Community’s thoughts about the protest

Courtesy of DawnSignPress (video 2 of 2)

DSP on the road: A group of diverse members of Gallaudet University community speaks out about the issues and its impact of the protest.


  • Jean Boutcher 17 years ago

    This is one of the best videoblogs. Students’ future children would witness a milestone through your vblog that some faculty were also involved in the UFG 2006!

    Your consistency in quality vblogging is very impressive!

    Jean Boutcher

  • Nick Vera 17 years ago

    Great reflection of Gallaudet protests that send message to the audience. You know everyone felt very proud to be Gallaudet! Cheers to our community. Please keep our love for Gallaudet! Again, BIG THANKS TO Joe Dannis for the best documentary of 2006.

  • Carrie Gellibrand 17 years ago

    What a wonderful *touching* video! Gallaudet is HOME to many deaf people, myself included. Excellent job and I look forward to seeing more of what DSP has to offer from their Unity For Gallaudet protest archives.

  • DeafLinux 17 years ago

    The videotaping of events will preserve the Deaf way of life. I am very thrilled that many people are taping interviews, events, etc. and this is what keeps our Deaf way alive.

    Professionals will study the videos and generate a worldwide interest about the Deaf culture, language and compare with other Deaf communities all over the world. It is a blessing to have someone like Joe Dannis to start recording things for our Deaf children.

    History teaches us what to avoid and move on to something much better for the Deaf race.

  • The One and Only Ridor 17 years ago

    Great job. Did NOT know that I was in it until I saw it. Very brief — do I look very masculine?! 🙂


  • Tara - Missouri 17 years ago


    Gallaudet stands remain forever!

  • RLM 17 years ago

    Majestic Deaf Documentary on the UFG Protest Why We Got Involved in the First Place!

    That would be really nice if we showcase this documentary during the ongoing protest for more “skeptical” and “netural” deaf and hearing popluace understand better why we have a protest in the first place. At least, we screen the documentary right now.

    I explained myself why I involved with the UFG protest on the The first thing was the IKJ and JK adminstration’s infrigement on the freedom of expression and speech. The second thing was about the future of deaf education.

    I constantly criticized IKJ for his lack of urgency and attention to the issue of Pre-School to 12 (K-12) deaf education on the Buff and Blue newspapers and social conversations right away after IKJ became the eighth Gally president. Gladly, Dr. James Tucker told the same thing why many and many individuals got involved with the protest for the future of deaf education.

    Beautifully done on the Dawn Sign Press documentary on the UFG protest. The end of the documentary kinda satirized the paternalistic symbol of Thomas Gallaudet with Alice Cogswell on his lap. Not many people know about the real history behind the T.Gallaudet-Alice Cogswell statue. “V8”!

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  • Tom Mentkowski 17 years ago

    This shows that Gallaudet must reach out to the Alumni more than ever and ask them to get involved in the K-12 Efforts as Role Models at the Local Level to all Deaf Children. This would inspire Deaf Kids to look to us for support rather than Educational Specialists who are “Audists.”The GUAA must be more than a “Social Organization.” Thanks to Joe D at Dawn Sign Press for pushing this serious issue onto the stovetop….Tom

  • David Burch 17 years ago

    EMG would be appalled at the way Gallaudet has done to destroy the education and mission of him.. There are lots of things to be worked out seriously..


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