Staying moderate is the path I chose to take as there are advantages and disadvantages to all types of deaf education. Ive been in both, my children in both. Parents are also misled by the Deaf Fundies, not only oralists. Arthur, I applaud you for your wisdom in pouring our engergies to help the manual schools for a better future of the signing deaf. They do need help, believe me.



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