Violating Deaf Culture??

“Anonymous Comments: Violating Deaf Culture”:
A vlog by guest vlogger, David Eberwein


  • Ken 18 years ago

    “Deaf Crab Theory”… once again, is and always will be present, anywhere, even on the internet today. Unfortunately, anonymous comment is to be expected, because we do take advantage of this technology of bloggin’. We have to accept any criticism, or either ignore the particular criticism that is specifically toward an individual or a group.

    Look onto this positive aspect, in the near future, we as Deaf people, will eventually pick up on this, and we will understand how we can convert this into our advantage tool. We will be able to put more better persceptive of other’s opinions, and the others toward this blogger, or in general, group discussion on a topic.

  • Carl Schroeder 18 years ago

    Having taken two courses in Journalism and received the GUAA Buff and Blue Columnist Award, I am pretty familiar with the editorship. Anonymous can be granted if the editor knows the author and deems it fit. In my Kalalau’s Korner, I am the owner/editor of my blogsphere, and, yes, I have rejected some anonymous comments because they attacked not only my person but also other people. I have been insulted, slandered, and criticized for not exercising the freedom of speech. I am sorry but, like David eloguently discussed, we are in this together for the future generations. Anonymous can be respected if and only if the editor/owner find it not abusive. Joey, thank you for such an educational piece.

  • debby 18 years ago

    Very good job…I assume persons, who prefer using anonymous, are afraid to speak up in person. They should not hurt or ruing other persons’ life. I agree it is best for person to face so we can learn or help each other to improve our mistakes, not hurt each other.

  • Gary Brooks 18 years ago

    As always, you rocks! when I first met from day one I knew there’s something about you! and I am right you are the person who we look up to! yes what you said I agreed! this is time for all of us to tell the truth. Sometimes truth hurts but it what make our Green Planet a better place to live! keep up brother love! Gary Brooks

  • IamMine 18 years ago

    You’re a great inspiration, DE!

    I’m so happy to see people trying to make something better out of worse situtations – not giving up!

    Thank goodness… 🙂

    Oh, I’m one of those nice anonymous – no worries!!! 😀

    Thanks for always educating us – I always learn something new from a lot of great deaf people here!!

    Thanks, DE!!

  • Picard90 18 years ago

    Excuse me, if I may make a few points.

    First of all, as an experienced poster on different forums, going through flame wars and all kinds of nasty stuff on the Internet, I have to say the issue of anonymous poster isn’t so important as what tone of his post or comment is.

    Let me ask you all a question, had anonymous comments been replaced with screennames or real names, but their contents remain offensive and insulting, is that okay? I don’t think so.

    My advice would be simply set your blog to moderate comments, that would solve the issue of anonymous posters. Otherwise, why let that bother you?


  • Penny 18 years ago

    I believe sending anonymous comments is offensive to our culture because we like to know who the person is…using anonymous does not bother hearing people as much as it does us, unless it threatens a person’s life. From my experience working with hearing employees’- people do not like face to face discussion for improvement or positive crictism. Most employees would rather have an employee share concerns with management and have managers/supervisor discuss their concern to avoid confrontation. I also learned that to discuss work issues through e-mail can later be used against an employee so it is best to discuss with managers/supervisors in person. I did not agree with that before, but now I do. But if working with Deaf employees, of course face to face discussion is what we prefer to use…I think it is healthy that we can disagree but we don’t need to bash on peoples’ personal lives. That is where we need to draw our boundaries. I agree that adults need to set good examples to deaf children. Many adults influenced their children during Nazi regime where they encouraged them to bash on Jewish people and caused them emotional problems in later life. We need to avoid that for our Deaf children.

  • teresa 18 years ago

    david-well signed (said) being an anonymous who insults or belittle others-they’re self destructive. that’s too bad. we have to keep educating-even it is somewhat tiring. but we all work together, 🙂 again good job, david

  • Deep Ears 18 years ago

    Don’t forget, if anyone allows anonymous comments in a blog that means our enemies can take advantage and try to make us fight with ourselves.

  • White Ghost 18 years ago

    I have to say that I have to agree with Picard90. The deaf culture is very small, though. People have the right to use their anonymouses in order to protect themselves from any gossips, rumors, and others.

    Being away from the word, “anonymous” is not going to solve this problem. I am considering that my “White Ghost” name which is equal to an “anonymous. ” I do not see any difference.

  • Raquel 18 years ago

    VERY TRUE! good job, David and Joey! 🙂

  • DeafLinux 18 years ago

    I am thrilled about the way David expressed his views because he was not making decisions for the Deaf community. He was showing what can lead to when people take off their mask via online. When a person takes off its mask they tend to be more bolder with their comments. It is true people do get carried away fueling their emotions with some form of anger towards another Deaf brother or sister.

    David is correct and we must resolve disputes in private because this is the Deaf “tribal” rule. Face to face communication can sense a person’s anger or emotional tone. Most of the time people who flamed another person using an anonymous as a name posting comments on blogs. This is a very dangerous trend and it can lead to severe apathy within our community.

    What we had seen so far is an evidence of libel posted on the blogs. Very personal attacks really can destroy a person easily. This is a No-No and must go through a process such as meeting or Video Phoning the person to make sure the information and the intents are accurate. Most likely the situation can be a “misunderstanding” and or “apology offered” at the first step. If the person still harbors negative feelings towards a person should consult with a Deaf community leader or someone who is a good person to see what perspectives that can be offered to the party of the disputation.

    Text or English words are somewhat artificial because it masks everything. Face to face is an excellent way to settle disputes.

    It is a great public service you are doing David and again it is important that D/deaf people watch your video. It helps them to think deeper.

  • D.A.N. 18 years ago

    Granted, DE’s presentation has merit on several counts. However, as one looks at the reality of our lives (being from a Deaf family, being a mother and aunt to Deaf children, and having worked professionally in the fields of deafness and interpreting), actions speaks louder than words. Inclusivity is a huge issue, has always been, and probably always will be within our community. I’m woman enough to admit that I have been guilty of this, unfortunately. It’s easier to preach to others and decry that they are not being fair when they themselves have not really practiced what was being preached.

    From a very young age, I was told by my parents to learn NOT to take words at their face value; that actions would really demonstrate the true intent and character of the individual. Being blunt has its finer points; I have learned and seen how “being blunt” can be easily abused under the guise of “open discourse.” D/deaf children often learn from a very young age, just like I did, that things will be said regardless. Before, it was through conversations at the Deaf clubs or schools, work-related and social events, and things of that nature where nasty things were said. Now, it’s simply a new medium: via blogs/vlogs. This is nothing new, really. D/deaf children, just like any children in this world will have to learn eventually how ugly the real world is, and how cruel people can be at times. That’s something that no one can prevent-and that breaks my heart as a mother and aunt. No mother and aunt want their child to experience any amount of pain-despite the fact that with pain comes understanding and experience.

    It is very simplistic to tell people to reveal themselves when hard-earned experience has shown over and over again how vicious the community can be in terms of group mentality. I’ve seen numerous instances, and have personally experienced it myself where individuals and groups were singled out because they didn’t “fall in line” with the collective beliefs. Perhaps these individuals have tried to express their views, and circumstances did not allow them to do so.

    There is a fine line between being a member of a minority group and being forced to “fall in line” because one may have a different perspective. We can refer back to the Clarence Thomas trial-the African American community was very angry because they felt that Anita, being an African American herself, had betrayed their community by reporting on Thomas’ sexual harassment. It didn’t matter that Thomas had violated the law; it mattered more about how African Americans as a group was represented.

    This is America, ladies and gentlemen. Remember the very first Constitutional right granted to us: Freedom of speech? That did not come with specific rules, such as revealing one’s name-and we need to move beyond the anonymous issue and really focus on the real issues at hand. There are much more bigger issues at hand: the NCLB law coming in full effect, increasingly limited options for D/deaf children educationally/socially in rural areas such as Idaho, the current developments within the medical community determined to eradicate deafness through various avenues such as genetic mapping and the cochlear implant industry, limited options of D/deaf senior citizens in terms of long term care and nursing home care, the need for standardization of interpreters, their training programs and certification systems, the silence over rapes, sexual assault and domestic violence….I could go on and on here of issues that deserves more of the amount of attention that the anonymous commenters are currently receiving.

    This is my .02 cents worth (methinks it should be $2000.00 due to inflation!). Feel free to disagree, we can certainly agree to disagree. That’s the key here: to agree to disagree and to express it freely-that’s why we’re all Americans.

  • Vass 18 years ago

    I competely agreed with David. We need to remind everyone not to do that. Thank you for shared with us. I will share to everone also! Thumbs up!

  • Fred 18 years ago

    David, well signed (said)! I apprecate on what you shared .. We’re setting ourselves backwards in trends of an old adage, “crab theory” … I have taugh Deaf studies, Deaf Culture and the like for some time, and it was mentioned a few times about ‘why’ deaf VS Deaf? Of course this will take sometime to elaborate so there are two sides to every discussion, by staying in the rut, but that we just need to be a bit more bold to speak for ourselves and share in order to build up, move forward… and yet we also need to speak for someone else (ananalanoymously). It will always be there, has been ever since … just how everyone else in their comments has rendered. All are well said! But again keep up your good works! And remember … there is always two sides to a coin (hopefully).

    Parents just need to be involved a little bit more in control over how kids view stuffs and help explain things in a very positive way. (Not to give a one sided biased aspect, but an overall view). Yes the Deaf World is small, but we got to live the best of everything we have on our hands. Having experienced many stabs, criticisms, be-little and all the garbarges dumped on me, I am still learning one thing: we’re here for a purpose, and take each day to build ourselves stronger, from boulders to pebbles being thrown at you.

    Lastly: big business thrive on criticisms, anamously as well. The ‘good’ the ‘bad’ the ‘ugly’

  • Matt Ellis 18 years ago

    X-cellent job, DE! I agree wholeheartedly! Thanks, Joey!

  • MM 18 years ago

    I started blogging as ‘anon’ as did many others, partly because we are told not to give out real names on the net for security reasons, identity theft etc. I didn’t find this very accurate and eventually adopted a nom-de-plume like many others, it is not hard to track me back if that’s your bag ! Another reason people go anon, is because they are afraid, of backlash perhaps from fellow deaf whom they disagree with, the deaf community may or may not be ‘strong’ but for some it’s all there is, so while they may want to get involved in debates, they don’t want kickback that isolates them from peers, this is fear basically. This issue must be addressed as far too many anons are saying they are more than willing to declare themselves but get bullied when they do online, and socially. The deaf have some way to go yet for true democracy. A number of deaf people are not all that outgoing, but find the net a way around this, they can get rapidly deterrred when the trolls move in and go offline again. A silent majority ? perhaps a fearful one !

  • Ken Norton 18 years ago

    EB, Bravo! Well said! Hopefully, your version shall remove the Crab Theory among the Deaf communities. Thanks for well signed comments.

  • Deafeye 18 years ago

    DE, well said.

  • Sheri Farinha Mutti 18 years ago

    David, this is a good step in the right direction.
    I support what your view about why posters who wish to be anonymous writing nasty comments seemingly violate “courtesy rules” not just for Deaf Culture, but any. It is a courtesy to name yourself particularly when there is an opposing view.

    Perhaps we need to anaylze why posters have this “need” to be anonymous a bit further. From what I understand, such ppl (anonymous posters) have this fear of being retaliated by the person they are criticizing, and/or a group of individuals and thus have the need to protect themselves by posting anonymous. I try to examine the other side as possible reasons for this “need” to be anonymous with negative comments, and frankly the fear factor has a lot to do with it.

    Like you, I envision that all of us, even the anonymous posters, want life to improve for all Deaf individuals. However, to take this examination one step further…If we want life to improve, we need to also not jump to conclusions when people post things anonymously to falsely accuse someone they suspect is the anonymous poster. Because then, both become guilty of making accusations that are false. Therefore, we can change this by only changing howe we ourselves act when posting, starting with not being afraid to use our own names, show we are listening to the other side specifically by not reacting to every statement made against us, and take the time to listen and anaylze why there is an opposing view and demonstrate good faith by responding with comments showing that no matter what the view is, we wish to work together. Ultimately I hope such anonymous posters “fear factor” will lessen if see that there is a sincere effort by “those of us who wish to be named” and will “work together”. What all of this really means is – –
    mutual respect for everyone’s thoughts and opinions. The less bashing people see posted, and see instead, more dialouges showing mutual respect in our civil discourses, perhaps we shall finally see us all truly work together and thus, lessen the need to remain anonymous any longer.

    Bottom line is, your goal and mine, are the same.

    With respect.


  • MM 18 years ago

    All ‘negative’ bloggers aren’t ‘terrorists’ or even trolls, they just disagree. The line is where personal abuse comes in. Stick to the point, not the person. I think the Gally protest descended well into personal abuse, this was justified on the grounds ‘Deaf’ people felt strongly, so where do you go from there ?

  • Tawny 18 years ago

    This’ especially important after the outset of confusion after the protest- and the increase of vlogs/blogs use- There’s a pro to criticism, naturally because it makes the person thus criticized learn/be reminded about his/her mistakes, and helps others understand the background of that person better or why people are unsure about her/his abilities as a leader. But anyonmous comments don’t help because as David say, they are more scandalous and inflated than they would be ordinally if a name was attached to them or expressed in person.

    So to further our culture/community, civility is in need- in terms of approach. 1) If you have your opinion about that person and its based on rumor/hearsay- it is encouraged for you to first try investigating the truth of matter including emailing the named person directly and ASK.

    If you find sufficient evidence- make it clear that you have done so and comment away with your name. If you haven’t- bring up the issue as a question- and ask for validication. This’ll go a far way in bringing our community to a higher level of shared understanding and strength.

    Am speaking from personal experience- I find that with every accusation a person gets, there is often two stories- so we have to weigh that and not bring the person’s credibility to question without doing so. It’s only fair, and with more civil and fair comments, people will feel more receptive and motivated to improve or contribute more- and we always neeeeed more people like that! Let’s criticize in a constructive way! 🙂

  • Jeff Justice 18 years ago

    For #27,


    You can say whatever you like to say but majority of Wisconsin deaf people know the truth. Out of my respect to Joey Baer and his aslvlog and this great vlog by David E. I won\’t go further into it but you can check my further response in my website.

    David E. pointed that we need to work together so think about it.

    Jeff Justice

  • George Sierra 18 years ago

    I like your comment. I am glad that you brought it up. So that I can share your comment with other deaf people. I believe same as you that Deaf people should work together. Thanks for brought up your comment.

  • Vadim 18 years ago

    DE, what a great v-speech 😉 I want to see more of it from you 😉 I totally agree that it is best for us to solve conflicts in person rather than using emails. It may seem that obvious but people often forget that until someone reminds that it works better to solve problems in person. Hugs.

  • THOMAS STEVEN KORN 18 years ago


    excellent job, David!

  • Jon 18 years ago

    Hi Joey & DE,

    My comment will post on that relate to this topic.

    By the way, I support you ALL way!

  • Sara Stallard 18 years ago

    DE, thanks for doing that vlog. Love it when you impart such wisdom as that. In principle, I agree with you, 100%.

    I use either my real name or a pseudonym. My pseudonym’s been the same one for 3 years, and I haven’t seen another regular commentor with the same as mine. I do get quoted by that pseudonym, sometimes, on other blogs. It’s interesting…

    Curious, do you think regular pseudonyms are safe? Real names? Don’t people usually have the ability to put in any name they want–they could pretend to be you or me, you know? Which might make the idea of eradicating malacious anonymity not so feasible, in all practicality…

  • Rene Visco 18 years ago

    The bloggers should consider this as a way to combat those demeaning comments:

  • Ishai 18 years ago

    Good point!

  • Tara - Missouri 18 years ago

    Very true! Well said, David!

  • Robin Rowedder 18 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with Penny and thank David for his thoughtful insights. I’m a hearing interpreting student, just beginning to understand how Deaf culture works things out. Kids see how adults take responsibility and learn from us. Kids also pick up bad habits when adults fail. Bring conflict into an open, supportive atmosphere where we can respectfully listen to and learn from each other.

  • Jenny 18 years ago

    DE, terrific video blog entry! I was glad you added the note about how anonymous posters who thoughtfully further discussion without attacking individuals are not the focus here. I feel the option of anonymity is an important one to have for a variety of reasons, but not when it’s used to attack or to tear a person down. A related issue – whether or not flames have real names attached to them or not, they should be considered unacceptable, period. The way to handle people you don’t like should be to try and resolve things or to just let it go and try to deal with that person as little as possible.
    Belle – beautiful, beautiful comment. Yes, exactly.
    All of us, let’s have 2007 be a wonderful, respectful year filled with plenty of disagreement resolved through dialogue and plenty of agreement, of course. 😉
    Thanks, DE and Joey!

  • Sean 18 years ago

    Well expressed VLOG! At some points, I found your VLOG very informative. I wanted to share something with you and everyone else.

    I believe I do not agree with one of three components you brought up in this topic. I wish to beg differ about one of three issues you brought up.

    English is one of most complicated language out there today (imho). I, myself do not possess a great English skills while I try my damnnest best to polish my grammar skills. I do not believe ‘English’ deserve to be one of the strongest culprit in hurting the community by excessive use of ‘anonymous’. There are many people who can use English masterful. There are so many ways for people to express their opinions, regardless of using ‘anonymous’ in it.

    Now, I want to introduce you another perspective in using anonymous.

    In order to use ‘anonymous’ in various reply-type form do benefit some people. Anonymous allows some people to express their opinion without being bashed upon. There are not many people are brave enough like you who are willing to stand up in the spot-light and express their opinion(s).

    For instance, I have no problem standing up on the platform and share what I think. Sure enough, I have enraged many people with my opinions in past. I noticed, not many people used anonymousness who disagreed with me in past. Some do. Surprisedly enough, some people who used anonymous did help lot. It is all about the perspective how people will take the criticism.

    I also find most people who tend to criticize the issues without identifying themselves really do not carry great strength in show themselves public. I do not want anyone of you diminish these people who could not carry their courage and speak for themselves. However, in certain people who uses anonymous that shared some feedback which inflicts some pain to the author/vlogger may not want be implicated for what they said in their everyday lives.

    You realize, in Deaf community, everyone knows everyone. The sixth-degree philosophy does not practice in our community, more like third-degree philosophy. I want to stress, I am more interested in people who express their opinion as long as this kind of dialog does not hurt or defame the writer.

    To be anonymous is our choice whether to express our opinions. We should respect that. We surely do not want to encourage these people who are so afraid to stand up in the spot light not to share their opinions & ideas anymore. We need these dark-horse people in our everyday lives.

    Forgive me for speaking up for other people who do not have courage as much as you do.

    Finally, David… a really good VLOG! I compliment you!

  • DE 18 years ago

    Hi everybody. Thank you so much for the wonderful discussion thread. I would LOVE to continue this discussion with you in person the next time I see you! All for the betterment of our lives.

    OK- I’d like to clarify an important point, especially to those of you who pointed out the value of anonymity. Of course- anonymous comments do have their place! I wasn’t saying “ban ’em” or “use your real names all the time!” In my very very very informal survey of a few Deafies in my area, they share the same sentiment about anonymous comments that pertain to the issue.

    I strongly support a public forum where we discuss our leaders, Deaf leadership, their approaches, the issues they endorse, etc.

    I was referring to those that are personal, use others’ names to critique one’s PERSONAL failings, with the intention to smear them and divert attention from the issue or point the main blogger/vlogger wrote on.

    Additionally, those comments intend to encourage a “let’s pile it on our scapegoat of the week” mentality. Last week it was someone; this week it could be you. To be honest, I used to stand by and even actively read those negative & personal anonymous comments against other individuals. No longer.

    On the other hand, anonymous commenters that discuss issues, comment, etc. appear to be acceptable to many Deaf people, myself included. (For instance, IamMine is among my favorite anonymous commenters- every time I see that name, I do pay attention and respect to what IamMine has to say. Same goes for DeafLinux, Sauniere, etc.)

    Additionally, direct (but not anonymous) criticisms geared towards individuals seem to be better received, no matter how “ouch!” they inflict. Over the past few months, I’ve come to sincerely respect those who bluntly criticized me and/or others. That respect wasn’t there in the first place; over time, and some accumulated wisdom (or what passes as)- I’ve come to realize that they were brave enough to stand up, identify themselves, and discuss the issue- and they weren’t being personal at all.

    I gotta get off my soapbox; just wanted to clarify this point. Anyway, as always, it is GREAT to be Deaf. Thank you. I just wanna get up and SCREAM “it’s Dandy to be DEAF!” 🙂

  • Tyler Berdy 18 years ago

    Extraordinary, agreed!

  • Jerome Cain 18 years ago

    It is nice to watch on and be able to practice. where can i… ugh uhh where can I type #@^&% noo i meant video to this instead of my typing? haha!

  • Robert 18 years ago

    Yes, I have experineced like that before – via emails. It was lousy experience. Did discuss with that person in person and it solved the problem – really. So, I give you TWO BIG THUMB-UPS!! With that statement of yours, I certainly hope will help ourselves, and our next deaf generations, on how we behave via blogs, volgs, and emails before thing gets worse. Thanks very much for the heads-up!

  • Vonne Gulak 17 years ago

    David hit the nail! So true. I grew up in deaf clubs & now, I cannot stand deaf clubs. I used to sleep under the table, with blue smoke so thick from smoking. We deaf, need to learn how to think positively before we can move on to make our community a better place to be. Thank you David & Joey.

  • Deaf Philosophy 17 years ago

    Anonymous comments happen all the time in person. How many times as a person said “i heard so and so about that person/incident.” You are then compelled to ask who they heard it from and rarely get told who said it for a variety of reasons, loyalty to the friend, protect that person or maybe they just made it up and passed it off as another person’s comment.

    I have a problem where you say it violates the deaf culture. It seems strange to say someone is violating a culture, when anonymous comments are passed around all the time via the internet or in person. It is human nature for these things to occur, otherwise we should be worrying about why there is meaness and vitrolity in humans in general. We shouldn’t be using the deaf culture as a rule of thumb to modify people’s behavior. What if these people were hearing, and attacked a deaf individual, what would then compel that person not to violate deaf culture? Granted, there should be more civility and a lot of the shock value posted by anonymous users are for the most part, designed for entertainment value for the viewers, not so much in wanting to attack the person mentioned, so we’d have to go above to some sort of universal value instead, an emphasis on kindness or contructive feedback? Bloggers should identify what constitutes as a constructive criticism on a person and what consitutes as entertainment/shock value.

  • deafk 17 years ago

    Hi, DE,

    Well signing! Thanks for clarifying this out for us. It is important that negativing one person needs to be addressed generally.

    I used the plain word, anon, sometimes deaf anon… I have a good reason to use it. a very good reason!! I work with certian deaf group, and they are very sensitive toward any critcism on me, and they would do anything to do against me. They do not have strong minds, so their decision making are considering poorly. I have to be careful with them. I need to do that anonmously for my career sake!!

    I know enough that I do not critcize anyone else in public!! I do that to the person one to one…

    So, I thought, why not establish my “nickname” instead!! So, it be, deafk…

    Thanks, David & Joey!!


  • Penny 17 years ago


    I personally feel that your clients were mostly neglected by their family members…i.e. for not discipline from right and wrong. Many residential counselors and teachers at Deaf schools or public schools have criticized deaf students or even put them down too. I am sure they are not allowed to do this anymore or they might do it subtly. It looks like your clients learned from their behaviors so you must have been placed in this field for a reason. You can educate your clients about this and give them opportunity to share their feelings with you . I am sure they have many stories to share with you that they were horribly criticized or put down often while growing up. They might feel that what they do now is okay or acceptable. I feel this will be a good healing process if you can approach this with them.

    It is just suggestion. You have brought up an interesting discussion.

  • deafk 17 years ago

    Hi, Penny (#54.)

    LOL, I always bring something interesting to discuss, regarding one way or another.

    I totally agree with you about them. They are forunately that they are given an opporuntiy to grow. Again, they are learning so much. They have computers on their own, and have internets, too. They are living on their own with some assistance.

    Again, based on my experience with them, they are subject to negative one another very easily. It is because they are bored generally, and they want to talk anything else. Then sometimes the boss or supervisor could listen to them talking anything, and then my career could be in trash in an instant moment. For any silly reason, really. My co-workers and I had to be careful how to act among them. I no longer work there, due to having children, but I could go back to work one day later, who knows.

    Does it help you understand why I am doing this? Gee, David is right, we need to face to face to decribe more clearly such like this issue, lol…


  • Penny 17 years ago


    I can only hope that vlogs and blogs will give us opportunity to share with other deaf people about empowerment and unity which we often lack in today. I don’t believe that people with lack of education are the only group that talk negative or putting down on others. I don’t believe in stigma. There are many educated people who put down on others, giving negative criticism, being clannish and etc. Not only people have little education background have issues. Perhaps vlogs and blogs will help us to understand ourselves better and become better productive in the community.

    Thanks for sharing your experience here and we need to hear more stories so we can give each other constructive feedback. I am sure there are others that might experience like you had.

  • deafk 17 years ago


    You have an excellent on insight on the society!! Smile, I do not intend to target this group, but because of my career, I had to protect myself with my name.

    You are right about the education itself. Regardlessly how high education one has, one would do the crab theory or negative one another!!

    Thanks for clarifying this! Appreciate that!!


  • Kween Tuaolo 17 years ago

    This is soo beautiful! Regaurdless the rude and negative comments. The Deaf Community has come a loooong way and its great to see this site with vlogging and blogging!!!
    this is BEAUTIFUL! keep up the good work!

  • Craig 17 years ago

    It seems to me that emphasizing a violation Deaf Culture. You mean Deaf laws, Deaf rules, Deaf’s code of ethics or etc ? Thtere is no such any violation cultures at all. An anonymous comments seem accepted in general but it comes to your point. Any comments can be poor taste or benefits as well. Suggestion to read Aristotle’ethics and journalism that be helpful. Today children can read is needed to be control up to parents’responsibility. “You taught me language, and my profit don”t, I know how to curse: the plague rid you. For learning me your language!”

  • Randy Robets 17 years ago

    I want to remark very simple. Look at “We The People” still stand for 230 years. How?? These people discussed together. That will work very prosperly. In fact, all people who were in group of “We The People” all are Believers. Try to Believe in Lord and show America and deaf people how much you really care! Please believe each other that keeps us stronger forever!! Love and Peace!!

  • Yes, my name is .... 17 years ago

    33. Vadim | January 12th, 2007 at 8:09 pm
    He wrote “DE, what a great v-speech 😉 I want to see more of it from you 😉 I totally agree that it is best for us to solve conflicts in person rather than using emails. It may seem that obvious but people often forget that until someone reminds that it works better to solve problems in person. Hugs.”

    I disagreed with Vadim, he had not done that in the person recently. He used the email to yell at me.

  • Hillary 17 years ago

    David, you did a great job! Hope it would spread to Everyone, Everywhere.. You did a wondful job expressing the story,,


  • Lu Long 17 years ago

    I know many of you may know me as who I am since I been in such many differently place to places lately and also from the state to states and plus my last name been changed several times after married and divorced. In anyway, I am the third Deaf heritages in my family and now, my Deaf children are the fourth Deaf heritages.

    I agreed with what David Eberwein just spoke in this stage since I went through so many differently frustrations in my life with what and how people would adusim (labeled) me as what kind person I am by their ugly gossips against me which was not any true till many Deaf people who met me and amazed themselves for what and how they been listened to these others for nothing which was not true all about me as a person. This often upset my Deaf children! I know it often hurt and I continually ignoring these ugly gossips against me and how people would labeled me as a person since I learned that there’s some other ladies their names are also “Lu Lu” in some other places which effected my name looks bad enough till some people who came to me and realized that it was not me as it was someone else who named by “Lu Lu.” I know Deaf people have their bad habits to call me as “Lu Lu” for many years as my nickname because they really not know how to spell my real long name.

    It really often bothered my Deaf children by how people their ugly gossips against all about me by their misunderstood by the name of “Lu Lu” and most of people who did not want to just come to me and talk with me in person like for what David just mentioned here again till they realized that there’s several ladies who have the same name as of “Lu Lu.”

    Yes, I do believe to have my Deaf children and some of these people to sit down with me whenever they had their some problems to discuss the matters over the table with some snacks to share with to resolve our problems. Why cannot to have this same pattern with any of you, people out there? Smile….

    I am the mostly concern all about my Deaf children their education and their future sakes, too. I pray and hope this would never destory any of my Deaf children any at all as they do not deserved from what any of these ugly gossips against me or us.

    Yes, Let’s all work together and having our pretty face smiling together than continually having any problems in this world in our life for nothing! Please make our life more values in this world as to help people to understand what Deaf need to be combine as not let the clock ticking and go away…. from any of us.


  • Lu Long 17 years ago

    Here again I am here to share my true story….

    In my very first few words, I not want any of you who may be misunderstanding in this very first part of my comments here as if I say this needs to stop about this ASL Vlog… NOoo, No!!…. I cherish this “ASL Vlog” very much!! Please do not misunderstand this!! Read below….

    Which I think this needs to stop which I know I not have my very powerful to do this such alone all by myself since I just broke my hard egg shell and crawled out from it to speak this out. I know this “ASL Vlog” is very importance for everybody to share their feelings and etc., too.

    I pray and hope that we all can be work together again? It’s about “Audism” again and “Violating Deaf Culture,” hopefully that I spelled these words right here. Smile…. Please forgive me for my bad poor spelling….Also, my english might not be very clear well to understand…. since my first language is ASL! I am continually learning how to use my english well enough in anyway. Winks….

    I just want to point this very clear as possible for everybody in this world to understand this very importances for our Deaf children and for their future sakes that I am the mostly cherish!!!!!! “ASL!!” and “Their future sakes, too!”

    Is it right for any of our Deaf children to learn anything about their Deaf parents who attended to these same Deaf schools in any of these states for many years that some of these staffs who carry along any of these how bad negatives past history against any of us to influnced on any of our Deaf children to know anything all about how any of their Deaf parents who had their bad schooling years ?

    This really been bothers me and I often had very frustrations to get my Deaf children to understand clear after any of these people who audism my Deaf family or/and me that their life is not same with ours or/and mine, I want our Deaf children to have their better life than mine with all of my kind of encouragements for them to become more enthusiasm and more successful for their future sakes which effeccted me to go through some of these kind of wars that I did not want to go through any. This is my very very frustrations and struggling with for many years still by now on since I have my own Deaf children.

    How can this stop with their such bad habits to carry any of these negative past history to any of our Deaf children in any of these Deaf schools? Whereabouts any of these positive good past history about our heros? Is this also the “Violating Deaf Culture?”

    I want to keep all of these Deaf schools more powerful stand up and not any weaks cause of any of these “Violating Deaf Culture!” Can we all get together and work on this matters as possible? This really effected me to started my home-college with the legal matters and I am trying to get my degrees done as possible and guess what? Thrilled!?, I have so many proves from my legal books that I been studied lately as in the very first chapters of my studying was all about the importances of how to communication, very interested to me since I know there’s so many people out there in this world who not been able to communication very well in many areas that I passed these three tests in my home-college so far.

    I know it is very important for us to keep our Deaf schools more powerfully than any of these public mainstream schoolings, I wish I can have the video to use my ASL instead of this such english that may not enough to understand clear….. Yes, I know it is very important to see this more clearly in person by using the “ASL” with some of expressions instead of any of these words can speak for itself that might can also be misunderstood in what I am trying to say. Smile…. I hope my comments are very clear to understand enough for everybody in this world.

    By the word, I wish I know how to use any of these videos from any of these computers, see my point that I am continually learning as no matter how old I am, I know I am an old rotten Deaf lady. Tee Hee…. Still young in my heart!

    By the way, I know, I wish I could scream out very loud enough in this world as I know one of these Deaf schools where may needs to be clean up since I found these example pictures of tattoos and body perices in one of their year books that golly me very much!! No wonder it effected one of my Deaf children to think that the Deaf school allowed that I am continually struggling with!! Should this Deaf school clean up or to be continue or what? Umm…. I need some of your supportives and help in this matters….

    Lu Long

  • Kristy 17 years ago

    well be frank with you, I think anonymous comments is okay. because see this is real world freedom of speech. this isn’t micky mouse thing . I think Vlogs,blogs, etc isn’t apporate for kids. it is really parent’s job to look out for kids. reason anonymous sometime ugly but it sometime truth. everyone knew that…this isn’t merry go around thing. you can’t expect everything so wonderful everyday. well for example you don’t want deaf children knew the truth about Bill Clinton’s affair with intern lady? well hearing kids already knew that but wonder if deaf kids knew about it? that sort of thing I am talking about. deaf kids should know as much as hearing kids does.


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