A Message from GUAA Bay Area Chapter

We, the GUAA Bay Area Chapter, have a message for Gallaudet’s FSSA (Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni) Coalition regarding Tent City!

View on!


  • Teri 18 years ago


    What a great documentary film!

    We the Rivy people better get busy! Do let me know how we can congregate and support the cause!

  • Joey Baer 18 years ago


    Thanks. You can do the same thing in your area to show your support. Not only in your community but in as many Deaf communities as possible! Unity for Gallaudet!


  • Sandra 18 years ago

    Great footage! I’m sure our dear Gallaudet students find it inspiring! Wonderful job, Joey! 🙂

  • mishkazena 18 years ago

    What an inspiring vlog! Thanks so much for your support. United, we stand in our support for Gallaudet students and FSSA!

    Unity for Gallaudet!

  • elisa 18 years ago

    Beautiful, just beautiful 🙂

  • Lynnette 18 years ago

    Wow Our Instructor at Santa Rosa JC Sherry Hicks has been talking about this but I didnt realize how much support you had til I saw it .Go Gallaudet!!!!!

  • Kerri 18 years ago

    Wow! Fascinating. I never went to Gallaudet, but I feel their frustration, and even more so after seeing this vlog. I think that’s so amazing that so many people huddled to support FSSA. Go Gallaudet!

  • Tara Bennett 18 years ago

    Awesome! One of heck inspiring vlog ever! UNITY FOR GALLAUDET!!!!

  • Luis 18 years ago

    Wow, what an inspiring video! We are looking much forward to see big changes at Gallaudet.

  • Marlene (Colorado) 18 years ago

    Absolutely AWESOME video! Such wonderful strong support for Tent City II, Gally students, FSSA , and future generations! Keep up the good work and keep on pluggin’. Joey, have been reading your blogs since day one and it’s certainly one of the best!

  • Irina M. Normatov 18 years ago

    Truly inspiring! Formidable! Goosebumps all the way from toe to head. Thanks! Please keep it up! Those support meant a lot to Gallaudet University.

  • Shara 18 years ago

    In response to “Art’s” comment, I just wanted to say that the entire purpose of this is meaningful, its not just another excuse to get attention or party as you so blantly put it… It’s a cause we’re trying to support, to let the Gallaudet students and other people who support the cause know that we’re behind them 110%. It’s not a matter of trying to raise the number of students that go to Gallaudet, and yes you do make a good point when you say that Gallaudet needs money, so therefore we should not apply, although that is true you have to think about the students.. Where else can they go? I mean I plan on attending Gallaudet after I graduate this year because it’s something I’ve had my heart set on, and the protest is going to get attention of course, but in the way we need it to get rid of Jane and stop the social injustice that is being done. Thank you.. So I’d suggest you to do some more research and actually see that we’re doing this because of social inequality not just because it’s Gallaudet and it’s a time to party. Thanks!


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