“Many Ways to be Deaf”

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Panel discussion on “Many Ways to be Deaf”

“Dr. Fernandes is making much of her concept of the new order of deaf people. She insists that the protesters are militant Deaf people who are not ready to embrace the technology available to them and in fact, who reject and condemn those who decide to live without sign language or who decide to get cochlear implants. People such as Golan (Washington Post, 10/26/06) incorrectly assume the protesters are resisting a future where deafness is increasingly “fixable.” Dr. Fernandes’ supporters continue to insist that the protesters dislike her because she grew up speaking and learned sign language late in life. Nothing is further from the truth.”


  • Carl Schroeder 18 years ago


  • Ginny (Paja) Nyholm 18 years ago

    Awwww…..very RAW emotions from these incredible folks with CI!!!!

  • Tara E-'03 18 years ago

    Signless…speechless…I must say W-O-W!

  • IamMine 18 years ago


    Another person on hunger strike.

    Geez, Jane, step down so they can eat and for the University – excuse me – the whole world to start healing!

    Jane, had it been me – I would have walked up to the protesters on hunger strike and announce my resignation to them FIRST!

    You will earn respect for that.

  • Jennifer Hampton 18 years ago

    Fabulous panel…I could relate to this and I’m sure many other Deaf people will too. Thanks for putting this together. This will strengthen unity among Deaf people of various backgrounds.

  • Nancy M. Carroll 18 years ago

    Thank you CI users for sharing your stories. Much much appreciated! I love that you consider yourselves a part of the Deaf World regardless of technology. It’s all about the human soul.

  • marybeth Aquila 18 years ago

    WOW…. and it is so wonderful to sharing with us and it is all true.. we are appericate it very much …

    THank U and we are favoring on the protest….and praying for u all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

    MaryBeth Inman Aquila, Class of 75..

  • Kate (Hale) Vadakin 18 years ago

    After watching the video, I can’t agree more than what these people have said. I agree that it’s time for Jane Fernandes to resign.

    I feel disgusted by the actions of Dr. I. King Jordan because I graduated over 10 years ago under his Administration and I look at my graduation picture with disgust.

    I used to look up to him, I have not looked up to him for about 7-8 years because of what I’ve seen going on at Gallaudet. His legacy is gone, tarnished and he has tarnished the image of Gallaudet by his own actions.

    It truly breaks my heart. When I saw what Willis Mann said about Cochlear Implant, I understand better because I’ve been against the idea of having it since it was first developed. I still won’t get it, but I do understand why some Deaf people choose to have it.

    I’m truly signless, speechless and in awe of all the speeches by these 4 people. I applaud you all!

    Kate, Class of 1987 and 1996.

  • Cyn 18 years ago

    DEAF POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEAF POWER!!!!!
    DEAF POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEAF POWER!!!!!
    DEAF POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEAF POWER!!!!!

  • CodyMarie 18 years ago

    WOW! THese were very powerful…thank you for expressing your innermost souls. Also, kudos, Allen, I am SO proud of you! I would have to say there have been some good changes since camp…

  • Rachel Friedman 18 years ago

    Hello everyone!

    Jane Fernandes is and was completely CLUELESS about ASL and Deaf cultures. I SUPPORT Gallaudet University protest even I never was a student of Gallaudet University. ASL is a MUST for our Deaf children, and alllllll HEARING parents to learn and communicate with eachother freely.

    I applaud those Deaf students at Gallaudet to stand up and fight for our rights especially for those people who were arrested and sent to jail. I am PROUD of them.. I am WITH you!!

    I also appreciated those HEARING people willing to learn and use ASL with us. It is beautiful thing to do and break down all kinds of barriers we have in communciation.

    SMILE.. I am with you either HEARING, LATE Deaf, DEAF, any one who used cochlear implant to learn ASL!!! ASL is a pure language!!

    Rachel Judith Friedman

  • Lynn Drown 18 years ago

    You, rock on! You run for 2008 President?


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