Review of “Resonare” by Mosdeux

Thanks to Chad and Wayne, I had an opportunity to review their new movie, “Resonare”, that will be released in few hours. Two special Deaf gentlemen continue to amaze us with their film work. Check my vlog for more thoughts. Enjoy!

Chad and Wayne, you rock!! Cant wait for ur next film already!


  • IamMine 18 years ago

    Ahhh, I can’t wait!!! 🙂

    This is also another great idea of getting the deaf community together to watch moseux movies and then have “discussions” afterwards! 😀

    Hail Hail the lucky ones, I refer to those bloggers who got to see previews!

    Yeah, would be nice to get more support for them (though I don’t see a problem on that, seeing that they are really awesome at what they do!) so we CAN see more of their films!

    Nice review, joey.

    ::two thumbs up::

  • Tiffany Besaw 18 years ago

    Hello, my name is Tiffany Besaw, and i really enjoy enter your interest, and i always watch each new video almost everyday and look what up new…so..i hope that i can see next video!!

  • Jonathan U. 18 years ago

    Thanks for info about Resonare. Already ordered it. I m looking forward for it. I hope there movie theathe are CHAMP!

  • Rachel Friedman 18 years ago


    As I have watched your part of Resonare a bit, and wanted to order this for sure.

    I support you 100 percent for all your thoughts and ideas into a wonderful movie. I will be always your consumer rest of my life!

    Southern Los Angeles,
    Rachel Judith Friedman

  • Rachel Friedman 18 years ago

    I wanted to add one more thing that I will be a big mouth about your great positive idea of making Resonare movie.

    Rachel Friedman

  • Jason 18 years ago

    Thanks for posting such educational vlogs! I’m learning so much from you and your posting!


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