Afternoon Rally

Gallaudet Video (5 of 5) on October 25, 2006
Courtesy of DawnSignPress

There was a rally by the students to explain what happened that morning and how they felt about the whole thing.

“These video clips are to give you a general feeling of what the day was like. There are a lot of hard to understand dialogue in these video clips. The signs are not always easy to understand but the urgency behind the protest is crystal clear. There will be more video clips that will show clear dialogue. What you are about to see is the gritty footage from the day.”


  • Ginny Nyholm 17 years ago

    Mind-boggling!!! I had tears in my eyes when i watched the students’ hands (Ryan and Chris), especially with their powerful feelings towards PPD/DPS ….and I am so proud of the protesters and their self-control altogether in the light of the bulldozer tragedy! Wave***wave***wave***

  • Barinthus 17 years ago

    The closing comments by Ryan Commerson – *hands waving*

    A friend commented to me two days ago she was impressed that this has been a nonviolent protest on the anti-JK camp’s part. Traditionally student protests (this is not exclusively student protest) tend to be violent but not this one. You all deserve a huge applause and you can hold your heads high knowing you are better than the administration who have resorted to violence several times.

    Hang in there and do not give up the nonviolence aspect of the protest.

  • Tara E-'03 17 years ago

    Powerful messages! Stay strong and keep fighting! I am truly proud of you all protestor that are keeping things under control.

    Unity for Gallaudet (Gallaudet United Same)!!!!

  • WALTER LUIKART 17 years ago

    I was a student at Gally back in 1960 and am heartbroken to see the turmoil going on….been keeping close watch on all news and haven’t seen one word spoken about the money being spent on education and the costs are all paid by students…the students have their rights to speak up and let the BoT to understand where the money are coming from. Do the appropriate way to justify and ask JF to resign or things will never get any better….Gallaudet legacy will disappear without knowing and we need to protect the spirit of Gallaudet. To the BoT members: DON’T DELAY TOO LONG, ACT NOW FOR THE SAKE OF ALL GUFSSA AND THE LOYAL FRIENDS FROM EVERY DIRECTION.

  • stace 17 years ago

    this is definitely the most powerful film – i really felt like i was there, which i REALLY WISH I WAS! thank you, joey, and DSP, for giving us a glimpse into what is a very horrific situation. i know all of those civil rights leaders in our history are with you guys in spirit – lets STOP this madness and get what is right, get gally back!

  • Stephon 17 years ago

    you said galluadte untied… i am disagree.. i do believe we r toghter people who r deaf DEAF UNTIED SAME… THAT WILL MAKE SO POWER we support eash other…and fight for our rights!!!!!! TO MAKE KING AND B.T. OPEN (BLEEP) EYES AND SEE THE REAL!!


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