DPN25: Day 1 – Sunday, March 6, 1988

Day 1: Sunday, March 6, 1988
• 10 hearing board members voted for Elizabeth Zinser over I. King Jordan who received 4 votes (3 deaf members and 1 hearing member).
• Formal announcement of the selection of Gallaudet’s 7th president would be made at the field house at 8:30 pm
• Instead of formal announcement, a news release was distributed at approximately 6:30 pm announcing that Dr. Elizabeth Zinser was appointed as first woman president of Gallaudet.
• Several hundreds protestors then decide on a suggestion by Mr. Gary Olsen, NAD Executive Director, to march to the Mayflower Hotel where the Board was staying to demand an explanation.
• At midnight, protestors marched to the White House then to The Capitol on their way back to Gallaudet.
• Protestors headed to the Hughes Gym to discuss plan and agreed to lock the whole campus. Through out the night, protestors moved their cars to the gates.

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