50%-50% Leadership?


  • Brian Riley 8 years ago

    I agree. A level of only 50-50 actually denotes a failure of leadership for a school for the Deaf. This is not a political office where divisive issues are hashed out. This is the fostering of a benevolent and beneficial climate of learning at a school.

  • Sandra Goldstein 8 years ago

    I cannot speak for CSD for I do not work there. Let me state that a true leader is to help others become leaders. Many leaders go out for their own personal gains and ego. I would say about 70 % of association leaders, club leaders are not true leaders. These leaders themselves do not understand what a true leader is. They think they are leaders because they were elected officers of any organizations. Officers who do not help others become leaders are not true leaders.
    People would respect and trust true leaders. Trust is an important issue to work with leaders.

  • Gino Villarreal 8 years ago

    Look like CSD is taking serious situation with Supertindent Virnig.


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