The Bulldozer

Gallaudet Video (1 of 5) on October 25, 2006
Courtesy of DawnSignPress

This happened only moments after we arrived on the campus. You can see the debris that the bulldozer dumped near the front gate. The protesters are on the bulldozer so that the operator cannot move it without endangering people. One of the injured students explained briefly what had happened.

“These video clips are to give you a general feeling of what the day was like. There are a lot of hard to understand dialogue in these video clips. The signs are not always easy to understand but the urgency behind the protest is crystal clear. There will be more video clips that will show clear dialogue. What you are about to see is the gritty footage from the day.”


  • Greg 18 years ago

    Finally, it is about a time to show the video documentary from the inside.

    BTW, Quicktime software displays a very small picture. Can you use the Windows Media that let you expand the picture to the full screen like DeafNation interview with IKJ last week?

    Keep on shooting the documentary video daily!!

  • F. R. Young 18 years ago

    Bulldozer?? Hell no, that a backhoe. And I thought Gallaudet was and education institution!!!!

  • Randall Doane 18 years ago

    “An Injury to One is an Injury to All.”

    Unity Gallaudet!

  • Tara E-'03 18 years ago

    That’s insane! Like Randall said, an injury to one is an injury to all…golly! What’s the update and has the situation has been taken care of? Were the DC police involved…I surely hope that the protestors made the report. It is best to have it all in white and black document where the administration can not deny this situation!

  • Grace 18 years ago

    Using the Bulldozer is form of oppression, unheard of that anywhere else in this country! I’m surprised the University had not hired a deaf consultant how to manage to get the students attention prior the actions!


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