A New Language

David Spaulding shares his experience how he was introduced to new language and deaf community. It is part of his journey into Deafhood.


  • Carrie Gellibrand 17 years ago

    Very true, David! Doesn’t matter if you grew up ASL or if you grew up oral… we’re all still the same. 🙂

  • Tom 17 years ago

    That’s right. No matter who!. If it matters, then Deaf culture could be diminishing.

  • Laura 17 years ago


    That is True Deafhood you experience!


  • Julie Rems-Smario 17 years ago

    I relate to you, David! Its my experience too. I appreciate you sharing your experience 🙂

  • Judge 17 years ago

    Terrific! Keep bringing others to show us! 🙂

    We know that there are plenty of people who could “switch”. They are just afraid of new challenges.


  • Carl Schroeder 17 years ago

    Very good! Deaf people are generally welcoming to anyone! ASL is like a glue that keep Deaf people together from different places and backgrounds.

  • jrb 17 years ago


    I am glad that you could share your experience with us.


    Please continue to bring guest vlogger to us.

  • Diane Squires 17 years ago

    Me too I entered the Deaf world at Gallaudet in ’84. Now Here I am! We are family no matter what! Diane

  • Bobba Schmidt 17 years ago


    Coming from 4th generation deaf (my soon to be 17 year old daughter is the 5th generation deaf),
    I have been exposed to deaf people with various backgrounds.

    For instance, my father and maternal grandfather,both now deceased, were oralists. Dad learned
    sign language at the age of 10 while attending CSDBerkeley , the old school. Grandpa JB
    learned sign language at Wisc School for the Deaf in Delavan when he was 18 or 20 years old.
    I would have never known about it if they both had not told me. Thought they were native
    signers. It proves that ASL is our native language. I have heard the age old story about
    hearing parents spending extensive amount of money and hours taking their deaf child or children
    to a speech therapist. Once that child learns ASL, his or her speech usually regresses much to his or her parents\’ chagrin.

    I totally believe in total communication; however, there are certain deaf \”oralists\” who refuse to learn sign language. Their loss.

    I commend your ambition. Keep up the good work.

    Bobba Schmidt

  • LaRonda 17 years ago

    Right on!

    ~ LaRonda

  • Rob Walker 17 years ago

    Way to go, David! Keep up the good work.. *hands waving*

    Once I swung one way.. then started hanging around another way and now I swing in the other direction (most of the time) 🙂

  • DeafWoman 17 years ago

    Hi David…welcome to the Deaf World, there’s a whole lot more in store for you, it’s a lifetime of learning, experiencing and understanding…which is worth the ride!! You’ll love our culture, very diverse but worth falling in love with ASL and our culture!! Enjoy your ride!

  • Nick Vera 17 years ago


    Thank you for inviting him into your vlog. I truly appreciated his best effort to show his courage to breakthrough the deaf community despite who he is. He is the part of our Deafhood society. Everybody is welcome to our world as a big clan.


  • Aidan Mack 17 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is really inspiration story. I know once Deaf person who have diverse background come in Deaf community and never will leave . Why? It is beautiful and precious community. That s what it make us unique. Thats why the system hate the idea that we have rich culture.
    We must stop doing Deaf against Deaf. Don’t let the system use us and destroy each other.

  • kal 17 years ago

    come over and play poker sometimes!

  • Jac 17 years ago

    David, welcome to our real “DEAF” world, I am telling you this that you are doing GREAT with your ASL starter! You learned a real quickly! You are not like others as ORAL people, they usually take a lot of time to learn or do adjust their life with a real “D”eaf community. Wonderful Thumb Up!

  • Beth Ticehurst 17 years ago

    David! Hi! So glad to see you do a vlog! To everyone else, David and I went to the same school together! … I myself was introduced to the Deaf community through Deaf sports too. My first experience was NWAAD softball in 1997. It shows that Deaf sports is so important in that it brings Deaf people together from different walks of life where they can mingle and play! Good to see you again David!

  • Judy 16 years ago

    YES very true !! WE cannot blame each other because of limit background where we attened School it not our fault . I growing up at ORAL program but I fluent ASL very good but need more improved … I FELT I am like other Deaf people but my ASL litle sloppy but STILL understand each other and my friend help me correct my ASL thats wonderful than blame like u are not belong to Deaf Community because u growing up at Oralism Program. Thats why we focus help Deaf CHildren s Right ! U made me felt lot better and no wonder about DeafHood that one really wake me up ! I thought I was like u know be blame. I am so proud to be DEAF and love ASL .

  • Kristy 16 years ago

    Well Well about time! this is best news I ever seen.
    yes I totally agree with him. we all are humans. there is no different on about your background history whatsoever ASL or Oral. Of Course! making friends are good but heck, we getting along! 🙂


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