Reflections on the V-Blogging Conference

Reflections on the Vlogging/Blogging Conference: After a dynamic day at the Vlogging/Blogging Conference last weekend, some of the panelists shared their thoughts about the conference.

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Vlogging & Blogging Conference – Feb. 3rd

This is a short vlog to discuss the upcoming Vlogging & Blogging Conference on February 3rd at Gallaudet. It is an honor to be invited and talk about ASL Vlog and the Future of Gallaudet. In this clip, you will see what I plan to discuss at the conference.

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Premiere of ‘Audism Unveiled’

The Bay Area Premiere of ‘Audism Unveiled’: This was my very first clip I made in October 2005 but I never got around to post it until now. Without doubt, many people are still waiting for the release of ‘Audism Unveiled’ becasuse it is simply a MUST-WATCH film for the Deaf community members.  Whenever it is released, it […]

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