Failed Leadership Again!

Once again, not surprisingly, Jordan, Jane, and BoTs’ leadership failed!


  • IamMine 18 years ago

    I’m signless here… I don’t know what to say, but that I’m deeply disguisted and disappointed.

    I did email Tom today….

    I just hope he does NOT represent what other BoT thinks??

    I hope you’re sending your vlog as a letter to all of BoT.

    Thanks for the updates as always.

  • Don Creech 18 years ago

    I email Tom today, and told him to request JK RESIGN NOW! I’m disgusted and disappointed with Tom.

  • Janus 18 years ago


    Your Vlog is very excellent explainations. I am glad that you gave many good messages on our deaf community to understand better. I strongly agreed with your right sense comments. We pray for strike hungers, Gally students and clean up the corrupation from Jane’s axis of devil. Keep it up with your update and thank you.

  • Bobby 18 years ago

    The other day I happened to read the article that Tom Humphries invented the word called Audism in 1975.

    Tell me who is Tom?

    I truly feel sorry for Tom

  • Nick 18 years ago

    I admired your courage to express what you perceived on the adminstration and BoT’s leadership failure. Everyday, I felt very sick in my stomach to think how they treated the protestors very badly. Often, I visited on the campus to show my support for FSSA as an alumni member. I love Gallaudet so much to respect the traditional sense of rich culture and education. With my happiness, I always meet students, faculty, and alumni except the cancerous of adminstration that still annoys me a lot.

  • JGV 18 years ago

    hello people

    wow bout gally, really it time up. I am in favor of student for protesters and it thier rights and dream in realialty. In my mind and I dont understand why board of trustee dont have much to do. Those are good people and what happen they also fail leadership and just like Joey Baer say in vlog. I want to bend and support student who are in hunger strike that I dont want see them gone. Hope you all eat well and have some strength to keep going with PROTEST. In my mind and it shame for me to say that I think I King Jordan, Jane and Board of trustee should resign. That no question bout it. I myself love gally but didnt gradute yet. As for hunger strike student pls eat and keep you in strength to keep post till they all resign.
    Joey Baer I love your loud and clear Vlog keep up.


  • Tara E-'03 18 years ago

    With the way things are going, Board of Trustee (BoT) members obviously are unified and they know that they have the privilege and the power to hire and fire a President of the University and it is be accurate. It gives them the power to refuse, limit, and control the negotiation with FSSA as for what they seem to have failed to understand that the ultimate power truly do belong to the students. Overall, the protestors will need to stay focused on the more global issue that they are fighting and that is the preservation of American Sign Language (ASL), Deaf culture, the rights of Deaf people as well as respecting and recognizing the diversity within the Deaf community therefore students to acknowledge to the power to use it to fight all the way until the end where the demands are met.

    Unity for Gallaudet!

  • Dennis 18 years ago


    Your messages are going to touch many people’s hearts in dismay of failed leadership at Gallaudet.

    Speaking of Humphries, I shall not purchase any more publicastions of Humphries’ works. Dawn Sign Press should take a hard look at its reputation in doing business with Deaf world.

    Unity for Gallaudet!

  • Elissa H 18 years ago

    Sigh, I really not know what says after hearing the story. I’m defineitly deep I’m disgusted and very disappointed in those Boards of trustees have been nerves to let them stuffer the protests & strike hunger til death and hurting everydays. I never able to understand why those people such as like JKF, King, and boards of trustee do not have much can to do or check anyone student protests or strike hunger people if ok or not! Either to let give them chance to listens their own words out of the chest. I strongest support the protests with no matter what happened and not want anyone stuffer til death because I DO NOT want see any of them gone.

    I’ve strongest feeling Janes, King, and Boards of trustess already been showed us that they are failed leadership and they really need time for to resign or remove period. As soon as possiable!

    For the PROTESTS, Yall are in my pray and hopefully will have some foods n drinks as need real soon and try to have some strenght & pretty please, please, PLEASE keep going PROTEST without give up UNTIL THEY’RE RESGIN or REMOVE! I love all of ya and you’re our HEROES:0)..


  • Ginny (Paja) Nyholm 18 years ago


    I am at a loss for signs but your comments ultimately parallel my thoughts when I read every and each blog/vlog. Their (JKF/IKJ/BoT) leadership disgusts me to the core! Thank you for sharing the very same thoughts with us!

    Unity for Gallaudet!

  • George'71 18 years ago

    I already emailed him. Shame on Tom!

  • Teri 18 years ago

    Love the new setting — background and lighting!

    You do certainly deliver a powerful message addressing the current GU administration’s leadership abilities.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Stephon 18 years ago

    Yeah! i agree with you!! all we have to PRAY and ask God to lead us peace…. i hope Tom change and realize what serious sitution !!! WE MUST NOT GIVE UP! THEY NEED TO CHANGE AND LISTEN TO US …..LIFE IS SHORT!! U R RIGHT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  • edna 18 years ago

    well said, joey- so concise and clear. I agree- failed leadership on all accounts.

  • Nancy M. Carroll 18 years ago

    Isn’t it ironic that Tom Humphries is the one who coined the term ‘audism’?? What is he thinking?
    Or isn’t he thinking at all?

  • debby 18 years ago

    Thank you for your wonderful website to show us whats going on at Gallaudet and the deaf communities from different states. Good job really you did! I am sure we all feel the same way how you feel. It is time for the Bot, IKJ, JKF and DPS to leave Gallaudet University.
    I emailed Tom. He needs to wonder who he is from 1975 to now.

    Unity for Gallaudet.

  • anonymous 18 years ago

    Tom Humphries is now teaching a course title “Voice: Deaf People in America”.

  • Donna 18 years ago

    Joey, oh yeah, I feel so disguisted with the BOT. Since they showed no compassions for our FSSA, why dont GUAA take over Galladuet Unvieristy for the time being to support the FSSA. I am so heartwarmed after watching these v logs with the famous Deaf people. We must work together to support FSSA! Thank you for sharing with us. Gallaudet Unity Now !!!!!!!

  • Francine Skedsmo 18 years ago

    Joey, I am overly impressed with your ASL vlog and thank you for your clarification of what is happening with so many rumors milling around. I still feel that Jane is the victim and if the Board of Trustees and the screening committee had done right, none of this would be happening. Hopefully that this will not repeat down the road. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Christian 18 years ago

    Joey, I hat off to you! Excellent job!..Jordan and JKF lack of strong well as the BOT members…Deaf people in community members, Unity for Gallaudet protestors, and FSSA, we all are ASBOLUTELY true winners.

    Way to go!
    Unity for Gallaudet!

  • Gwendolyn Perlongo 18 years ago

    Hello Joey,

    I read and video from your website….
    I would like to introduce myself to you. my name is Gwendolyn, Alumni..

    Let you know, I learn something about BOT ,PR, K.Jordan and JKF about what happened to BOT,
    who is ignored FSSA that I experience..

    I want you watch video of woman talked about Robert Johnson’s letter on Gallaudet Crisis..

    I ‘m surprise that Bot and King Jordan are biggest mistake They know better their responsible..

    King jordan is liar that he said BOT decided to pick JKF for new President but It’s not true. King did it,
    that who pick JFK for President without FSSA
    knowing it . King told Faculty that FSSA can’t vote
    who is next President ?? What ?? King tried to stop FSSA who is protest What ??
    King Jordan is something wrong with hide & Sneak
    BOT is hide too about money business, K Jordan knew
    They caught JKF liar too. That why, Fernandes is terminated. They said deaf not enough. that how they influence to FSSA that word ” deaf not enough” that why FSSA and deaf world said the word. PR is smooth talk .
    He blame FSSA said It’s not true. FSSA didn’t expect about Deaf not enough. Because K jordan and PR made their brainwash FSSA are really confused.

    Wow interesting. Please watch her video with ASL .. you will not believe what she said about BOT, KJordan and JFK . Yesterday The woman wentt to meeting at BOT that woman witness. I dont know what her name
    So watch her video

    Joey, Please listen, It is not over with King Jordan
    I want deaf world and FSSA against King Jordan and Throw him OUT now , No wait for January..
    and we want to report to Gov. They fired PR and Adam and King Jordan because they have not good leadership and responisble They are ignore FSSA, Deaf cutlture ‘s future.. BOT is bad business.

    That woman on video that she want you all do something for BOT and King Jordan ” No Wait”
    before too late.. Need to witness and check what is going on , we want king jordan and PR and BOT who has testified in order For FSSA Safe . I believe King Jordan steal money for business and he dont THINK of FSSA Please do it something to report to Gov, Need check letters all about past and where is money going for Gallaudet. Please spread to your friends anyone who will help Gallaudet for FSSA’s sake..

    Please wtach her ASL video that I gave you URL
    you will not believe what she said as matter of fact !
    Let me know ..

    Wow she tell us the truth about BOT & King Jordan
    Unbelievable !!

    Thank you for your time
    Unity For Gallaudet
    Gwendolyn ~

  • Gwendolyn - Special Report 18 years ago

    Hi Joey, I made a video is humor alitte but it’s true story …

    I believe JFK and King Jodran were close more than friends. Come on, They know each other for long years
    We don’t know nothing…

    Why King decide to pick JKF for new president
    without FSSA knowing it. JFK and King Jordan are same thing to say about Gallauted deaf community. They are perfect match. because King Jordan LOVE JFK ! It’s clear.. We will find it out more soon.
    King Jordan told TV News that he can’t do nothing Bot decide to pick Fernandes is not true. K Jordan did it. They can’t hide from Gallaudet anymore..

    I hope FSSA are process to sue King Jordan about arrested them by King Jordan and JKF. Damn them
    They hurt us so badly. and also Couple days ago the guy who is injure his toe nail fall off tand damage tents early morning thru gate by sercuity that who is order
    That ‘s king Jordan. Son of a gun. I hope he will sue them too..

    Unity For Gallaudet !!
    Cheers, Gwendolyn ~

  • Gwendolyn - Special Report 18 years ago


    Did you email me Im not sure because I was accident delete emails all from spam let mw know of you did email me ok

    watch my video It”s humor a little but it’s good story
    Enjoy it

    Unity for Gallaudet Cheers

  • Gwendolyn - Special Report 18 years ago


    check out

    Good story about FSSA and JFK & king

    I want to know did you email me ?? let me know by email
    Thank you
    Gwendolyn ~

  • Leniker Thomas 16 years ago

    It is impressive to see you have been campign people to realise how there is awful failed Leadership again. I am so estastic that you fight for the deaf community in the front of VLOG.

    Well I am deaf and from the beautiful country of Vanuatu located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. I’m fully AUSLAN but living in New Zealand and studying a bachelor of education in Economic, Accounting and English leading to Master at Waikato University although i do not currently have Sign Language interpreter.. But I understand some of ASL in your video display. I am on this pipe to learn ASL plus international SIgn Language as well.

    Keeping encourage more deaf people to develop their knowledges and skills in successed Leadership instead of that title.

    Bes Wishes,
    Leniker Thomas


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