A Big Victory!

Gallaudet Board of Trustees announced that Ms. Fernandes has been terminated! A big victory for us!


  • IamMine 18 years ago

    🙂 I’m all SMILES!!

    I was hitting F5 (refresh key) and gasped when I saw “Fernie Terminated!” with official statement from BoT.

    Then I screamed at the top of my lungs, scaring the sh*t out of my husband! 😉

    Joey, thank you for all the hard work on vlogs – it was a TERRIFIC idea of getting everyone united! Same goes for bloggers, for updating us with latest information to keep us in the loop!

    Joey, I remember seeing you in that same spot 6 months ago, too. But I never said anything.

    “What does that have to do with me anyway?”

    “You don’t consider me part of the deaf community, so what’s the point in trying?”

    I always wished my Pearl Jam community was what the Deaf community would be like, where there are many fans from all walks of life, also internationally, always welcoming anyone into thier community. Eddie Vedder, singer, always looked out for the diversity of his fans and always said, “take care of each other” and always listened to his fans – we even joked about having him run for president.

    But now I finally see it happening in the deaf community and I’m SO DAMN HAPPY!!! I feel SO WHOLE!!!

    I’m so happy I’m crying!

    Over the course of time, I finally saw I COULD do something and be part of the deaf community.

    Thank you for getting this hermit out of the house, not only for Pearl Jam concerts, but also for important deaf events!

    I am looking forward to the Deafhood session this upcoming November 18th here in Michigan!

    I’m glad you are not going to stop with the vlogs – or the bloggings. It’s important for all of us to work together to get Galladuet working, then get our local systems working for the better quality of education and life for the deaf community! 🙂

    Anyone wants to hire a computer programmer, that’s me! 😉

    Let the healing begin and start rolling up our sleeves to start working!! 🙂

    Peace & love,

  • DeafFist 18 years ago


    You should have many thanks to IKJ for Jane KF.for the best things happen to us. This is best education Jane KF put us go through. Jane KF was our best teacher, IKJ is not good teacher, all he give us with his smile that will not benefit to us all. THANK to Jane KF. She made us strong. IKJ didn’t make us strong, you know it.


  • Ginny (Paja) Nyholm 18 years ago

    (Grinning from cheek to cheek!!! Arms up in the air!!!!) Whoooooooooooooo!!!! Looking forward to the changes ahead and working together, unified for Gallaudet forever!!!

    Ginny Nyholm
    Oxnard, CA

  • ToddE 18 years ago


    Thank you for your leadership and your ASL vlogging throughout the six-month span covering the Gallaudet protest!

    You, along with other key bloggers, have been instrumental in turning the tide at Gallaudet for better leadership and vision.

    I will definitely look forward to viewing more contributions from you in the near future.

  • Peggy Faulkner 18 years ago

    Joey and the bloggers,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, devotion and support! The supporers hard work paid off. We’ve made a big difference. Congrats to the Gally students, alumni, and the world! Unity for Gallaudet! =)

  • MAINSTREAMED DEAFIE 18 years ago

    Thank you the Deafworld now that for the first time I know the Deaf considers me as a part of the Deafworld, no matter of my status as a deaf student in mainstreamed high school. I am proud to be Deaf and proud to be a cochlear implant user and am proud to know the Deaf world will no longer look down on me.

    Thank you everybody.

    Let’s roll our sleeves and seek better leadership at Gally.

  • Tara E-'03 18 years ago

    When I found out that JK is out and I questioned to myself, is this for real? I had to contact one of former Gallaudet professor and asked her if it was for real…I told her it better be true because I am getting ready to jump out of my chair with JOY! True biz, she said yes it is for real, I screamed and jumped out of my chair and dance my butt off! My daughter, Tyra age 5 1/2 looked at me puzzled and if I was nuts! LOL! Congrats to every one of you out there and to every one of us! God Bless Gallaudet!

    Gallaudet stands remain FOREVER!


  • G 18 years ago

    You made a very good point. I hope this “unity for Gallaudet” spills over to “unity for all deaf and hoh world”. Regardless of our preference in communication modes, use of ci or not, etc we all need to respect and accept eachother in order to be strong and seek justice and rights for all deaf and hoh. United we stand, divided we fall. Great job Joey!

    I am HOH, inrooted in deaf culture/family but mainstreamed most of my life. Attended school for deaf and gallaudet eventulally. I belong in the deaf world but respect everyone regardless. Thanks to my Deaf parents who encouraged me to be myself, they knew no matter what, I will always be part of the Deaf world. Oppression still exists, and we all need to be united!

  • Dot Johnson 18 years ago


  • debby 18 years ago

    It is hard to describe how I feel but it is really like “WOW” . I left a graduate school from Gallaudet last December (2005). I went there last May to pick up a friend who graduated from Gallaudet last May and saw how cool the protesters expressed their feelings by writing on the banners and different size of tents where they camped on the campus before GUFSSA joined them. I kept checking what’s going on with Gallaudet protesters online and wondered who would be our next 9th president after IKJ announced his retirement and the board of trustees choose JKF. Thank you for your wonderful videolog and it is really neat way so we can watch the videos about what is going with Gallaudet protesters and keeping us in post and tent cities from different states to show their support and thousands of alumnus from different states went to Gallaudet anyway which I thought was a perfect time for them to show the world they support GUFSSA. Also thank you for adding different links such as elisawrites.com, deafread, gufssa., and many more. I think this is worst time than during DPN in 1988. I had been watched DPN but the fight was not very long. At that time I did not have computer and pager. Cool! We watched videologs online from May until now…finally the protesters WON!. I knew they have won from my heart. We are being oppressed for many years by hearing world. I hope it is time for them to learn to respect the Deaf community, their values, and ASL!! Your issue on video about leadership is really important for all of us to see. 10/29/06 will never be forgotten. Thank you for your wonderful job on your website.

  • marlene 18 years ago

    CHEERS to GALLY PROTESTORS for their BRAVERY and REFUSING to back down and out! CHEERS to RIDOR, opinionated-harsh-brash-emotional, who captured our attention with his frequent daily blogs and WAKING UP DEAF AMERICA! CHEERS to JOEY for his professionally well-done ASL VLOG! CHEERS to FREMONT ALUMNI for coming on STRONG! CHEERS to DEAFREAD CREATORS for brainstorming a COHESIVE DeafInfoSite! CHEERS to GUFSSA and countless ORGANIZATIONS/ASSOCIATIONS/GROUPS/INDIVIDUALS for creating, posting, sending letters—YOU ALL are TOO NUMEROUS to MENTION!!! CHEERS to TENT CITY for SPRINGING up EVERYWHERE! CHEERS to INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS for YOUR wholehearted SUPPORT! CHEERS to LEADERS/ALUMNI/SUPPORTERS for stepping in on KENDALL GREEN with a SHOW of FORCE! CHEERS to the DEAF COMMUNITY AT-LARGE, far and wide, for standing STRONG! CHEERS to HEARING SUPPORTERS who believed and joined us! CHEERS to EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU who became UNITED AS ONE in ENDEAVORS for VICTORY! HURRAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erica Tara Lily Parker 18 years ago

    Joey Baer,

    Well said. Well signed.

  • Michelle (Johnston) Osterhout 18 years ago

    Your VLOGS are godsend. Your proactive thoughts are pertinent and crucial to the diverse Deaf community.

    Deafhood is coming to Michigan. I am definitely going. I believe the Deaf community is much more close-knit than in the past due to the events unfolding at Gallaudet. I became involved with blog writing. I posted and I kept watching and playing the waiting game. Until the announcement came, I felt a mix of gladness/sadness.

    Glad that we can now start healing proactively. The road ahead of us is long and winding. We cannot just quit and stop. We must work together to help bring Gallaudet back on its’ feet.

    Sad, just a slight bit, because Jane F is Deaf, but fell deaf to our pleas. We need someone who really interacts and acts like a true leader, listening to us and strengthening our rapport with one another.

    Bottom line, Joey, please do not stop your important mission in educating and strengthening the ties of the Deaf community with your vlogs. The world needs people like you. The world needs each and every one of us, too, unique beings to become involved.

    Thank you!

  • JOHN VELEZ 18 years ago


  • testing_the_truth 18 years ago

    The removal of Jane Kelleher Fernandes from the position is only a first step toward genuinely reforming Gallaudet University. The Agents of Colonization and their Byzantine power structure must be uprooted next. Otherwise they will grow back on our heads blocking any further progress.

    The Board respectfully asked the students to continue with ‘cleaning up’. So why not do that?! The Board declared that the best interest of the school was the removal of the designate. Therefore whoever worked for the designate, often with undignified methods, worked against Gallaudet interest! Therefore, consequences are expected to take place.

    We have every reason to celebrate, but we need to keep in mind: the empowerment of the Deaf community at Gallaudet is not yet complete until reforms — based on self-determination and cultural autonomy — are not worked out and are not implemented. Only the success of reforms can crown our efforts with a sense of genuine achievement.

  • MikeS 18 years ago

    Infamous chair. Sell on eBay?

  • KH 18 years ago

    HI JOEY, YOU ARE DOING AGREAT JO ON VLOG. I HAVE ALWAYS ENJOY WATCHING VIDEOS ESPECIALLY YOURS. THANK GOD FOR THE BLOGS AND VIDEOS etc AROUND HERE IN THIS WORLD. IT IS MUCH FASTER AND EASIER TO COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER WOW!!!!! the communicatio does bring us the diversity of all of the deafies together. we all need to work together for the best interest of the future of our deaf children. also some of my former students and I will never forget what ELLA MAE LENTZ said about the treasure THAT SOMETHING APPLY TO ASL IN THE END. THAT MADE US THINK ABOUT HOW IMPORTANT TO HAVE ASL IN OUR LIVES, THAt is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!!! I learned asl when iwas 11 years old. WOW i think ASL IS SO BEUTIFUL AND AWESOME… REALLY I FELL IN LOVE WITH ASL:).. Kathy Hughes

  • Need help to heal ourself 18 years ago

    Wonder if it is possible for you to reach the board of ADARA on this link: http://www.adara.org/pages/board.shtml

    Have them whistleblower to the Audisms town and city: -http://www.oraldeafed.org/schools/index.html-

    to press the facts and reasons on the newspaper. Will that help to heal our scars to move on building up more Healthier deaf community?

  • Need help to heal ourself 18 years ago

    Oh lawdy, why I don’t see why JKF has to teach ASL even though she did blew up the messy medias!

    I agreed with Carl Schroeder that we need to get rrid of IJK, Paul Kelly, plus I have to add Mercy and Jane Norman, too! I feel that they are trying to terminate and destroy ASL just like Carl’s 1954 (click on 1954) link:


    I don’t understand why JKF has to teach ASL while she is obviously won’t heal herself by attacking us on the media news! She embarrassed our Deaf Culture with NO RESPECT!

    Get rid of all the IJK’s BoT? or contact other BoT who will be able to listen to FSSA’s comments?

    What do you think?

  • debby 18 years ago

    Yes Agree….IJK, Jane Norman, Mercy, ADM, Paul Kelly, DPS, PPD, need to pack and leave. Yes Agree… pick another BoT who will listen to FSSA. It is not a good idea for Jane Fernandes to work at ASL/DST dept. She is qualified at the English department. We need more Deaf professors … Very few have ph.d degrees so I think the law needs to be changed so that Ph.d is not very required..just qualified deaf or hearing ASL professors !!. (Example, Dr. Mason and Dr. Pia at Gallaudet both hearing but fluent in ASL Pia comes from deaf family and Mason ex-spouse deaf).

  • Deaf Red October Timeline need, pls? 18 years ago

    I hope there will be a book with the timeline for our Deaf History.

    Interesting Deaf Red October timeline:

    1. Black Friday, October 13, 2006 Friday Tim Rarus, one of the 1988 Deaf President Now leaders, was one of 133 people arrested at Gallaudet University.

    2. Saturday, October 21, 2006 , 4,000 people From Gallaudet to Capitol, a March in Step With History

    3. “Failed Leadership” ASLVlog was dated on Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 at 01:26pm

    4.. On Wednesday, October 25th, 2006 the ATTACK bulldozing protestors and their tents at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf gate, I was shocked, pain and broken heart!

    5. “Failed Leadership Again” ASLVlog was dated on Friday, October 27th, 2006 at 05:35pm

  • Loyal_dissent 18 years ago

    While this may be the conclusion the protesters wanted, and while this establishes new facts on the ground, we should be under no illusion that the BoT was “finally showing leadership.” They gave in to Mob Rule, pure and simple. I’m afraid this will ultimately weaken Gallaudet, not strengthen it. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Yvonne 18 years ago

    Hello Joey,
    I am very impressed of your vlogs and yes, keep up with more contributions in the future. We must work on process the systems at Gallaudet to change.
    I am so thankful for using this computer, because we can check websites/blogging everyday about what happened at Gallaudet University with 6 months. If the technology might not make like back to year of 1970, we would never know what was going on there.
    We must thankful to have those technology. Do you agree? I do!
    Keep posted us..
    We stand UNITY FOR GALLAUDET forever!!!

    Gallaudet Alumni’02
    from the Netherlands

  • matt 18 years ago

    good work joey

    i nominater joey and crew for a medal-

    anyone knows what medals are given in california??

    yep a big medal for joey

  • From Missouri 18 years ago

    Horrah!! We are victory!! Finally. What is next? Thats my question. I really enjoy watching Vblog. This is one of my favorite blog. Cheer, good job,Joey!!

    GU ’00

  • Jean Boutcher 18 years ago

    25. debby writes:
    > It is not a good idea for Jane Fernandes to
    > work at ASL/DST dept.

    I respectfully beg your pardon, but are you
    saying that Fernandes is currently with the
    Department of Deaf Studies and ASL?
    I have not seen it in black and white, so
    I would appreciate it dif you would kindly
    furnish me with a reliable source. It is
    inconceivable for her to work with the
    said Department unless she has already
    asked the Deaf Studies and ASL faculty members to forgive her for injuring the
    image of Gallaudet University as well
    as for hurting the future of deaf students
    loooking for government jobs after
    distorting to the media about “Not Deaf
    Enough.” She muuuuuuust first apologise
    to the Department of Deaf Studies and ASL
    as well as to the deaf community

    Three cheers to Joey Baer! Keep up the
    good work!

    Yours for the Unity for Gallaudet!
    Jean Boutcher


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