Checking the Gates

Gallaudet Video (2 of 5) on October 25, 2006
Courtesy of DawnSignPress

We found out that the gate at Mt. Bison was forced open and welded with a metal chain to prevent it from being closed again. As a result, some students put up a blockade at the gate with their vehicles to prevent it from being accessible.

We hitched a ride over there with two of the student leaders. Ryan makes a very funny comment while driving, so be on the lookout for that! The police were present to see if they can help to resolve the dispute between students and DPS. Naturally, there were many media people swarming all over Mt. Bison. We got a hold of a rumor that the Kendall gate was to be cleared and we rushed right over. As you can see, during a protest, it’s not always clear what is happening and there is confusion that we had to deal with.

“These video clips are to give you a general feeling of what the day was like. There are a lot of hard to understand dialogue in these video clips. The signs are not always easy to understand but the urgency behind the protest is crystal clear. There will be more video clips that will show clear dialogue. What you are about to see is the gritty footage from the day.”


  • John Egbert 18 years ago

    Special Thanks to
    Jared Evans of DawnSignPress

    Please keep up your excellent work!

  • james utzman 18 years ago

    great job filming accident areas. . please film more. u will feel good for us who live out of gally campus smile

  • Jon Savage 18 years ago


    That was really nice to see DawnSignPress crew went from west to east coast!!!

    ** THUMB UP**

  • Tara E-'03 18 years ago

    Keep the good work up and keep all the world posted with what really is going on in the inside of Gallaudet!

    Golly, I was disgusted at one of the – I am not sure which, DPS or DC police got cocky with someone about doing his job and that he doesn’t cry when his glasses got broke. That’s dumb!

  • Indcherke 18 years ago I looked at that website movie of Deaf Mosaic DPN is big different 1988 and presently.

  • Lipstick 18 years ago

    Nice video visit to the “new Deaf order.” Thanks, Jared and DSP!


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