Celtics: 2008 NBA World Champions

This is a similar vlog I did last January when New York Giants won Super Bowl title but this focuses on Boston Celtics who won NBA title recently. Enjoy!

Photo credits: www.msnbc.com, www.espn.com, www.cbssportsline.com


  • Kathleen 16 years ago

    Hi Joey
    Your ASl signing was very clear and beautiful concept with your true emotion. Real deaf person is the one I really like. The video and picctures were panoramic and colorful to those who behold and uplifted. I really enjoyed your talent of this presentation. Keep up your great work that you are blessed.

  • rama 16 years ago

    I root for Lakers, but I always Lakers as Fakers,cuz I think Phil Jackson use file on his nails not pay attend game …heh…. anyway I just glad that Celtics BEAT Pistons what I want …..smile …

  • Nick Vera 16 years ago

    Hi Joey,

    Thank you for your discourse about the brief history of Boston Celtics. Despite of Boston’s champion, my heart goes with L.A. Lakers because of my native town. Currently, I reside in Maryland and I always root for all L.A. teams (St. Louis Rams, formerly L.A. Rams), LA Dodgers and Angels, and UCLA.

    To my ponder, will you be covering your vlog during Deaf Bilingual Coalition?

    Nick Vera

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago


    Unfortunately, I will not make it to DBC conference. I know there will be a vlog team who will keep us updated there. Thanks for asking.

  • John Critser 16 years ago

    Once the Celtics got the “Big Three” together, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen, I knew it was instantly transformed to a championship team.

    It was a no-brainer.

    And I don’t feel sorry for Jack Nicholson, the Laker’s biggest fan.

  • Martin Breiter 16 years ago

    Great job on the Super Bowl and NBA Finals this year!
    I hope you will report on the World Series this fall! It would be nice if you make a prediction which two teams will play in the World Series before the playoffs start to see if you are a sport genius or not on your vlog. Just a suggestion!

  • John Monahan 16 years ago

    Hey Joey,

    I wouldn’t never thought to see you wear a green polo shirt. I know you must be a fan of Lakers or else where. Maybe I didn’t get your favorite NBA team when we played together at Gally.
    Great to watch your comments about our Celtics. To be honest with you, I was in doubt that Celtics would win the title. But they proved me wrong. I surely glad that they did and found hard to believe that they put a big turnaround from the year before to clinched the title the following year later. Now I just learned that James Posey signed New Orleans Hornets today. I was disappointed but I felt great to see that Celtics won again anyway. We have to look for another player who can play defense and make some clutch baskets. That will replace Posey’s . Hey Bob, you put great clip of Laker who exploded after being lost to Allen’s big drive to the basket.

    Good to see you again,
    take care,


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