Deaf Unity Gala PowerPoint show

The one that was shown at the gala.


  • Sandra 17 years ago

    Joey, PERFCECT!
    Thank you for including those clips, PP and video shows from the Gala. It’s simply clear that we celebrated our community’s contributions to the protest and that we took the time to recognize and appreciate those who joined us in our efforts as well. It was not all about us, as if we were the only ones helping with the protest.
    Again, Joey – you’ve done a wonderful job! I’m donating some money to your ASL Vlog and I hope many others will join me in this effort in showing our appreciation for all the hard work you’ve done! 🙂

  • gally protester 17 years ago

    good powerpoint.. although i do have to ask: why aren’t the hunger strikers, especially david simmons, christine roschaert and larry vollmar not thanked for their hard work…. also darian burwell, the faculty and the staff who risked their jobs and thanking all of the 133 arrested? it hurt our feelings to see the above not thanked… let this lesson be learned.

  • Gally Protester 17 years ago

    Great PowerPoint!!! It seems that you all forgot about Noah Beckman, SBG President. Nothing mentioned about him at all. It is really disappointment. Not even invite him for gala. Not even one picture of him in powerpoint. what happened to you all guys?

  • TiredofWhiners 17 years ago

    To #3 (“Gally Protester”),

    “What happened to you all guys?”???!!!! Get off the Bay Area’s back and host a damn gala of your own!!!!!!!!!

    More likely- we should be asking YOU that question, “what happened to you??” for FAILING to DO anything to recognize ANYBODY!

    Of course, the Bay Area ain’t perfect, and some names were unintentionally left out. Feels like you’d rather us do NOTHING- not host a gala, not do a PP, not do a movie, not protest, and just sit down meekly!!! Well, if you are disappointed in us, FOCUS ON YOURSELF! And recognize YOUR HOMETOWN hero- perhaps your town did have a student protestor who was arrested?? Recognize him/her!!!! Get off the Bay Area’s back!

  • Aidan Mack 17 years ago

    It is for TIREDOFWHINERS: Please do not attack people who reveal their feelings and concerns about the remaining important leaders who weren’t invited to Gala that actually felt left out. They have rights to feel, to concern or to ask. Please respect them with understanding, open mind, and courtesy. You’re not representing for Bay at all. You have no business to tell them to get off Bay people’s back. I know many bay people felt bad about the situation and were trying to communicate with some people who felt resentment about the idea not inviting all leaders. With that kind of attitude you had, you represented the division. It’s our responsibility to recognize other people feelings and to try to explain them about the reasons why we couldn’t do everything to meet people’s expectations.

    In my heart, I know that the bay committees wish that they could invite all leaders to Gala because they do embrace and appreciate all leaders and everyone who participated in protest.

    Recently, I met some of leaders who worked very hard to make protest to success, now they are having a second thought about protest and if it was worth their time to fight. I assured them that they did an excellent job. It wasn’t about Bay people or us. It is about their inner feeling and state of being. They are young. They faced the most challenging and uncomfortable zone that they weren’t prepared for. They did do an outstanding job by trying to deal with them. They worked so hard for us so it is our turn to make sure they are ok and to remind them that they still have our support.

    My suggestion is to have all leaders to meet again at Gallaudet, to feel their pulse, to share their concerns, and to see if they need some kind of assist. I think Faculty members should get involved as well so they can give good advice if it is needed.

    I think it was a brilliant idea about having a Deaf Unity Gala. They did an outstanding job. They didn’t do anything wrong but to celebrate for Deaf people unity and Gallaudet protest. My friends who went there, they had a good time. They said to me, “It was your loss that you missed Gala.” Yes, it was absolute that it was my loss even though I live in NY. If I could, I would have flown there.

    Joey, Good job as usual! Please keep it up.

    Deaf People Unity!

  • BJ Wood 17 years ago

    Its amazing as an observer from Colorado, what many of you in California did. Im sure it was hard to capture everything and everyone who contributed from the Great West for Gallaudet.

    My applauses to everyone who worked hard on the powerpoint, filming, Vlog, presentation, etc…

    This Vlog has made me feel like I was actually there in California and Gallaudet. Really!

    I can imaging you all must be very proud.

    Thanks for staying involved and sharing..



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