Deaf Unity Gala

This is a brief video showing the Deaf Unity gala that was held on December 22, 2006 in Pleasanton, CA. Thank you the organizing committee for your hard work to make this happen!


  • Dianne K 17 years ago

    Wow, they are just fabulous. Real heartwarming. I am so grateful that you’re willing to take time to share vlogs with people out there who did not see this Gala. Thank you!

  • Jean 17 years ago

    Thanks thanks thanks for the wonderful video. I so thoroughly enjoyed the video. You hit the nail on the head beautifully when you said, “We know two languages.” Beautiful! Truthful!
    Deaf Americans know two languages while most hearing Americans know only one language! Please continue making videoblogs.

    Best to you and your sister, Anne-Marie!


  • Ella Lentz 17 years ago

    Joey, another beautiful wrap up of a special event! Im impressed once again with how you presented info in great ways and yet continually challenge yourself (and us) to do more and do a better job. I was at the Gala and appreciate this great reminder of how inspiring it was like everybody said on your video. Of course it wasnt perfect, but the positive aspects exceeded any perceived faults. Thank you committee too for pouring out your time and energy at such a crazy time (holidays and finals) to bring the Gala to fruition. I sure hope other Deaf locations will do the same!

  • Vida 17 years ago

    Thanks Joey, you did fablous job for sharing this videoblogs. That was really beautiful to see that life is about gathering friends for Deaf Unity Gala day filled with memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

  • Nikki 17 years ago

    Hats off to the Bay Area Deaf Community for organizing such event to show that they are for diversity within the D/deaf/hoh/late deafened community. Kudos to all!

  • Jon Savage 17 years ago


    Thank you for shared. Also, some of Deaf San Diegoian went there. I got good comments about this GALA! So, Good job to Bay area!

    Your vlog got me itch that make me want create another vlog!

  • Jerome Cain 17 years ago

    What a very touched!!! Wish I can be there but I was in Jamaica to have a long vacation from heavy job video unity for gally. Glad to get to see the clip. I am jumping!

  • mookie 17 years ago

    Wow.. I wished I was there, but watching the video already make me feel like I was there! That’s so wonderful video!

    Oh no! Ryan, LaToya, Tara, and Chris were there! I wanted to meet them. Oh dang! Well.. At least I watched their short presentations in the video. (smile)


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