DPN25: Day 5 – Thursday, March 10, 1988

Day 5: Thursday, March 10, 1988

• Gates continue to be blocked.
• Zinser stated she would attempt to establish communications with students.
• Students made it clear that they did not want her on campus.
• At a press conference was held with Dr. I. King Jordan reversing his support from Elizabeth Zinser toward the protestors. Everyone cheered and erupted in applause.
• American Postal Services Union president arrived on campus and presented a check of $5,000.
• $12,000 has been raised for DPN fund. Student Body government voted to add other $5,000.
• At around 7:30 pm, Dr. Elizabeth Zinser announced her resignation from the position.
• Shortly afterwards, fire alarms went off in all dormitories to learn about Zinser’s resignation. Leader Jerry Covell cautioned the protestors that we have 3 1?2 demands because the first demand was not fully met.

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