Exclusive Video: ASL in Classrooms

In this vlog, a very brief clip from 1977 video is shared on how ASL should be taught in classrooms.


  • Betty Sparks 13 years ago

    AWESOME! Enjoy your school year…

  • Jac 13 years ago

    Very True ~ Ella’s SAME as nothing change ~ ASL get to going UP & UP! Enjoy your teaching year! Have a fun! =)

  • Don G. 13 years ago

    THAT! Yes, Ella has been saying exactly the same thing for over 30 years! The terminology may have changed, but the message is basically the same.

    And yes, we need to support ASL so it is EQUAL to English in the minds of Deaf people and society itself!

  • Deaf Genealogist 13 years ago

    Thank God for Ella Mae and Joey Baer!!!

  • Gino Villarreal 13 years ago

    Hello Joey,
    Enjoy watch your video. Hope you and CSD have a good and wonderful school year along. I am sure your students will learn much more new things this year.

  • Nina Wilson 13 years ago

    Wow! Much appreicated with this information. Ella Mae is one of my Deaf role mode. Thanks for showing this archive video of her. Bravo and keep this up, always enjoy your vlogs.

  • Ethelette 13 years ago

    I wish I were young under Ella and Joey. I enjoy to watch them a lot.


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