Interview with Dr. Robert Davila

Courtesy of DawnSignPress (video 1 of 2)

Looking to the Future – Interview with Dr. Robert Davila, December 20, 2006: DSP staff were graciously allowed time with Dr. Robert Davila to talk about some of the first challenges and plans that faces his presidency.


  • Nick Vera 18 years ago

    Applause to Dr. Robert Davila! I can see the golden light of Tower Clock to shine a new beginning…..That made me tear. Thanks to DSP for their best effort to depict the vlogs.

  • Penny 18 years ago

    I like this interview. You have contributed to Deaf community for many years. God bless you, Dr. Davila. We should put red carpet everywhere you walk on because you deserve recognition and respect. 🙂

  • debby 18 years ago

    Gallaudet University Community is fortuantely to have Dr. Davila, who has lots of experience with governments, as teachers, and other fields. He also has shown how much he cherishes Gallaudet University, understands very well what it needs because it had been his home before, and be there for the Gallaudet University community when they need him. His time is short but I have confidence that he will do great job without IKJ before the 10th president comes. Also thank Joey for great job on his website.

  • Tara - Missouri 18 years ago

    Beautiful interview! I can see that he is to determine to get Gallaudet back to where it was at the beginning! I have this good feelings about this and know things will turn the table around and get back on the right track.


  • Kenton 18 years ago

    In respond to Brian’s comments (#6), I understand what you meant. But there is one HUGE difference between Dr. Davila and IJK/JKF: Dr. Davila shows HIGH RESPECT for the faculty (as shown in his support for shared goverance). This is important. Not only that, Dr. Davila really cares for the opinion of students (see how he was thrilled when the interviewer expressed his opinion at the end). I hope it’s a step in the right direction, and eventually we’ll have a president who uses ASL!

  • sir william 18 years ago

    it is his personality and style of 1950’s asl.
    six generations of my family – each of us have our own signing styles, even if we are mostly similar with our signs. my father’s is similar to dr. davilia’s style.when you get him one on one- he shall sign more “asl’ – down to earth?
    i think today’s asl is more stylish and crazy! ha.
    dr. davila needs to give a full info to all kinds of audience. often those with so-called good with asl but they cheat by having the voice interpreters. ha. vice versa. what’s the perfect asl. i am wondering now. my gosh.

  • Jerome Cain 18 years ago

    what an impressed!!! wish he can sign with his mouth shut because his mouth moving real annoyed me. wondered why? (curious)

  • deafk 17 years ago

    Robert Davilla has always been a very motivatior for higher education, especially at Galluadet Universtiy.

    I have seen him there while I was a student at Gally. I was impressed with him, and yet I am still impressed with him.

    I am glad he is the interim president at least.



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