Premiere of ‘Audism Unveiled’

The Bay Area Premiere of ‘Audism Unveiled’:
This was my very first clip I made in October 2005 but I never got around to post it until now. Without doubt, many people are still waiting for the release of ‘Audism Unveiled’ becasuse it is simply a MUST-WATCH film for the Deaf community members.  Whenever it is released, it is strongly recommended that your community should host the event just like what you will see in this clip. Enjoy.


  • MikeS 18 years ago

    Darn I missed that event, had to attend my classes. Thanks for showing a clip of it! (Kiss fist you eye of community). Will the movie be released on DVD if anyone asked during Q&A time?

  • Toby 18 years ago

    Thanks, Joey for sharing with us! I am looking foward to order movie/theater about Audism. Audism is power word for all of Deaf people because too many hearing people are discriminating against d/Deaf people, just like some race against race, etc. It is wrong for them to discriminate against d/Deaf. It is not what God wants. He wants all people to have unity without any discrimination.


  • Joey Baer 18 years ago

    For more information on Audism Unveiled, go to:

  • Icedtea 18 years ago

    If they (the producers) want the word audism in more use thus appearing in the dictionary…why are they sooo slow at releasing the film?
    It has been a looooong time and the dvd is still not released yet….their website…… is still the same as it appeared… two years already?

  • RLM 18 years ago

    The video clip from “Audism Unveiled” really do not get people to comphrend the concept of audism.

    That would be really nice if you submit the definition of “audism” along with your vlog or writen message for people, who are not very familar with the term – “audism”.

    We have to remmy that not all of us Gallaudet-educated. We have to define “audism” more clearly for common people and media people. D’accord?

    I am very familar with “audism” for past 20 years.

    Many thanks for submitting “Audism Unveiled” video clip and deaf citizens’ share of their personal thoughts on the existence of “audism”.

    Please do not forget “lookism”, too. Lookism is one of serious problem among the general population, ex. job discrimination on how you really look (physical features, premature gray hair) during the job interview.

    Ageism is another factor of existing prejudice(s).

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  • Paul Kiel 18 years ago


    Very good! Now I am motivated to do another video – STAMP OUT AUDISM! and one more video related to audism. This will be educational and worthwhile to educate the public.

    Good job! =)


    “Audism spreads while good Deaf people do nothing!”


  • Tanya Hammersmith 18 years ago

    I have not seen the movie but the word itself “audism” seems to be confusing. If we had made it really simple say if with “deafism”, it will have been clearly understood even without any explanation. I am just wondering why this word was chosen.

    Anyone who can give me insights will be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Tanya Hammersmith
    Chicago, IL

  • sir william 18 years ago

    Nice showing . . . but it got me so disgusted when there was a lady in it that was a total failure as a chairperson of Irving BOT. let the board choosing a pro-audism person as the next Gallaudet prez??? my gosh.

    Of all your shows, I agree your judgments and editings, but not so with this one. Guess that you just let any person to be in it???? Come on, I shall bet that you choose and not choose a person?

  • Joey Baer 18 years ago

    Sir William,

    Please remember that the clip was made way before the protest. I do not believe in editing my previous work because I thought it was a good piece of clip. You are entitled to your opinion and I accept that.


  • Joey Baer 18 years ago


    You are not the only person who seems to find the word, Audism, confusing. It is simply a new word that needs to be used again and again. I can’t wait for the movie to be released so we can receive the same message. Then we will be able to start the dialogue.

    I just believe that ‘Audism’ is very appropriate word. It takes time for us to process the whole thing. Who says we learn new things overnight?


  • Jon Savage 18 years ago

    I had heard this word “Audism” few years ago. I had thought that word is for just need to add in dictionary book because it isn’t there since 1975. But I realized by face to my reality EVERYDAY with audism.

    I went to two different coffeehouse and see how I do approach to clerk. Here, my experienced:

    Audism: I have to TOLD a clerk that “I’m deaf” and acted gesture to him “Give me a pen and paper”. He gave me attitude such as I’m pain in ass for him to deal with me! THAT’s audism!

    Deafhood: I speak in ASL with polite to clerk and he will figure out and offers communicate method. If they want to have good business then they would make sure all customers are satisfied!

    Sample: How do clerk would deal with (hearing) person that only speak French?

  • Luis 18 years ago

    Audism is the right word and discriminate against deaf people in general the way of life from hearing people in regardless how nice they are!!

  • Penny 18 years ago

    We need to be careful and not allow the word “Audism” to become fad…to blame everything on Audism…situation/person can be indifference, uneducated, or negligence We can’t always say this is audism…this person is audist…We need to assess carefully before we can apply this word to a person or situation.

  • Eric Fifer 18 years ago

    If a hearing person takes a bulb off in front of the Deafies, that is audism.

  • JJ 17 years ago

    How to spread the word “Audism” to the public?
    My ASL students at the university required to research “Audism” through the internet. They collected many articles, blogs, and vlogs. They gave their group presentations in using the power points in the ASL classrooms. Of course, they must sign in the front of the ASL students. After they learned about the word “Audism”, they respect the Deaf culture and Deaf people even more. They mentioned that if they see other audists in the public, they will stop and educate the audists to change the attitudes toward Deaf people.
    This is one of many strategies to spead the word “Audism”.

  • Noelle 17 years ago


    I’m the new person and saw the video which is an interesting information. I’m Irish deaf and comes from Ireland. I enjoy your webpage video of ASL.

    However I noted that the website as follows;
    is invalid.

    Are you sure of this above ?


  • stevethevlogger 17 years ago

    I heard that Dawn Sign Press will release Audism Unveiled on DVD within a year.

  • stevethevlogger 17 years ago

    Seems like “Audism Unveiled” was edited or watered down from “What is Audism?” film….dunno if that is true:

  • Tara Lynn 16 years ago

    Hello Joey,

    I just watched this video for the first time and it was awesome! I wish I had seen the Audism Unveiled video, so tried to log in the website but it is not up and running anymore. So do you know anything about it? 😉

    Tara Lynn*~!


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