Dr. Robert Davila, Gallaudet President

Greetings! Here’s my vlog sharing my perspective on selection of newly appointed interim Gallaudet President, Dr. Robert Davila.

Photo credits: Gallaudet University and The Washington Post websites


  • Franceli 17 years ago

    Wow it is good. I’m very glad that students of gallaudet are happy about DR. Davila. I really want that happen because I will might go to Gallaudet in the future when i’m older.

  • Joe Kinner 17 years ago

    Another nice job, Joey. Thanks.

  • Shane 17 years ago

    Excellent video Joey, Our community is fortunate to have eloquent public speakers like you. I, too, hope that Gallaudet will take the lead in creating more visu-centric environments including vlogs.

  • Jose Soriano 17 years ago

    Wow! i’m Surpised! i never a through about a who is there in Gallaudet for latin. Wow! i’m so Proud of it!

  • Betty Broecker 17 years ago

    Hey Joey:

    This video was sharp and clear and I could see your face so clearly. Your signs are easy to understand. I can’t help wondering what your life will bring forth in the coming months and years. I am so impressed with your thinking and your skills.
    A long time ago in 1949 I entered Gallaudet from hearing school. I signed up for an all male English class not realizing it at the time. That was when I met Bob Davila and a host of other great guys . I have watched Bob Davila over the years and he has remained that really nice young man I met in the fall of 1949. We have been blessed!

  • Sandra 17 years ago

    Nice footage… The part with Dr. Davila’s messages/ quotes and your views about them was really nice. Thanks for doing a good job, as always! 🙂

  • DE 17 years ago

    Good job, padre. Nice editorial at the end of 2006, one of the most earth-shaking (and amazing) years of our Deaf world!!!! Yes, Gallaudet is back on the right track, thanks to your work, Joey, and everybody else who contributed this year!

  • elisa 17 years ago

    “We can do more.”

  • zoee nuage 17 years ago

    Joey Baer, that was a very good vlog. I always enjoy your vlogs and your signing. I really like the way you sign, it’s very clear and well thought out. Dalvia does seem to be the right choice and I enjoyed his acceptance speech. He seems to be a very kind man. The quotes you included was very powerful ones, i agree. Keep up the great work with your vlogs, and I promise, i will do some one day once I become more confident with my signing! 🙂

  • IamMine 17 years ago

    My signs echos elisa’s!

    There’s no “me or I” but “we, us” together – representing unity!

    I, along many others, am excited and look forward to a new and better Gallaudet for our children!

    Dr. Davila did a great job with his speech!

    As usual, you did a great job sharing your thoughts in ASL!

  • debby 17 years ago

    “Your job as speaker” is really neat. I agree with you that Deaf’s ASL on TV tube, blogs, etc help us understand clearly than their writing on articles. Most of Deaf’s blogs mention how upset they are upset about King’s 19 inch rulers he gave away and his return to Gallaudet next semester and the photo of Dr. Davila’s thumb (he thumbed up at Dr. King Jordan for his 19 years service at Gallaudet). Pray for them to heal and hope they will move on and help Dr. Davila by working together and to heal Gallaudet’s wounds. You are right about what Gallaudet need is for them to focus or research on ASL. The Maryland University now I think now known as the McDaniel University, where most students attend, research ASL. They also request some Gallaudet students to study other Gallaudet students about their experience or life as deaf and send information to the University of MD(daniel university) and help them to expand about Deaf issues. I think it is time for Gally to do something about it.

  • Deaf Progressivist 17 years ago


    Thank you for sharing your in-depth analysis of Dr. Davila and the future of Gallaudet. Dr. Davila carries a vast knowledge and experience to run Gallaudet University indeed.

    You are right, we need to spread the message to “lost” deaf children and their parents not only to enhance their ASL/English skills but their self-esteem and identity as a deaf person.

    So often they had been in the dark until their “discovery” when enrolling in post-secondary deaf education program where they finally got to develop signing skills and meet deaf people that they were not exposed to when growing up.

    Sadly, some deaf schools today still have not absorbed nor recognized ASL instruction to be implemented in their program. Why? Because they are not convinced enough so we need to push for more research to show how ASL is proven to enhance English skills. We still don’t have a standarized ASL/English curriculum since 43 years ago when ASL was declared a distinct language! It is time!!!

    I truly look forward to see this change and it takes all of US to achieve this goal. Vlog is the power to spread this invaluable message! Way to go, Joey!!

  • Robert Davila 17 years ago

    Thank you, Joey. As usual you have done a good and objective job of presenting the facts. With the commitment of everyone who has a stake and/or loves Gallaudet University, we will get back to our lofty heights. Again, Thanks very much. Bob.

  • Penny 17 years ago

    Congratulation Mr. Davila! We met one time. I was eighteen years old at Gallaudet. You mentioned that you knew my mother and you chatted with me. I was little nervous due to your credentials and my mother did not complete her H.S. degree yet you did not treat me differently. I recalled you saying, Penny you have a lot of potentials and I felt important that day. Thanks for believing in me. I learned you gave your interview on Washington Post that you said it is critical need for cochlear program and you plan on sitting down with staff to discuss ideas regarding Cochlear Implant. I beg and plead you not to ever bring or allow this kind of service on Gallaudet campus or Deaf schools. Let Deaf children be children..let them go to playground and play play play…let those children use their precious hands to communicate in ASL…let those children be happy and free! If you still feel it is important…bring that to Cleansing Medical center but not at Gallaudet or Deaf schools. Thanks! I beg!!!

  • David Ennis 17 years ago

    Your vlog is considered as a powerful visual -based tool for keeping to update your sharp stories to many different Deaf communities over the Deaf World.

    After i recently read the transcript of Washington Post interview with Dr. Davila, I began to realize that he has no authority to make his decision on the reprisals issue and even worse, has no authority to remove some BOT members are unfit.

    Believe it or not, the Gally protestors are our hero who dedicated to fight for the survival of the Galluadet University.

    Remember the Gally protestors forever!

    I felt my guts that Dr. Davila needs a lot of helps from many Deaf communities by putting more political pressures on the BOT members to drop the charges against the protesters and forcing some BOT members to resign.

    Otherwise, our time has been NOT YET entered into the new enlightened era of the post-Jordan Galluadet University.

    In fact, Deaf bloggers and Vloggers are the new breed of our 21st century Deaf leaders.

    Joey, I encourage you to work on your Vlog focusing on the BOT members until the two obstacles are solved.

    Godspeed, David Ennis

  • Jean Boutcher 17 years ago

    Eloquently presented, Joey! I hope that all faculty members in the English Department as well as in the graduate school of education have watched your blog in regard to developing English skills through technology, including blog and vblog. Not many deaf people appreciated in expressing their opinions in the form of writing, but, through the computer era have I seen more and more deaf people being immersed in blogging, so I feel that vblog plays a larger role in overcoming deaf people’s Englishphobia. Keep vblogging, Joey! Jean Boutcher

  • Sheila Conlon Mentkowski 17 years ago

    what a very well thought out vlog and excellent points you make re Davila, Gallaudet, working together, and the combined use of writing and vlogs. I remember the first time I met Dr. Davila, I was a first year graduate student at Gallaudet when he was in the graduate department there. We struck up a friendship then that has lasted to this day. Bob, we are behind you and we will work to put Gallaudet back to its lofty heights!
    Sheila Conlon Mentkowski

  • Tara 17 years ago

    Congrats Dr. Davila!

    Joey, you done a fine job in here and well said in vlog. Thanks!

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  • Vonne Gulak 17 years ago

    Amen!!! I am with you 100%.


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