Part 2: Leaving DeafRead

As promised, here is another vlog to follow up on my “Leaving DeafRead” vlog from yesterday which includes some further thoughts. I remain firm in my stance that DeafRead needs to step up and change as well as raise their own expectations and standards in order to protect our beloved Deaf community. I usually keep my vlogs to under three of four minutes, but this vlog is about 6 1/2 minutes long. I felt it necessary to make this one a little longer to be able to express my thoughts thoroughly. Thank you.

I also would like to refer my viewers to an excellent vlog by Tommy I watched last night about how we can restore proper ethics to the blogosphere by showing each other respect. He also explains why certain critics and hecklers need to stop using loaded terms and stop taking “cheap shots.”

Check it out as well!


  • Tom Murillo 16 years ago

    I agree with Joey. We need to take the responsibility for the Deaf community. We need to unity with everyone. The negative or without constructive messages will not be tolerated.

  • David 16 years ago

    You said it Joey. What you said is what many people feel. I still say that I hope Sprint withdraws their sponsorship of Deafread. The editors need to wake up and save their sinking ship. There are so many people that have told them for months and months that people are fed up and want stricter guidelines but they won’t listen. Sure hope they listen now.

  • DeafThumbsupLopez 16 years ago

    Hey Joey,

    Oh really, you are leaving DeafRead. Oh No Way!!
    I really do not want you to leave because you always have such positive comments and great,strong political points and know everything about Deaf Education. You are best! Perfect. Of course you are smarter Bush, no joke. Oh darn, I hope that you relax for awhile and have a great summer vacation in Hawaii. Of course, I will keep looking for in DeafRead. I really respect you. Thumbs up!!!
    Bobby Lopez, Class of 1983 in TSD.

    Hey Hey
    DeafRead. Joey Baer 95 percent
    President. George W. Bush 25 percent

  • Judge 16 years ago


  • SGS 16 years ago

    There actually are two types of blogspheres — the blogs that are moderated and those that are un-moderated. Most of the un-moderated ones intends to be very personal — an individual’s own blog. True, they could say whatever they want on their own blogs, and they could delete any comment, at their own discretions. But most of the “professional” blogs (,,, and so on) have their own terms that the contributors of the posts and commenters must comply with. There also are many blogs that have some significance (more than 1,000 view a day), which do provide the flagging feature, where an viewer could click on if s/he has any objection to the comment/post. Once an entry is flagged, the moderator would then check it and verify that it is not appropriate. The moderator could delete it with a warning to the person. If that person abuse his/her privilege, he could be banned from the site. In other words,the claim of “like them hearing people” does not hold any water. Sorry, bubba.

    And, Joey, you are right, DeafRead indeed can do more to ensure their site is appropriate and impartial, since it definitely resides in the same type of blogsphere as those major blogs. It has gone beyond the personality of an individual to that of the community, the deaf community.

    DeafRead, I would urge you to investigate other “community” blogs and see how they deal with some troubles your viewers have experienced with your site.

  • Marcus Jaboneta 16 years ago


    Good job on your latest vlog. (Hands waving) I would like to say several things.

    In an age of cynicism about deaf community, this cannot be emphasized too strongly.

    In my opinion, that is our top priority, particularly against the background of growing cynicism in the sector over the lack of progress on unity. We cannot progress on our major goal with the cynicism.

    Being cynical will lead them to be depressed, anger, and collapsed. It is suffering our deaf world and it is time to focus on this situation. Cynicism has been around for a long time and it have to be stopped!



  • jms 16 years ago


    You are correct. While bloggers/vloggers have the freedom of speech, they also have responsibilities when posting their thoughts, comments, and whatnots.

    I just made a vlog recently, and the reason why I haven’t post them on is because it is eight minutes long. Too long and it needed to be redone and break it into two parts – one is a story and the other is “helpful tips” focusing on interpreters who work on video relay.

    This is an example of posting vlog/blog responsibly.

    I have no idea exactly what happened on DeafRead but based on my experiences in the past; slanders, finger-pointing, cutting remarks are very hurtful and can create permanent damages. It is not worth it.

    Our community, while it is diverse, requires work. Just like any relationships, we need to come together, stick together through thick and thin.

    I hope that in time, the wounds will heal and that you can come back out. 🙂

  • Rocky Finley 16 years ago

    You said it all.
    Hope someday Deafread will considererate to improve their system !

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    Anon (#8)

    I still strongly feel that DeafRead can control which v/blogs to publish, don’t they? It is very clear that some people out there are trying to hurt one or other. So far, two editors told me that they felt very awkward and thought something needs to be done within DeafRead team. Let’s give them some time and see what they will do next. If not, we can simply move on.

    It has been unbelievable how many direct emails I received in past 36 hours with so much support. All of them are not too happy with what is happening over there and they hope DeafRead team will do something to increase their expectations and standards.

    The number of viewers is not an issue for me. I will stick to my principles and do my best. My words eventually will go out I know. I am simply in other room and the door is unlocked.

  • Resposne to Anon #8 16 years ago

    Anon (#8)

    You need to take a class in the law, because you are missing the very simple and obvious point, which is that it is OK for a group or an organization or a metablog to have a specific MISSION.


    In fact, if Deaf Read decides to adopt a specific mission to advance the cause of Deaf culture, then that is SUPPORTED by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, and that would be a good example of USING free speech in a good way.

    In other words, the First Amendment protects their ability to do that in order to support the causes that they believe in. They want to attract bloggers to their metablog who agree with the same mission and who will support it (if they decided to do that.)

    Anyone who doesn’t like the mission can use their free speech to start a different metablog or a different group.

    THAT is the true meaning of free speech

    Your comment about the novel “1984” is way, way off the point and inapplicable. You are confusing action by the government with actions by private groups or private individuals.

  • PR 16 years ago

    Yes, Joey, I’m one of those bloggers and vloggers who left DeafRead a long time ago.

    I have so much respect for Patti Durr. Prof Durr was one of the few great supporters who encouraged me as I tried to take ASL Community Journal off the ground…but the effort to run it required intensive effort and time consuming especially when I’m not a computer whiz.

    With the climate at Deaf Read then, I reached at the point where I simply had to prioritize… I decided that I was quite uncomfortable with those downright rude remarks approved on DR. Not only that, but I also couldn’t maintain ASLCJ by myself with few supporters.

    See, many professional journals would not publish such articles that the human editors at DeafRead usually approved. For many, it had been emotionally draining when a vlogger or blogger tried to stand up day after day.

    Also, it is not fair for us to expect Joey or Durr to be the only role models. All of us should be working together and strive only for the best. It’s fine to disagree and provide constructive criticism. It’s even courteous to agree to disagree. Listen to everybody’s point of view, consider, discuss, and share our point of views.

    Now on the issue of considering everybody’s point view, Mayer, you told Joey that you understood why he left Deaf Read. I would like to know, what do you do about the problem we are talking about? Do you only listen to your subscribers harassing out in the open, and completely ignore hundreds of people behind the closed door? I wonder, the only way you can to maintain the high visits at DR is to foster the “Enquire” mentality? From my perception, you appear to care more about quantity over quality, aren’t you?

  • Mohandas Gandhi 16 years ago

    “You have to be the change that you want to see in the world.”

    Mohandas Gandhi.

  • moi 16 years ago


    I have to concur with the premise that DeafRead is unsafe. I’ve all but stopped blogging publicly because the atmosphere is just too toxic.

    So yes, in a way, I’m one of those bloggers who left DeafRead too, even though I haven’t asked for my feed to be removed from their roster.

    I’ve read Tayler’s statement about how all of us need to take responsibility. I agree, and I try to do my part by remaining firm in the belief that people can say what they want – they can agree with me, they can disagree with me, whatever, but they need to remain respectful toward everyone if they want their thoughts to appear on my blog. I wish all bloggers took this responsibility seriously and insisted on respectful dialogue, even when there is a lot of dissent.

    However, I do not feel that the DeafRead editorial team has lived up to its responsibility to create a safe environment. Their inconsistency and bending of their own guidelines has contributed to this situation, as well as certain bloggers, vloggers, and commenters. I still cannot believe they have let posts attacking individuals through.

    I feel bad for Tayler and the team, though. No matter what they do, they get criticized. I can understand that. I admire Tayler and Jared for establishing DeafRead – that is just awesome. However, I seriously believe the team needs to re-evaluate everything, revamp their guidelines, and ensure that all editors are on the same page – no, the same LINE – when it comes to what is OK and isn’t for the front page.

    One thing that bugs me about Tayler’s announcement is that it is almost impossible to respond to his post. You have to be logged in to comment. Log in to what, I still haven’t figured out. This has the unfortunate effect of shutting down a lot of the dialogue that Tayler could be having with members of the online community he created. If he wants to disallow anonymous comments (which has pros and cons), he could use OpenID, which allows people to use their blog accounts from any platform, their AIM screen names, and other online identities. I would have commented there if not for that, and it’s unfortunate that we can’t talk directly to him on this forum. Tayler, if you’re reading this, I hope you consider this. I know it must be so hard to deal with what is happening, but we need to be able to talk to you directly.

    Kudos to you for standing up for your principles. We need to support each other, the DeafRead team, and people in our community – while demanding positive changes and accountability from the DeafRead team and from every one of us who blogs and/or comments in DeafBlogLand, while respecting diverse viewpoints – even if we disagree. I’m all for freedom of speech and freedom to have diverse opinions, but with that freedom comes responsibility.

  • John Critser 16 years ago

    Responsibility to hold the Deaf community together is a big hat to wear, but doable.

    Guess who’s not doing the job?


  • Karen Mayes 16 years ago

    Just letting you know that after comment o. 99 on your “Leaving DeafRead” posting is all blacked out and I am unable to read any more comments… does anyone notice it also?

  • Dean 16 years ago

    Hi Joey,

    I can understand why you had to leave the DeafRead. I was browsing and found Ellen’s message very inspiring and would love to share it with you. Here it is:

    From: Ellen (
    Subject: Richard….I understand your point…..
    Date: July 15, 2008 at 3:59 pm PST
    In Reply to: Re: I posted by Richard on July 15, 2008 at 10:32 am:

    For myself, what you call judgment, I call discernment. To me, judgment and discernment are 2 different things. For me – discernment might look like this: That stop sign is red. The stock market fell 400 points today. Joe Blow appears to me to embody a pattern of lying and stealing.

    Judgment, for me, carries a spirit of condemnation and cursing. It might look like this: I hate Joe Blow. He’s so ——- dishonest, that lousy, low down son of a —–. What a loser. He’s polluting the friggin world.

    These are two very different spirits. One of them is very destructive, and unnecessary to the creation of beauty, order, truth and fulfillment.

    My perception anyway.

    Personally, over the years, I’ve stopped fighting with distortions as much as I used to. I sort of cottoned on to the fact that when I got riled up about circumstances and people who were less than clear, kind, loving, shall we say, I was feeding them, and feeding their distortions. When I really got that, I started more and more just walking away from that which I didn’t want to feed and grow, and giving more attention, energy and articulation to that which I did want to see grow.

    I have found it works.

    That’s why I would never get involved in “fighting” drugs, or “fighting” cancer. The energy of fighting anything actually grows it. Personally, I’d rather feed what is right and true, and let what isn’t just fade into oblivion. And it does…..if we don’t feed it. My experience, anyway/

    With love,




    Who would need to keep up with poorly managed DeafRead after all when you have your own subscription list for us folks to keep up with you and your great crusade going on for the thriving Deaf Community.

    High Five :-))


  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    Karen (#17) – Thanks for spotting the “problem” – will follow up on that. Thanks!

  • Sandra Goldstein 16 years ago


    I left my long message on your yesterday’s Vlog site.

    I am not a deafread fan but I do read some of Vloggers.

    Deafread editors cannot please every reader. You should discuss with editors and suggest them to improve or give them constructive criticisms in order to improve deafread instead of announcing that you left Deafread. Why bother to announce leaving Deafread. This is an encourgaement to the Vloggers to follow you. It causes divisions.

    It is so sad to see that Deaf way.

    Talk with the editors and have a petition from all Vloggers to find a replacement with the current editors. If the editors won’t step down , then have all Vloggers leave deafread. Establish new name such as Deafsee. It is not an easy task. You can lead…urge all Vloggers to leave deafread unless deafread editors agree not to include destructive criticisms. It would be a good bargain to make a compromise…no destructive criticisms period! If the editors want them, then have a petition of all Vloggers to replace them with new editors or establish a new group called deafsee.

    Sandra Goldstein

  • debby 16 years ago

    Joe, I agree with your philosophy. True, the deaf community needs you and your support. Hope DeafRead will agree with you.
    Bob Dillman, you used to be a photography teacher at Texas School for the Deaf?

  • Elizabeth 16 years ago

    Hi Joey,

    My heart goes out to you and everybody who withdrew from Deafread. I hope you will find peace within. Stay strong and please do keep blogging/vlogging.

    Joey, you came at a critical time and people are listening to you. That is what we need you here for!

    This really got me thinking. Did you know that the internet and the media in China is monitored by their government? Discussions leading to student protests, upheavals or negative news reports objecting to the wrongdoing of their government is not allowed on their internet or their media. Opposing Chinese people can go to jail if they speak up or plan activities that are not acceptable in their government’s eyes. This limits the political rights of their people to discuss or advocate for positive changes to improve the lives of the Chinese people.

    As Americans, we are lucky to have the freedom to speak our minds and choose what we want to see on the internet. The only problem we have with the internet is what is the REAL TRUTH? Unfortunately, we will always have to question everything we read or see on the internet. We have the power to decide what we want and what we do not want to see on the internet.

    It has been very painful to see the things appearing on Deafread. The question is what is the source of your pain that brought you to your decision to leave Deafread? Is it what or how it is being said?

    I agree that it has been painful to see what the bloggers/vloggers and the commenters had to say against each other. If Deafread banned those blogs/vlogs, will we be able to see both sides of the argument? We cannot have positive dialogue if we do not have opposing views to look at on the table. How can we have constructive dialogue if we don’t have the truth on the table to discuss?

    Where do the Deafread editors or their guidelines come in here? Deafread empowered us with the option to customize our own Deafread page. Obviously, that is not the issue here. Do you feel that their human editors are biased? If you are referring to Amy and MZ, the ones who came forward expressing their concerns and experience with DBC that started the dialogue about the problems with their organization. I can see where they can be viewed as “biased” human editors. Is it what they said in their blogs/vlogs about DBC that concerns you? Or is it letting negative blogs/vlogs bashing other people (how it is said) go on DR’s front page that is your concern?

    Hopefully, we can continue open dialogue to bring positive change to Deafread because it is an unique time (and RARE opportunity!) for the Deaf community to come to one place to discuss everything from all angles. Think about the deaf people in other countries in the world who have limited rights (and abilities) to express their views and limited resources to support their education. This has severely limited their ability to speak their minds and make positive advancements to their own deaf communities.

    People, lets choose our battles carefully. This is a critical time for the deaf community to come together on a national or worldwide level to make positive changes for deaf people all over the world. As Americans we have taken our freedom and rights for granted. We are so lucky to have what we have here in America to support our needs. The last thing we want is censorship! Please put yourself in the shoes of people on both sides of the table. Please bring only the truth to the table. Please think twice about what you want to say — how it is being said and will positive/constructive dialogue come out of what you have to say?

    Again, my heart goes out to Joey and everybody who made the decision to leave Deafread. Please stay strong, not for yourself but for the deaf babies and deaf people around the world who do not have what we have.

    Like JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” I would like to say the same for the deaf people here in America and around the world.

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    To some of commenters above who shared their thoughts that I may contribute to division. I humbly disagree with that assessment because I did NOT and WILL NEVER leave my beloved Deaf community. Did I?  I will continue my vlogs that will contribute to Deaf people and community.

    It is becoming more clear that MANY people do not agree with DeafRead\’s practices and I am very sad that DeafRead continue to point the fingers to vloggers/bloggers.  I also just cannot support what they have done in last few months. So I thought it would be best for me to stay away from DeafRead and remain focused on what I have done and will do.  In all, I am leaving a small portion of the Deaf community, DeafRead. 

    Please remember that many people left DeafRead before me and does that mean they contribute to the division as well? I do not think so because I know those who left continue their work locally.

    Think Globally, Act Locally! That\’s what I elect to do.

  • Clyde 16 years ago

    Joey: excellent post

    I usually post anonymously, due to the fact I do not want to be pulled into mud-slinging.

    now I am in support of the people in the room that are in the same room as you..

    I am in support of also.

    I agree with what says that blog comments are NOT their responsibility.

    I cannot allow deafread to POLICE the deaf people v/blogs.

    the MAJOR thing that needs to be fixed, is I will admit right here, right now 2 Editors should/must be removed.

    an Editor should/shall be neutral, unbiased and above all.

    These two editors approve blogs to be posted on the front page, then go back to their blogs/vlogs and feed fuel to the fire, which in my mind is WRONG, and then deafread is liable for all comments posted in relation to the stories that OTHER people post, because those two editors have poured gasoline on the issue, AND they also should be BARRED FROM POSTING ON OTHER PEOPLE’S V/BLOGS COMMENT SECTIONS.

    if they refuse, I strongly suggest deafread to find new editors to approve posts to be posted on deafread, in main page, extras, or anywhere.

    There are more, but I feel the above is a pressing issue in cleaning up

    I feel the audience focus of deafread is being driven away, mainly because of a FEW rogue deaf people that are upset they cannot participate in deafread, or the deaf community. Those people go out form their own groups and everything they think fits their groups, we Deaf people decide to think ‘lets join’ and are driven away again with their rules, and requirements. I will admit I dont see Deaf people dwelling on this issue, but I dont understand why the other group is doing this on a constant basis.

    They’re doing what they claim that we’re doing…

    I feel its time for some of the deaf people to decide where they belong.

    I feel the BIG issue is

    sorry – to say

    Deficit Thinking, lack of deafhood, and many other things that affect those people who constantly bash on the v/bloggers

    thanks for letting me have my say, I feel I will be smashed on, squatted on, stompped on sometimes soon.. might as well now, than keeping my thoughts to myself forever, which is not healthy.

    deafread does not NEED you, you do not NEED deafread, but the door is open for you to return, I applaud that, but the door is extremely heavy, and hard to pull open.

    we need deafread, the signing community, top open open this large and heavy door.

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    Elizabeth (#22),

    Thanks for your thoughts and to answer your question on why I left DeafRead.

    1) DeafRead team approving some v/blogs that are harmful to our own Deaf people. I can understand that the comments are beyond their control but they can easily disapprove some v/blogs that they knew it would initate the anger among our own Deaf people.

    2) Some DeafRead editors who are very active with their own personal blogs should not be part of the team. As I explained in my vlog, it is perfectly ok for them to be very active with their own personal blogs but to serve on DeafRead team, they clearly become more baised. They are not neutral as they claimed.

    I hope this answered your question? 🙂

  • Michelle 16 years ago

    I am agree with you, Joey. Today, School has problem with bully children and want to improve. Same thing with adult. Children are look their parents or adult a lot. NO Matter hearing/deaf or race. We must stay with good feel and keep unity strong than let everything fall apart with poor teamwork!

    You are doing right way. Other people will look you up and others too.


  • Sheri A. Farinha 16 years ago

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify your position. I understand better where you are coming from now. I did wonder abt the conflict of interest a long time ago.
    Perhaps changes will begin to take place on Deafread. Time will tell.

    All of us need to take responsibility when discussions/debates take place to make it a healthy one instead of insults and ugliness. Good to see that some have apologized. I’ve been trying to do my part in asking people to be civil in their dissents. I still feel your role as a moderator, can help model healthy discussions, without taking sides. Sometimes we learn more from people who disagree with us than not. Stay unlocked and Stay positive,

  • NavyBeagle 16 years ago


  • Eyefang 16 years ago

    DeafRead undoubtedly has lived up to its reputation and purpose: that is, to facilitate a no-holds barred website in which the freedom of speech is the undeniable principle of DeafRead to promote, encourage, or even endorse a variety of ideas.

    That, precisely, is why DeafRead is to be no longer. To create, yes, even with a blatant negation of deficit thinking, negative ideological perspectives, or anything that is offensive to the coherent, cohesive, and collective “Deaf” way in the spirit of bilingualism–is essential and crucial in the formation of what the “Deaf” community we all truly know to be. DeafRead has continued to fail in providing or enabling that significant necessity in the “Deaf” community. That goes not without saying that Taylor himself did attempt a feature called “DeafSide”, but the flaw was simply that it had a strong connotation to a contextual atmosphere immediately reminiscent of DeafRead.

    A new, healthy website aggregator where the sole spirit of bilingualism can really grow to reflect that which we all know to be symbolic or demonstrative of the “Deaf Community”–is strongly recommended. DeafRead’s time is past approaching its end and its purpose quickly a thing of ancient times.

    But, let us all be reminded that it did one thing that is crucial: to recognize the Need. What need? The need for unity and the need to protect that Unity for which the “Deaf” community stands, for that which the “Deaf” community must acquiesce or acknowledge as the essential truth:

    Unity for Bilingualism.

    To a new, healthy future,


  • Chriz 16 years ago

    Thanks for an excellent narrative to your rationale for leaving Deaf Read. What you said resonates with how I felt about Deaf Read. Not only vloggers and bloggers, but viewers, such as I, had become dismayed with what I was getting out of Deaf Read, and had lost confidence that I would be able to gain insights, appreciate stories or humor, or participate in healthy dialogues from Deaf Read in a way that would lead towards a stronger and more unified community.

    Thank you, also, for taking a stand on this issue and explaining your reasoning. I hope that the end result is that this will help all of us as vloggers, bloggers, commenters, viewers, and the Deaf Read team take a step back and reconsider how we can all take responsibility for a more cohesive aggregate and move forward from here.

  • Nita 16 years ago

    Well-SIGNED!! 🙂 I second you! (waving hands)

    We MUST unite and present an united front to the hearing community in order to get them to provide what we need. Otherwise, they’ll take advantage of our divided sides, even though they may not do it on purpose.

    Please everyone, LISTEN to Joey Baer and others and respect everyone’s opinions & feedbacks as a deaf community!!

  • observer 16 years ago

    Joey, I’ve been thinking about your saying many people are in that room with you. You are so right. Many bloggers and vloggers just …stopped, and I had noticed. I think what makes you and Patti “so important” is the fact that you guys ANNOUNCED that you were leaving.

    I really hope this helps the DeafRead team re-think what they’re doing, because they have to take some responsibility and stop this hands-off approach. It is very possible to balance their desire to let people speak freely with ethical moderating.

  • observer 16 years ago

    What’s more, the fact that so many have left DeafRead should serve as a wake-up call for the nasty bloggers and commenters plus the DeafRead editorial team. When so many leave, that sends a powerful message. I hope at least some of those who have already left will speak up publicly and explain why. This will help provide positive pressure for meaningful change.

  • PR 16 years ago

    Re: post #22

    Constructive criticisms are fine, I don’t have any problems with bloggers and vloggers discussing about the issue itself. However, when it comes to approving those blogs and vlogs that insult, degrade, and badmouth others. These are what I draw a line. Common courtesy is a must. Unfortnately, DR human editors throw out the principles of ethics, professional, and common courtesy. DR becomes more like a combination of the Enquirer, Raw Boxing, and Jerry Springer. A constant diet of these mentalities is enough to drive away the quality bloggers and vloggers.

    When a deaf tries to get a job, anyone can easily check his or her background by looking through DR. Unfortunately, participating in DR is not a good reference for any deaf individual. I’m sorry to say but it is a matter of fact.

  • Professional 16 years ago


    I propose you and other Deafl bloggers/vloggers to form a community blogsphere. The reason is popular because it made it easier for people to view other blog/vlogs instead hopping around the Internet.

    If there is no other community blogsphere for the Deaf, this blog/vlog’s effect/impact may wane.

    I beg you, Joey, consider this proposal! 🙂

  • Tara 16 years ago

    Well signed! I agree with your philosophy after I have been reading in DR for quiet while and I don’t see anyone take up the responsibilities of each of their own action. Not to finger pointing to a specific blogger or Vlogger and it’s altogether, our duty to take up our own responsibilities. That goes the same for inside and outside Deaf community.

  • John Critser 16 years ago

    DeafRead is not the Deaf community, just a small portion of it, as Joey Baer says. WE are the Deaf community!

    Leaving DeafRead just shows we take control of our Deaf community without being polarized by people who try to divide us. The team at DeafRead has a responsibility to turn DeafRead into more of a safe ground.

    But those agressors will always come back, even if we form another community blogsphere. It’s the more effective system we have to put into place. The only way it can work is to have a team of monitors/editors who are willing to block out the divisive aggression.

  • David Burch 16 years ago

    Amen! Deaf people need to be be self controlled in what they say and do. Bravo,Joey! Insults and backstabbing hurts everyone! Wisdom in saying and acting is vital to bring the deaf community together.

  • jennie 16 years ago

    I do agree with your reasons for leaving deaf read. Yes, we do have the right to “freedom of speech and the right to free press”; however, its a place for a person to voice his/her voice. its not a place for name calling or insults to happen. Yes, we have a right to agree to disagree, but it a rightful tone; to listen and respect each others; isn’t that part of learning?!?

    i did enjoying reading deaf read back when it first came out, over the last year, i lost motivation to even check the site; its in a 360 degree direction; it seems you cant have a healthy “blogging” with the insults happening.

    I do see and understand your reason for leaving deaf read, quite frankly, I don’t blame you.

    It also seems that the “mission” to why deaf read was created in the first place has been lost along the lines and over the last year or so.

    Honestly, since I don’t read deafread anymore, I first saw the “news” on teri’s vlog, did some back tracking on deaf read, saw the whole picture.

    Funny, if a newspaper says something incorrect or falsely accuse of someone in their articles; they could be open to a lawsuit……but yet they are careful how they get their point across and can still have a direct open dialogue with their consumers.

  • cnkatz 16 years ago

    I like Sheri’s comment which reflected what was inside me when watching the 2nd part. Joey, now I see your view better as if we are in same room and we had a good chat.

    It is not locked – your emphasis was a bit heavier in this, good . . .

    video in internet is here to stay – and the deaf community will undergo changes led by new inspired people like those now in the blogworld and in the future.

    You continue your exemplary work on your website(s) which contribute to the increasing usage of blog/websites in the deaf community.

  • moebius 16 years ago

    Can we really expect a group of volunteer editors to have a standard of responsibility in their duties equal to the professional blogsites run by the major media, i.e., etc?

    They’re doing it in their own free time, you know, giving up time they could otherwise probably prefer to spend relaxing and enjoying recreational activities.

  • Penny 16 years ago


    I respect your decision for leaving Deafread. I am glad that you are still keeping us in your subscription list. Thank you. I do want you to come back but I understand where you are coming from.

    My last comment was rejected from Deafread which did not surprise me. They have the tendency to ask viewers for feedback but we always get spit at our faces. They pretend to listen to us. Deafread wanted to give good impression to the world how professional they are to us. However, they wish to maintain their dictatorship. Editors/Moderators should always stay neutral and should NOT be active in their blog or vlog. It is conflict of interest. They are intelligent people and they know what they do is very wrong. They refused to admit it. I look forward to seeing a new website with neutral moderators and have all bloggers/vloggers from different background to come, share and respect each other. Deafread don’t have those qualities. I hope something will come up for our community soon.

    Glad you are not leaving us. You are like a Moses to us, smile. I gotta buy you a rod so that you can use it to get us to come forward. Smile. I have noticed that I used some biblical names for some leaders like you. John Egbert is my God…David E is my Saul/Paul, Ella is my mother Theresa. I will think of others later. Hey! I am just being funny here to light things up. 

  • Cynthia K 16 years ago


    I read many of the postings. Anon. #8 felt the need to tell you about freedom of speech. That may be true, but what about common human decency.

    Why do we, Deaf or not, feel the need to demean others in order to make one self feel better. Why are some Deaf better than others? They’re not. We’re all humans, we’re all created EQUAL.

    I totally support you and Patti in leaving DeafRead. I’ve left too. I will wait to see if they bring up their standards or not.

    Thanks to you and Patti for sharing with us all!

  • carol mullinix (Oswald) 16 years ago

    Agree with you 100%. If that person had problem with that person. need talk or discuss with person. and don’t ever front public make people feeling ashamed or lousy. Rather one by one discuss. i hope you know what i mean??


    by carol

  • Sandra 16 years ago

    I totally agree with you. I totally understand how you feel. I totally love DeafRead and that kind of mess cannot continue. I am glad you have said something about it and it seems that DeafRead is actually doing something about it such as taking responsibilities on how vloggers and bloggers make comments on other people. It can be based on their own opinions however being harsh on people is not apporiate. Secondly, I totally agree with you that I do not wish DeafRead portait deaf community like that. I want to see Deaf community grow into an intellgent group of people not a group of people that makes a fool out of themselves. I’d be embarrassed. Once again, thank you for your opinion and once again I respect your decision alas it’s sad to see you leave. I’ll subscribe your site! Although, suppose DeafRead has done something about this situation and true biz improve their responsibilties on “being harsh on other people or making harsh comments”, will you come back? Like you said, your door is unlocked. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • enaid1434 14 years ago



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