This is a video clip sharing my thoughts on Deaf people following the Gallaudet protest.


  • rosemary 18 years ago

    I think its wonderful but in florida community have no kind of club to get together but few in different local have to rent per monthly to use and they, the people do not get together at all one time because too far to drive and too sick or old to drive. Government should provide one of each town or county to establish for Deaf people to get together once a month or two, Also should use free like ELK or MOOSE or else

  • Teri 18 years ago

    Love the new look! 🙂

  • Paul Kiel 18 years ago

    Basically it costs money to keep up the building costs. The Deaf community is using new venues such as meeting at the food court at malls and Starbucks Coffee. It is better than nothing. Deaf do get together on certain dates at malls or coffee places. This is one step to bring people together as well as a way for sign language students to meet us to improve their signing.

    I have seen some deaf clubs fall apart. There are ways to be innovative in getting them back such as learning to budget time and money to keep things running. I know it is a tall order. We do need think tanks, clubs, gatherings and technology such as paging, internet and ttys to keep in touch. We do need you to keep our proud Deaf culture running into the next century.

    It takes a Deaf village to make deaf people successful. So let’s band together and be a one loud voice to the public!

    Can you do that? Let’s do it! =^)

  • Deb Ann 18 years ago

    I wish I could do that and it’s wonderful for deafies, but I’m a busy mother of four, I couldn’t really get involved in a deaf club or a thinking tank. So, I encourage young deaf people to do more like that to make a deaf community stronger. It’s a great experience for everyone. I might be able to join one time a year.

  • Penny 18 years ago

    You are “Deaf” Steven Spielberg. Fabulous ASL Vlog!

  • Lauren 18 years ago


    Not sure how I received your email – but for some reason I know it is a good thing. Would like to communicate with you either email/vphone/etc.

    Please visit our new North Carolina Deaf and Hard of Hearing site. The previous center closed because of poor management and left 40,000+ deaf and hard of hearing with no support.

    Very interested in communicating with you on serving the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing.

    Lauren Azevedo, President
    North Carolina for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Donna 18 years ago

    Hi Joey, You did a great job! I agree with you 100 percent that Deaf people get together. I saw the video of Gertie on DEAFHOOD and Deafness denfinition, I got the idea of having DEAFHOOD Night at Concord Mill Mall , Concord, North Carolina every first Saturday of each month, 6 to 10pm. It ll be tomorrow, Aug 5 th, by Charlotte Association of the Deaf (formerly known as FAED Center, as the building was sold last February, 2006 ,after 35 years) but we can always think positive and move on. Yeah, it takes time and love to keep the Deaf Community going on. It gave us inspiriation after watching your tape. Smiles, Donna Vice President of Charlotte AD

  • Hugh Lafler 18 years ago

    Hi Joey,
    Ahh, Deaf Clubs…..why not as you are doing already (thru video) while having others working together to find out what the common theme for the Deaf Clubs. I agree that Deaf Clubs would be a great way to (channel openly) as we discuss issues that impact all of us. Perhaps have a theme while all interested parties (groups/individals) get together to share/express how we think/feel on the subject. I feel this will bring all of us together in promoting (communicating) the (positive) ideals and championing the cause of Deaf Unity. Good Luck! Joey and keep our eyes updated.

  • Tim Hickerson 18 years ago

    Joey, Joey, Please expose Live on news about what Lauren just told you about! That is your chance to make big of “Deaf Hood” to represent our Deaf Culture Values! 40,000 Deaf and hard of hearing with no support? What are you waiting for? Go on get out there and get the facts back to us! That can’t be happening? Oh, Please! That is one big “Positive” exposure you can use! It can’t be for real, but isn’t it? Where’s your horse Joey? Giddy Up there Now!

  • Daniel Greene 18 years ago


    I like the clean and crisp look of both your site and your signing style! Everything very easy to read.

    I discovered your blog today in ridorlive’s blogroll. I just converted my ten-year-old website into a blogsite, and added you to my blogroll.

    I actually live about 10 blocks from the Phoenix Association of the Deaf club. I am not aware of such lively “think tank” discussions going on there, though I am hearing (an asl interpreter), and have only gone a few times. What I have seen of their event fliers, however, is similar to what Arthur Harreden remarked upon… mostly dingo and poker.

    Perhaps as Paul Kiel suggested, deaf people could have these think tanks in coffee houses and other public venues, and perhaps deaf clubs are not necessary to maintain year-round just to hold a few think tanks per year.

    Anyway, I guess I am a bit late to blogging, but I’m glad to be here, and thanks for your blog.

  • Jim Lomanto 18 years ago

    I think Dr I King betrayed Tim Rarus. He did everything for him to get the President position. Now he ordered police to arrest Tim & other deafies What shame

    Jim Lomanto (father of 4 deaf Gally Alumnus)


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