Failed Leadership at Gallaudet

This video discuss few examples why the leadership failed at Gallaudet. We are in need of better leadership there. BoTs, please take responsibility and clean up the mess at Gallaudet.


  • Dianne K 17 years ago

    I really like this video very much.

  • Michelle D. 17 years ago

    I agree with him 100 percent. No questions about it. Very well said then. Unity for Gallaudet!!

  • Christian 17 years ago

    Joey Baer, I am very proud of you…You did very outstanding in video of \”failed leadership at Gallaudet…I strongly agree with you 100 percents…We all must fight and TEAR Jane and Jordan DOWN! WE must have a victory of a Unity for Gallaudet…

    God Bless Deaf Community members and FSSA..


  • Phillip 17 years ago

    Awesome awesome, I am praying that ALLLLL BOT members did look at this. It is very clear. Thank you Joey.

  • Daz 17 years ago

    Great Presentation! Make sure u send to all BOT, IKJ, and JKF. They should act immediately after watch your vlog. Way to go!! Unity for Gallaudet

  • ToddE 17 years ago

    Blew me away! As usual, you have this gift for ASL that reaches out to a mass Deaf audience very easily.

  • sherry 17 years ago

    Yeah! i strongly agree you 100000% don’t give up !!!! Let’s fight for us, unity of gallaudet..

    god bless y’allllllllll!

  • Bobby Rishsew 17 years ago

    At last, I realized what Joey explained the details of lack of leadership at Gally U. I am so thankful God for Joey’s ASL Vlog. I must be more happy that ASL is so alive!

  • renee 17 years ago

    hey joey,

    very impressive!!! your presentation is a very clear and visual loud to anyone. you gave and shared what LEADERSHIP is…well-done!!!


  • Jonathan U. 17 years ago

    I got it. It’s better Joey baer’s idea make movie show make people get understand what happens situations. Really 100% Make people angry and invoited of supports of Unity of Gallaudet! We want do it fight Unity of Gallaudet!!! I want cherish of GALLAUDET!

  • Joe Sortwell 17 years ago

    Very impressive, Joey! We all should give a full support for a new leadership, but at the same time, we should thank IKJ for his 18 years of service. It’s time for a new change.
    Unity for Gallaudet!!!

  • Anne Marie 17 years ago

    ILY handshape waving. You have your way of reassuring us all with your clean clear yet soft ASL. It is what we REALLY need in our deaf leaders especially for the university president.

    Your proud sister, Anne Marie

  • editor 17 years ago

    wow, great vlog! very clear and right to the point! it would be great if there was a translation of this vlog for others to understand. (btw, the word distrupting is misspelled – it should be as disrupting) 🙂

    Joey\’s Note:  Thank you for the correction.  Unity for Gallaudet!

  • Bambi 17 years ago

    A hat off to you for doing a superb job… However, I wish the video had been released earlier before or during homecoming event that help putting all key points. On one hand, it enables for all of us who are either in or not in favor of protests, Board of Trustees, JF, and President IJK to understand the concept of ongoing protest.

    On other hand, you are here to ensure that we are in together for good reasons….not to give up….

  • Art Wiesblatt 17 years ago

    Your arguement is justified because you proved the fact that Jane can not change. King and Jane shared same strategies for Gallaudet since the year of 2000. I applaud you for your courageous.

  • Wayne Betts, Jr 17 years ago

    Damn right! This video says it all.

  • Sharon Duchesneau 17 years ago

    A very thoughtful and beautifully presented vlog. Thank you!
    Sharon Duchesneau

  • Kim Rarus Hamilton 17 years ago

    BEAUTIFULLY said!!!!

  • Carla 17 years ago

    Thank you, Joey!!! You made it all all good points to indicate Gallaudet University as our cultural forever! We give 100% support for a new leadership now. Its time for IKJ and Jane GO GO NOW! Gallaudet is our mecca as well! Unity for Gallaudet!!!
    Deafhood Power Spirit Forever!! Moreover, ASL alive forever!!
    Thanks again.

  • Ron 17 years ago

    Wow! Your presentation in this ASL log is incredibly great! Jane and IK Jordan are ones who are afraid of facing the major change at Gallaudet. You are absolutely right that numbers don’t lie. I am pretty sure that more Deaf people and other ASL users wil find this enlightening. Thanks for sharing your perspective on Jane and IK Jordan’s leadership skills with us through this ASL log. : )

  • Clark Brooke 17 years ago

    AWESOME! Well summarized and said… I truly hope that there be a resoulutoin to this mess. Way to go – Joey!

  • Joey Baer 17 years ago

    Hey Ron –

    Your ASL Vlog “Jane + Leadership = Audism” is beautifully done too!!!

    His vlog can be found at:



  • mishkazena 17 years ago

    excellent points. Can you have a transcript so the peoplle not fluent in ASL can see your presentation? 🙂

  • Joey Baer 17 years ago

    Thank you for your comments. Right now, Rob Voreck is translating my presentation. It will be available as soon as possible.

  • Nancy M. Carroll 17 years ago

    Great job, Joey, as usual. Your vlogs are outstanding! Let’s hope Jane will resign. The longer she stays, the worse it’s gonna get.

  • MikeS 17 years ago

    EX ASL vblog with clear and valid points (finish).
    A lot of us share that frustration and feel that Gallaudet and its current and future students deserve much better through proper leadership, language, and vision. We will not give up. Thanks.

  • Clark Brooke 17 years ago

    AWESOME! Well summarized and said…

  • Nick 17 years ago

    Beautifully idea that you described the leadership qualities that IKJ and JKF don’t have. Your show already reached No.1 in Primetime Television of Neilsen Ratings. Congratulations! In addition, it may give me great benefit to learn from you. Thank you!


  • Vincent 17 years ago

    Kudos to Joey! Crystal clear presentation!!!
    Joey gave plenty of time putting this together. Hope the outgoing and “Ingoing” Gally administration watch this presntation, BoT, too

    incredible job!

  • Tara E-'03 17 years ago

    Beautiful and well said! Your arguement is justified because you proved the fact that it is impossible that an old dog learn a new trick like Jane and she will never change as it will always be the same strategies. King and Jane shared same strategies for Gallaudet. Change for the better is what Gallaudet need. I applaud you for your truth and courageous. Unity for Gallaudet (in ASL united same Gallaudet)!!!


  • Bo Clements 17 years ago

    Perfect information about the leadership at Gally. It is very true. I went there last weekend for the rallies, and march to the capitol. I shocked about so many issues about lose jobs and not welcome to gally. I was dismayed that BOT members were not there to deal with the students, parents of gally students who got arrested, hunger strike, and many more. All the words JF describes about us that really me pissed off. It was peaceful movement for the whole protest that I sense of it. Way to GO JOEY!

  • IamMine 17 years ago

    You have hit the nail on the head!

    I like how you attacked the system!

    A friend hit the nail on the head the other day…. saying, “Did you know that rabbits run faster than the lions? Why do you think the lions always manage to eat them? They do not run faster!”

    I said, “Really? I didn’t know that fact… I mean, I thought Lions ran faster because they are bigger!”

    “Nope, that’s probably what the rabbits thought, too. So what do they do? They froze out of fear.”

    We are not animals, I know that, but there are some similarities in behaviors in regards to fear.

    Anyway – I am NOT perfect in English and you are way smarter than I am, Joey, but when I first read this:

    “We are in need of better leadership there.”

    It’s implying that Jane CAN lead, but not as good as we expect a leader to be.

    She’s NOT a leader and has ineffective managment skills, period. I know what you meant, though! 🙂

    I have two questions, though.

    I hear Jane is a nice person, but then I hear she’s cold. Is she like that “Shining” guy? lol

    And why didn’t you talk to her about the protest from May when you had the chance to talk to her in July?

    Sorry for so many questions! 🙂

    Well done on the reporting!

    ::two thumbs up and shuts up::

  • Suzanne Dahan 17 years ago

    Wonderful and beautiful asl vlog explained about leardership..

    Don t forget to add the Hunger Strikers at closing.

    Thanks Joey !


  • Kerri 17 years ago

    I’m with ToddE, I am amazed at your ASL – so easy to understand – it’s helping me see more and more about how shaky the ground Gallaudet stands on – and it’s just so wild that IKJ and JFK isn’t doing anything at all.

    Thanks for being so clear! I look forward to more vlogs.

  • Emily 17 years ago

    If Jane can’t lead us to the water when we are thristy then she will have to forget us. Giving us a leadership that will lead us to the water and we will drink until we are full with satifaction .
    ( Joey, I am well-pleased with your update about the concernation on failure leadership)

    Jane, please let go of your pride and resign.. Give back Gallaudet the pride.. Thanks


  • Leslie 17 years ago

    Outstanding Vlog!!!! I agree with you all the way.

  • Paul Kiel 17 years ago

    Very good job! Joey –

    Very clear and concise….
    and very objective one

    Keep up the good work! =^)

  • Kim Hungerford Carwile 17 years ago

    Your ASL presentation is incredibly appreciated! We caught sight of IJK and JKF’s current leadership as “INABILITY of their duty to influence, motivate, respect, and enable faculty, students, staff, and alumnis to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of future Gallaudet.” The administration office and the BoT are constantly failing to accept faculty and students’ two recommendations until JKF ‘s resignation is submitted! Unity for Gallaudet, FSSA, and also Deaf people!

  • roberta lynn daniels 17 years ago

    A truly FEAST for the eyes! Your discussion offers concise points pertaining to the shoddy leadership at Gallaudet (including the BoT). Beautifully said, Joey!

  • gabe 17 years ago

    *double thumbs up*

  • Rosemarie 17 years ago

    I agree with you all the way at your presentation concerning the leadership itself. You did a splendid job in video signing. (shaking hands up)

  • Robert F. Strohmeier 17 years ago

    You did good job in views. Jordan should not involve in Board. Jane should be forced to resign at once for our sake. Why she is stubborn. I agree with you all the facts.
    Wave our hands up for you. Also my wife, Cornelia are supporting you.

  • Mike 17 years ago

    Bro Joey! One eloquent presentation!

    Leadership is not an easy subject to explain. The measure of leadership is not quality in the head, but the tone of the body. And the signs of outstanding leadership appear primarily among the followers. Are the followers reaching their potential? Are they learning? Serving? Do they achieve required results? Do they change with grace? Manage conflicts? (“Leadership is an Art”, Max DePree).

    While I sincerely appreicated one dinner with Jane, I left bewildered. And having witnessed how she led during the protest is simply a disgrace. Her conscience and tones is terribly driving her followers away.

    Now, how in the world does she think she can and will lead??? Gallaudet BOT, step up and take charge!

    Love you!!! Brother Mike

  • Don Creech 17 years ago

    JK, please get the point that YOU are not LEADER for Gallaudet University! Joey, I agree with you 110%, and I kept all of the students, FAC, FSSA, and Deaf people in the world-wide in my prayer and thought. Please don’t ever GIVE UP!

  • debby 17 years ago

    Your explanation in order about “Failed Leadership at Gallaudet” is awesome but it is very true. Let me tell you about my experience…I attended Gallaudet in 2001 and 2003 til I graduated in 2005. In 2004 I was at the Audism workshop to watch people asking JKF some questions about ASL. She did not want to share with anyone who believed in ASL. After the workshop, I asked JKF about students who fluent in ASL including me should be accepted. She told me “No…both English and ASL”. I said nothing when I saw her almost every day. I am not against hearing people but I noticed most audists were on the campus. I believe about 95% of hearing at graduate school, HUG (Hearing undergraduate) was increased to 25%, and CODA kept growing. Some staff can’t sign, and few of my professors signed in ASL.
    JKF calls the FSSA protesters “anarchy and terrorism”…Obviously, she is WRONG person to be president of Gallaudet University. Agree with you that IKJ and JKF needs to go. May God bless everyone for their hard work! Don’t give up! Keep ASL alive! I wish I could go.

  • Jack R Cassell 17 years ago

    Bull Eye! Big Thumb Up!

  • Todd Murano 17 years ago

    Great video! Very inspiring to those in the dark on why we all are protesting! I agree its the system that needs change and to change it we need a new leader within the system to inspire the change! Way to go Joey on the great video.

  • Billy Clark 17 years ago

    Hello Joey October 25,2006.

    Big Support
    Would like for you see the video in and call ” Pray for Gallaudet University” that will help for all them.
    Joey doing his good jobs to fight no give up and try thier best and Joey try work hard to show and brave to show world that Deaf can do.
    Yes I agree with all information news that please J. King need go home and rest and Jane F. need to be resign reason the world look up to Jane F. to made look bad no way and the student need go back school and study to catch up if if not then will behind and what the students need to be happy come first also student need go home very soon because near the hoilday.
    Come on Jane F. suppose know better that if I stand by her side then I will resign quick reason if I doing wrong my jobs and respect to student need be happy and choose better one for Gallaudet University of President in the future.
    Hope all you the best wish and good luck.

    Thank you. Billy Clark
    From Texas

  • Billy Clark 17 years ago

    Hello Everyone

    Hope all you enjoy watch the show , yes pray for Gallaudet University.

    Thank you Billy Clark

  • Michael 17 years ago

    Hello. I like one of Joey’s comments, any deaf people can be president. But on thing to keep in mind is what kind of deaf people? Someone with connection to Gallaudet or no connection? Fraternity/sorority connections?
    There need to be a list of alternates candidates for Gallaudet President. Start something without Anderson, Stern and Weiner. Just a new fresh bunch. Many FSSA talked but they don’t walk the talk.

  • Richard Williams 17 years ago

    Joey gave his excellent A+ presentation and what he said truly inspired me. I knew him back in DPN time, 1988 when he resided in Cosgwell Hall across my door. If he got his doctoral degree, then I know he has the potential to be better Gallaudet president and true leader than Jane is, no question.
    Gallaudent is not just a “university”, but represents the Deaf community- it is our “only” university and the students have a RIGHT to decide on who will be their president. Gallaudet has to give the student body a legitimate vote on who will become president. I would like to see the policy change to give the student the RIGHT to vote for the qualified president of their choice. I don’t like the idea of BOT to decide and vote only on who will become president and shut out everyone else included students. Remember we should have, “!!!Democracy in Action!!!” So far, I don’t see Gally’s BOT let democracy in action yet…Thanks for your awesome presentation and keep up good work, Joey!

  • deb toma koll 17 years ago

    hi our joey,

    what a beautiful presenation!! you gave me /us goose pumps.. Great and almost perfect video!!!
    WAVING HANDS!!!! Lets hope for the better future in Gallaudet.. yes i agree!!!

  • Dot Johnson 17 years ago

    Joey, you are a dynamic presentator! It is much appreciated by all. I agree completely with you. I would like to see the hiring process be investigated and how the finalists were chosen. Too many excellent candidates were eliminated by the process. It seems that the hiring process is fixed. Also, We need to increase the heat on BoT as well as on Jane. Joey, keep up good work!

  • Barb DiGiovanni 17 years ago

    Are we living in an era of Deaf Progressivism?

    Wow, you have presented in a very clear, precise way to convey your valid points. You did a fine job, Joey!

    My son who is 9 yrs old and deaf watched the video with me and he agreed with you that JKF doesn’t meet the leadership quality. Isn’t it amazing to see a nine year old boy who knows what it takes what makes an effective leader!? That is the impact you are making!

    When you mentioned that the deafhood buzz came out giving a message that “deaf should not be against deaf” and that every person experiences deafhood on an individual basis, you pointed out that it is not about “deaf not accepting deaf”; it is about “deaf not accepting deaf who does not carry certain leadership qualities.” Yes, JFK grew up in an oral background but so what like you said about deaf people are now speaking and hearing more and more. We all know very well it is not about this issue when selecting a leader. It is a matter of how a leader is capable of showing in-depth understanding and knowledge in the heart of deaf culture and community.

    Our way of thinking has changed from time to time as we educate ourselves more about what a true leader means to us. Placing just a so-called deaf leader in Gallaudet community is not sufficient anymore! We need to look further than just looking at a person who is deaf. When reading an article talking about blacks not accepting blacks who don’t possess leadership qualities, this is known as a part of “progressive” thinking. Progressives don’t simply ask “How can government help this situation,” but how can we solve this problem?”

    We all know a simple solution to start with: JKF’s resignation. But we do still have a lot of work to do to solve the problems that have plagued the campus, the country and the world for centuries and centuries.

    After this ordeal is over at Gallaudet, let’s focus on leading this nation to reach out and navigate every deaf and hard of hearing child who has been isolated and academically behind in mainstreamed schools to discover his or her voice, identity, and self-esteem early as possible. The more they are being reached, the higher number of enrollment will occur among post-secondary institutes such as Gallaudet and NTID.

    Yes, it is time to start to think about the future. Let’s make this an era of deaf progressivism where we can continue to be proactive and productive to stamp out oppression and audism. We also need to push to raise the standard for every deaf and hard of hearing children obtaining the quality of education and exposure to deaf culture and ASL.

    Jane, resign now so we can start to channel our energy on this issue and many others!

    P.S. My son laughed so hard when you signed how IKJ and JKF interacted by sitting together, breathing together, etc. The way you say it is hilarious!

    Thanks Joey!

  • Kathleen "KK" 17 years ago


    Well description… you always have described or explained clearly in any way in the past. Great idea for VLOGs. Great way to inspire us! We surely need it.

    Jane needs to go, because she made us displeased and dissatisifed. Leadership is to please his or her group regardlessly, and Jane’s leadership provides that she fails her group. Jane, go away and let us move on!!

    Unity for Gallaudet!

  • Pinky Aiello 17 years ago

    Why can’t they resign now!?!

  • E. W-bee 17 years ago

    Biggest Thumbs Up!!! You, Joey do such an extreme job!!!! Agreeable– 100%

    I feel JKF should resign even though she is a nice lady. If not, the situation at the Gally area might go to worse……… Who knows?

    Warmly, eln w-bee

  • Aaron Fudenske 17 years ago

    You rock, Joey! I am just in awe of your great contribution to the Deaf community at large, here and abroad!

    Unity for Gallaudet now and forever!

    P.S. Long time, no see! Hey you, hi and to your wife, too.

  • susan watts 17 years ago

    we are getting tired of hearing what Jane keeps picking many unnecessary EXCUSES! Focus on the University only.. Not outside issues! Jane… Jane.. time to resign NOW!

  • Kenneth G Samson 17 years ago

    Hello I’ve added your site to my blogroll at

    I’d be pleased if you’d add my blog to your blogroll as well.

    Unity for Gallaudet!

    Ken Samson, Gallaudet Alumnus ’92



  • Edward W. Mutch Jr. 17 years ago

    Dear: joey B.
    I really happy hear it that great one about video with give me read wow !! No mistake happen and are go be make up 1 million perecents with you !
    i want to keep up fight them with work hard chagre in future ! i make go to pary are nation deafness with usa. with follow up bible in god faith way !
    never give up, ( need make to new chagre unity for gallaudet with workshop of asl and deafness alway forever !

    From: Pittsfield Mass.

    Awesone + god bless to you, TK of Joey B.

  • Dennis 17 years ago

    This is time to change! I King Jordan haven’t shown the world what we are, we are truely Deaf!

  • Rita 17 years ago

    Well said … no … well signed! Joey, run for President!

  • WJT 17 years ago

    You are flawless! Your presentation is outstanding and understandable! I praise you as a strong leader in the deaf universe. I am very proud of you, too.

  • Joyce J. Leitch 17 years ago

    Joey, I can’t tell you how proud I am of you! I can picture my former student, your baby sister, Theresa jumping with joy when seeing you in your Vlog! Beautiful! and many other adjectives on how well you had detailed all your opinions with your clear ASL skills, including signs and fingerspellings! …I am yelling like a cheerleader, “Hey! Hey! What did you say? Go get Jane out of our dear home, Gallaudet University! Fight! till she resigns!”..Again, I am absolutely proud of you and Thersea joins me in sending you our praise for your marvelous job! We love you!!!

  • Penny 17 years ago

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! Class Act , Joey! Hurry up and get your Ph.D so you can be next 10th President hee hee. You have the chrisma, intelligence,leadership and you know that too. Smile!

  • Bobby 17 years ago

    Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone inventor, ruined the Deaf society for over 125 years now.

    That is so enoughhhhhhh!!

    Audism must be over nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  • Euna 17 years ago

    Joey, you did an AWESOME job explaining clearly for others to understand what protest stand for!

    I support the UNITY FOR GALLY!



  • Icedtea 17 years ago

    Jkf said a “silent majority” supports her…hah

  • Todd Williams 17 years ago

    Hey King of 3 point land!!

    Just let ya know that Irving Jordan is hiding something and his puppet Jane is trying to protect him from being arrested. Thats why Jordan is fighting hard to insert JF to become president so that way Jordan can hide away til the dust settled. DONT LET THAT HAPPEN!!!
    Now my 17 years old daughter is “tired” of seeing protest prolong lately which she really wanted to see Gallaudet go back to NORM living. That made me real furious and wanted to personally kick both of evils out with my southpaw foot!

    Your 3 pointer king bro, Todd

  • Matthew 17 years ago

    Joey, beautiful said!!!! We need someone great leadership just like you… I really enjoyed all your VLOG’s and all your comments have been very clear and making me understanding more things very clearly especially when i am 3000 miles across! Keep up the news and esp your beautiful update news to us and the deaf community! VERY IMPRESSIVE and lot of handwave from San Diego for you! Keep it up, if you was to run for president, you got my vote *LOL*

    last thing, hi joey…. dont know if you remember me, i gave speech in one of your class long time ago about food culinary related for one of career oriented classes for your students. Probably 9 years ago!

  • Jack Lamberton 17 years ago


    Well done – both delivery and argument. You built a compelling case calling for Dr. Fernandes to resign (or should we say decline to take office in January 2007).

    Thank you for maintaining this valuable and meaningful VLOG site.

  • E. W-bee 17 years ago

    Hi JB,

    Biggest Double Thumbs Up!! You do such an extreme job.

    I feel that JKF better resigns so the Gally situation would not go to worse. I’d not consider her a bad person but I think it would be best for Gally’s future’ sake.


  • Seema Mehta 17 years ago


    You did a very great job on the video.. I think better let Jane resign now.. Because Gally University has many great deaf leaders.. No needed her to be president of Gally Univ. So, it will make the Unviersity successfully in the future!!!

    Thank you,

  • Shawn Elfrink 17 years ago

    Wow! Joey! You ROCK the Deaf World! I already sent your ASLVlog link to my 2 US Senators and 1 US Congress. Hope they will be aware of “Failed Leadership at Gallaudet”.

    I did even sent your ASLVlog to US Senator Harkin because he told me that his Deaf brother used to work for US Postal Service at Star Bucks in DC in 1999.

    They already know that I have Deaf son that needs a good deaf leader to follow!!

    I want to thank Deb from South Dakota shared her comments! My Deaf son really likes her alot at NLLC !!! He wants to go there again next summer!!!

    I cannot believe what I saw this link: (I am really SHOCKED!!!)

    Thank you Joey so much !


  • Dee Davis 17 years ago

    Joey, I remember you when I was a grad student at Gally (class of 1986). I knew you were going to do great and wonderful things! This explanation is the BEST!! I am sending it to all my friends who don’t understand the Gallaudet situation. Jordan forgot how powerful the students are, and he forgot who had the power to make him president!! Unity for Gallaudet! Keep up the great work!!

  • Randall Doane 17 years ago

    Joey, Excellent job! That is what the viewers need to know what is going on at Gallaudet Campus. You provide the facts. I have heard from some insiders at the Campus who witnessed the bloodshed activities and this MUST BE AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

    An American Economic professor once said “There are 3 important players in economic; they are customers, business, and the unions. When all three of them are in balance, the economic is healthy.

    Jane, I am not happy about your vision that you are trying hard to bring into Gallaudet system. Do not use the students and the ones who voted against you for your personal advantage, the money. STEP DOWN NOW.

    Jane, BoT will have to make tough decision and it might be against you in a long run. People would not want to work with you and your obstinate behavior. Start step down NOW.

    Jane, I have said it again, pay CLOSE ATTENTION to your consciences. What have you seen in your eyes with all of the protests that occurred since last May? What does it tell you? Naturally, those students are not the “thing”; they are the souls who depend on their vision (eyes, the primary communication mode) for learning purposes. Please start your true leadership skills and love for Gallaudet University by stepping down.

    Joey, Thanks a million for excellent video product! I look forward more of your work.

    Unity Gallaudet!

  • Matt S. 17 years ago

    This is definitely rocks! What a failed leadership meant to us? We need a wake-up call for everybody. We have something to do right away. There are two things I suspect that IKJ and JKF might have. Number one is Favorism. The favorisim will have a messy leaderhsip. Other hand is greedy. If JKF gets a job, she probably wants to use the 600,00 salaried job. I am sure there is a policy that JKF might not to do. For example, JKF may give an inappropriate amount of money to wrong organization, or she might bribe someone to do a job. That what we are afraid of! Don’t give up until the action will be taken care of! Kudos to all of you!

    Matt S. Class of 1993.

  • Steven Schumacher 17 years ago

    Awesome, Joey. I hope this will wake up to BoT, IKJ and JKF. We do need Leadership who can able to do for our future in Gallaudet. I wish this video can be show on all News across the nation to clarify the confusion of what are the reasons the protesters are doing on Gallaudet campus. Many hearing and reporters are misleading and misunderstanding on what we are fighting about for our school.

    Steven Class of ’88

  • For peace ! 17 years ago

    Let us nonimate JOEY BAER as the next Gallaudet’s Board of Trustee Chairman after this upcoming major sweep! We do not need a person with a PhD in lieu, we need someone who is a leader that has CLASS. You are a gem, Joey

    Peace !

  • Bruce Dunn 17 years ago

    Thanks Joe for using ASL to make us understand very clearly! Now I agreed with him 100%. I am not from Gallaudet U, but had a degree from a mainstream university.
    I am Deaf like you, all as a family. Support GU, Go Bison to battle to VICTORY.

  • Randy, Friend of Gally 17 years ago

    Amen! Lord already created us a reality of deaf, philosophy never success us, the deaf people. We dont need deaf power since He already rolled out red carpet for us to walk and move with his guidance. Anyone should not stop us til He says SO! Please listen to Lord’s deaf children. Please!

  • Fr. Thomas Coughlin 17 years ago

    Excellent, execllent…well articulated. I wonder if you should become our next President and if not, at least you should be appointed to the Board of Trustee. Tom Coughlin ’72

  • Jon Savage 17 years ago

    I shared about my experience at CAD 100th Gala also, I have comment about your vlog:

  • Marilyn O. 17 years ago

    Good Vlog, Joey! Your ideas were clear and gave me a vivid picture of the leadership problems inherent in Jane F. My Deaf daughter wants to attend Gally when she leaves high school, so we have followed the protests regularly. I applaud the faculty and students for sticking to their ideals. It was very interesting about the July dinner conversation you told about, and how Jane handled it. She is obviously in this for the power and influence of the position; that is why so resistant to resigning. It is that “look what I have done” attitude. I agree with you totally: Though she might believe she has support outside Gally; the support should be FOR and FROM Gally in order to make this continue as the best and only Deaf University like it anywhere in the world.
    Big waves from my daughter to you!!

  • Lala Roberts 17 years ago

    Your video is so awesome and make all of us understand what’s going on. Also see inside of Gallaudet. I agreed with you Joey 100% and I support for Gallaudet FSSA. Remember our 18 years ago we had DPN (Deaf President Now with Jordan) and today we have another DPN (Delete President Now!) I am so furious to know all happenings there especially that damm bulldozer incident on purpose on Gally Tent City and hurt several students. Jane, get out of Gallaudet, period! Don’t you (Jane) realized you have caused so much troubles and problems, not us! We need a better leader! Unity of Gallaudet!

    Lala Roberts Class of 83

  • T. Perkins 17 years ago

    Well asled (said)! We think of people who are on the frontline holding their places for us and needlessly, they need our help as I thought why don’t we think of something more impacts by using our (anyone who would be willing to use all means of technology to make it more interactive) media like videotaping, interviewing, setting up dialogues with jkf and ijk, bot, conferencing, and any thing that could make more revealing as to make a better progress for us? To get our opponents to see both perspectives?

  • Ginny Nyholm 17 years ago

    Your vlog on failed leadership blew my mind away!!! For a few days, I have asked everyone, especially my hubby Ward, about this issue and they said the very same about your Vlog. Your observations hit a bull-eye –I feel like I experienced the very similar observations through your eyes and walked in it together with the truest supporters! of FSSA! Bravo!!!

    Ginny Paja Nyholm
    E-’88 / G-’00

  • Fred J. Bass 17 years ago

    Hey, Joey, excellent vlog! No doubt about your talent ever since I knew you at NWAAD. I like your clear signing and presentation of the issue regarding JKF. You hit right on the head of a nail! You should get an Emmy award. Hang in there!

  • JANAHNE 17 years ago


  • Doug 17 years ago

    Well put! Everyone knows about IKJ ‘s power and control and JKF being unwanted. It is the BLIND BoT that lacks the leadership to oversee Gallaudet University program. Voices and comments have been heard from all over the world. BoT are the ones who put Gallaudet into shame. BoT, wake up and do your job accordingly!

  • Byron Bridges 17 years ago

    Hello all,

    Dr. Bob Johnson’s letter has really hit the nail and I am simply following up to his comment as to what we can do to change Gallaudet University. This is exactly like a game of chess. The Horse takes the Bishop while the Rook takes the Pawn. We need to go after the Queen and checkmate the King. Hopefully, This will help all of us understand what is really happening….

    PSYOPs – Psychological Operations campaign. It is not really a difficult subject to understand, but many try to make it overly complex and in the end failed to understand it at all.

    PSYOP basically have two functions. “To Persuade and to Inform.” Persuasion is important. But supplying information is more powerful.

    This is a comprehensive effort with several aims: To build protester’s support for their voices being heard, counter Gallaudet PR propaganda, unnerve IJK & JF’s troops, and loosen the Gallaudet Administration resolve to fight

    A comprehensive PSYOP campaign with strategic (aimed at IKJ and JK) as well as tactical (aimed primary at BoT) operations should work. Some operation has been done but the protestors are not fully able to utilize this effectively.

    First, any political, legal, informational or economics action can be psychological in nature, and therefore part of a strategic PSYOP plan at the national level. Second, any informational action in the peaceful protesters sphere of influence can be psychological in nature as part of the protestor’s PSYOP plan. Third, any protestors action on the theatre of protesting can be part of the tactical PSYOP plan. Really good folks with great psychological minds understand the psychological nature of the theatre of protesting.

    This is exactly what we need. There is INFORMATION WAR going on and the protesters, without the advice of the professional PR cannot match the highly paid PR people Gallaudet administrators are getting advice from. Our goal is to not lose the “information war” and we need to do something to make this happen.

    This means that a strategic campaign aimed at telling the world why fighting Gallaudet University is not evil but more of shedding out the truth.

    Right now, there is two different things happening on Gallaudet Campus. OVERT and COVERT. Overt, done openly and without any attempt at concealment and Covert, not intended to be known, seen, or found out. So far we are seeing the protestors doing the Overt campaigning while we are seeing Gallaudet administrators doing the Covert campaigning. This is not fair. It’s time that we turn the tide over. It’s time for the protestors start thinking of Covert methods. We need to split the plan into two halves.

    The goals of PSYOP should be aimed simply at countering the propaganda Gallaudet University administrators are spreading. The PYSOP Deaf Voice Warriors job is to set the record straight. Congress and Public Opinion are vital to the protestors, a carefully constructed group, and so it is a vital that the world know in general, know the truth about why protestors are fighting IKJ and JK as well as the BoT decision..

    EX.. Washington Post is the media center, the Gallaudet “Hollywood.” The highly regarded newspaper Washington Post is there, many news and international news organization center get their information from Washington Post. If you want to get words out to the people outside of Gallaudet world – you want to work through them.

    The intensive Gallaudet University PR propaganda machine requires countering with factual information that JK in every way a despicable person – a horrific leader who did not care about deaf people, an unjust person, a terrible listener, an untrustworthy administrator and a liar in everything she says. This is not the leader we want to lead us into the next generation.

    It is the Deaf Voice Warriors goal to aim to point out these truths and strip JK of support from the world outside and elsewhere. We need to form a cooperative effort out of Washington Post and NPR to counter continuous Gallaudet propaganda.

    We need to get words out to the general population (Congress, Parents and others) that noted IJK and JK faulted in their reasoning and justification. We need to find ways to put this out through plays, radio, TV shows, magazines, newspapers and letters to the editors of different newspapers where the Board of Trustee lives or different cities. At the end will be a chorus of Voices (Should I say signs) in all media denouncing Gallaudet University’s administration and Board of Trustee.

    We can do it like a political campaign’s media advisor suggesting talking points for Gallaudet protestors and others who would counter Gallaudet propaganda. We can do four or five information points every day or two for leaders of the protestors to use in public interview, press conference, and statement. We can do this twice daily news conference will be held and specifically invite the Post. The participants might even go to the offices of the Post to hold the news conference. This will show that the protestors, faculty, other organization really speak with one mind.

    Alumni’s and folks from all over the world can help by writing to their cities plays, radio, TV shows, magazines, newspapers and letters to the editors. This will help generate world opinion on Gallaudet University’s behavior toward the protestors.

    It’ll be magic to watch all this unfold. Of course, Deaf Voice Warriors, You will be satisfied with accomplishment because you sure as hell won’t get any recognition. But you would have achieved the PSYOP goals. Let’s turn this around should the BoT still decide to keep JK. This battle can be won easily.

    Voices from the Storm, Byron Bridges

  • Diane Jordan Kovacs 17 years ago

    Your speech is perfectly brief and yet so incredibly POWERFUL! Thanks, Joey, for your inspiring and courageous example! It was shocking for me when first receiving the news that we’re yet having this repeated selection of an inappropriate candidate for the president position at Gallaudet. I just can’t comprehend what the board of trustees thought they were doing for the good of the Deaf community and for Deaf Gallaudet students and faculty! As a Gallaudet student (Class of ’86), I had one professor who talked constantly with his voice throughout his class lectures and used signing only about 30 percent or less. Even his few signs were very unclear! I am also quite dismayed to find out recently that the famous drama department once headed by the famous Gil Eastman has now long since been shut down due to budget cutbacks under the leadership of King Jordan. This drama department and its’ famous productions done in pure A.S.L. was once the pride and joy of the Deaf community and the Gallaudet community!
    By the way, Joey Baer does seem like an excellent candidate for a position on the board of trustees or even possibly for the position of president! Way to go!!

  • Marybeth (Harlan) Williamson 17 years ago

    WOW !!! A terrific presentation !!!
    Looking forward to your future ones !!!
    UNITY FOR GALLAUDET, the Beacon shining onto the Deaf Community – the world over ! Let us keep the bright light on always !!!

  • Wes 17 years ago

    Well, well, well! What do we have here? A speech that precedes all vblogs or blogs! Dont get me wrong, but they all have their meanings and they’re well-taken and recognized. But all in all, Joey pinpoints the root of the problem. He nailed it. Take my advice: dont just react, ACT!
    “Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come.” – Lucy Larcom

  • lauren kim cribb 17 years ago

    hey all of staffs and students and leadership i want to have deaf person become president of this place because it set up in many years by deaf person man of his real last name of gallaudet set up the college till time to unity of gallaudet that alright and both is same way for those! i rather that this person who is deaf to become president of campus to make keep going as leadership that this campus students will be happy around this place! i still support gallaudet s needing since i was not student of unity of gallaudet but i still support with their needing to be leadership for this campus that i rather deaf instead hearing! i am from georgia school for the deaf also florida school for the deaf also phila school for the deaf that i was graduated from phila school for the deaf and also our friends who were going over unity of gallaudet that why i still support for those! bec this unity of gallaudet is deaf period! it is feel myself belong there bec it is deaf! guess all i have to say but i still support with all of students who are in unity of gallaudet! i cant blame with all of students have right to be strike to make right to get good leadership of deaf instead another as like hearing or who dont know sign language and i rather this person who know sign language as asl or deaf person! your sincerely lauren kim cribb {mcclain} from cave spring, georgia

  • jeffrey baatz 17 years ago

    do we know any of Gallaudet’s mission statement and goals for the next few years and what was Jane proposing so far? I like to see those before we chose to “protest” once again if those written plans does not concede with our deaf ideals….I was there during ’88 protest and I know we made few mistakes during our first time protesting…but in the end, we came out skyrocketing success more than expected( we had the world of Deafs on our backs in solitary)…boy, am i glad i got someone from my classmates got more white hairs than i do, ha

  • anonymous 17 years ago

    Joey, the video clip ofyours is excellent. It sure hit a chord, which got me thinking of what I can do even though being a very small fraction of the whole movement. Let me start HERE by telling you that I resent you saying that deaf of oral education do not succeed. Why keep on emphasizingthat rather than focusing on the world of the Deaf/deaf/hoh/CI deaf/deaf orals. I am a product of CID and haveembraced the Deaf world post graduation. I now have a deaf identity. I consider myself a success story. There are also many residential deaf failures who end up on SSI and depend on VR for assistance. I think it is time to STOP comparing manualism and oralism. It is time to START embracing diversity of the deaf.

    Unity for Gallaudet !!!!!

  • Nan 17 years ago

    Excellent presentation! I am deaf and I have not attended classes at Gally – growing up lipreading and speaking, and like, Jane, I learned to sign as an adult.

    I have talked to a number of folks, read letters posted on the Internet and read other published information. I agree with Joey, the leadership is lacking – and equally important – there is a break-down of COMMUNICATION.

    Technology and culture are evolving. When I King Jordan took office, CI and digital hearing aids were a dream . . . more deaf are enbracing technology Gally needs to evolve to accommodate folks who use ALS and those who use oral communication.

    Gone are the days where the deaf worked in the pressroom or factory. Most deaf seem to be working in the hearing world. The students need to learn to communicate in written English. Without communication skills in the common language in the USA, it is very difficult to succeed.

    Gally needs a president who has foresight, communication skills and leadership skills. It does not matter if this person is black, white, purple, – male or female – old or young – the person must be able to communicate and lead.

  • Susie Acosta 17 years ago

    Very powerful statement! The closing part gave me goose bumps! You are awesome! Thanks!

  • Eric S. Tomas 17 years ago

    I like your video presentation and agree with you! I fully support GU FSSA with demands that JKF to resign or be removed, reinstate presidential search, and no reprisals for protest participation. Gallaudet Faculty, Staff, and Students: Don’t Give Up!!!! We as alumnus are behind them.

    Unity for Gallaudet!!!!!

  • Brian Buckley 17 years ago

    Hey Joey, I need some help here. I am having hard time trying to to access for my says. Since the protest start. I have all the list of website, GuFussa, Deafread,, Deafnation. I have been trying to find a way for my says and I havent made one and I could not find access. Joey, can you help me here little bit or big. Thanks

    from Brian Buckley from Glen Burnie, MD Near BWI

  • Christopher 17 years ago

    Excellent Job, Joel !!! Thanks for sharing with us your lecture about “Failed Leadership at Gallaudet”!!!

  • Billy Clark 17 years ago

    Hello Everyone

    Whewwwwwww heyyyyyyy yessssssss big great and made it . oh love it . oh love it I love you hand ((((wave))). we are big succesful in our future.
    We will made the cartoon and animation soon for Gallaudet University.
    Hey some day I can go visit at Gallaudet University.
    My body spread feel good and chicken bubble ohhhhhhh.

    Thank you : )
    Billy Clark Tx

  • californiagirl 17 years ago

    I dont know what I can say about this video, but all I can say is AWESOME! My eyes wided and my mouth opened! VERY CLEARLY AND BEAUTIFUL SIGN! Now, I finally find something to describe what I notice on your video! hahaha. Keep it up! I am looking forward to watch next new video! *waiting* *patience* (smile)

  • Anna 17 years ago

    What Galluadet President really needed is truly
    !) Communicate
    2) Understanding
    3) Respectable
    4) Trust

    For Leadership to establishing Galluadet University.

  • paul 17 years ago


  • Vonne Gulak 17 years ago

    I may be a very late bloomer in giving a comment on this. You made some very clear points on what leadership really means. Another pointer: the true measurement of intellect is a person who asks questions. This means the questioner wants to learn & listen.
    Vonne Gulak.


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