Reflections on Nyle DiMarco’s DWTS Mirror Ball Trophy

By Barb Wifi


  • Judy 8 years ago

    That’s true
    I’m so happy that Nyle won twice trophies this year
    God knows everything about deaf community to be success


  • Ginny Seaton 8 years ago

    Congrats Nyle. God is proud of u … As u final won this dancer with the stars. Cuz God made your body that u has fleets and legs and feeling also eyes to see also ears. You can moving any thing on this dancer. Deaf can be amazing thing. To show the hearing people’s that we can do any thing. No matter if u can’t hear. U can do it and u are brave to face the world… Congrats again. I think u are so amazing. God blessings your heart.


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