Human Chain Rally for FSSA in Austin

The Austin for FSSA had a Human Chain Rally at the state capitol on Sunday, October 8th.


  • Letter to JFK 18 years ago

    Allow me to remain anonymous for the time being; for I am e-mailing you to implore that you reason with the crisis at Gallaudet University. I have a few points to assert in this e-mail …


    “I remain committed to becoming the president of Gallaudet University. Although the current situation is serious, if I am abandoned my commitment at this point, which I have no intention of doing, it would only become worse for the University, in general, and future Boards of Trustees and presidents, in particular. We live in a country that is governed by the rule of law, not anarchy. All of us in the Gallaudet community must continue to be strong and adhere to the principles that have made Gallaudet University and our country great”


    Anarchy as defined is: a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority.

    I would like to first point out that there is a relationship between law and reason. As Aristotle and Saint Thomas Aquinas pointed out centuries ago:

    A law cannot exist without reason.

    The crisis at Gallaudet University is not to remove “governmental authority” from the University but rather to plead with you — to, unfortunately, tell you that they have no confidence in your skills to lead the University.

    This does not go to say that you are not an intelligent being with many qualifications … but to say that at THIS precise time, you are not the right person to take up the position as Gallaudet’s 9th president.

    As Thomas Aquinas stated in his Summa Theologica:

    “Now that which is the principle in any genus is the rule and measure of that genus: for instance, unity in the genus of numbers, and the first movement in the genus of movements. Consequently, it follows that law is something pertaining to reason.”

    Which simplistically says that the “law” has to be agreed upon and deemed reasonable to the majority of the people who “agree” to follow it.

    The majority … is not in favour of you becoming GU’s 9th president.

    One final point;

    “Reason has its power of moving from the will, as was stated aove; for it is due to the fact that one wills the end, that the reason issues its commands as regards things ordained to the end. But in order that the volition of what is commanded may have the nature of law, it needs to be in accord with some rule of reason. And in this sense is to be understood the saying that the will of the sovereign has the force of law; or otherwise the sovereign’s will would savour of lawlessness rather than of law.” — Thomas Aquinas

    Basically, if we want a law to stay valid then it must be based on reason. If the reason no longer is valid, then the law becomes lawless itself and the country is no longer a lawful country.

    Think about it … the community at Gallaudet University is not supportive of your appointment. The selection was not based on ‘reason.’

    IF you truly want the best for GU, resign. And continue as their provost … work with the students, work with the faculty, work with everyone who is at and/or outside of Gallaudet University. Implement goals and work toward those goals. You do not need to be the president of the University to do so.

    Obviously there is SOMETHING wrong with how you were selected. There is also something wrong with the “picture” at GU … you are not ‘wanted’ — as tragic and hurtful as it may seem, the right thing to do now is to resign and regain the respect of the community you claim to love.


  • Mark 18 years ago

    Hi there It is excited to watch some videos of Gally protest I can understand better and share updates with the world I am unable to open that video about Austin’s Deaf community Hope you can fix something to let us watch it


  • Mark 18 years ago

    Mark here again Yes success to open that video Whew! Fantastic video from Austin Thank you !

  • Judy 18 years ago

    Hey!!! Keep up the spirit….I am with you FSSA!!!! I have two DEAF grandchildren….who knows both or one of them will go to gally!!! its a MUST WIN situation….I am so proud of the Gally students…KEEP UP the good work and the SPIRIT. I am here for my precious DEAF grandchildren so do the rest of the supported people and the FSSA!!!!!

    Way to go!!!

    MAW of my 2 DEAF grandchildren


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