DPN25: Day 8 – Sunday, March 13, 1988

Day 8: Sunday, March 13th

• The board held an emergency meeting all day.
• Around 7:40 pm, Phil Bravin called via Teletype (TTY) and asked for Greg Hlibok.
• A press conference was held at 8 pm with Phil Bravin announcing:
• I. King Jordan was elected Gallaudet’s 8th president, first Deaf ever.
• Janet Bassett Spilman resigned from Gallaudet Board.
• Phil Bravin was elected new Board chair, first Deaf person in Gallaudet history to become Chair.
• A taskforce was set up to determine 3rd demand. (51% deaf majority on the Board.)
• No reprisals.
• Students gave up control of the campus immediately.
• Biggest celebration in Gallaudet University history to?date followed.

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