Super Bowl Mania!!

Yea, Super Bowl is around the corner!


  • Cobra 16 years ago

    I’m very VERY execited about Superbowl game.. GO GO NY GIANTS! I am support PEPSI!

    Redskins oh pls….. My fans is Carolina! I went to Redskins 4 times football. Very nice place! Thanks for sharing!

  • John Critser 16 years ago

    Hi Joey! Nice Redskin’s cap, BTW, sorry to see Coach Gibbs leave as Head Coach due to family obligations.

    My choice as winner of Super Bowl?


    Why? Since Tom Brady, Patriot’s QB, is a bay area native?

    Becuz! Last year Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl, now this year his younger brother Eli Manning has a chance to win the Super Bowl! It’s fun to see a sibling tandem win successive Super Bowls two years in a row!

    Plus I do not want the NE Patriots become greater than my BELOVED SF 49ers, I am a huge, huge, and huge 49ers fans. Move aside, Patriots!

    HEY! What do you think of the 49ers brass retaining Mike Nolan as coach? And, what do you think of the Niner’s choice of Mike Martz as the new offensive coordinator?

    Want my opinion?

    If the players like Nolan and respect him inside the clubhouse, then he should stay on as coach. But this year Nolan has to prove himself, or he is out.

    As for Martz, we need him! He will make us forget the words “conservative play calling” as if it never was! We just need Shaun Hill to brush Alex Smith aside and back to the bench, and start some games for us. Former offensive coordinator Hostler was horrible, or too conservative.

    We need some better wide receivers, not just possession guys. We need guys who will kiss the end zone, like as if the WR was kissing the pope’s ring. I hope the 49ers grab Bengal’s Chad Johnson, the blazing fast WR who beat a horse in a footrace, in the free agency.

    Backkkk to the NY Giants, I feel the defense will go after Brady to test his mobility due to his recent mild ankle injury. Brady has to release the ball quickly in order to have any chance of winning.

    Eli, he is just a young brother of Peyton’s, but he gets the job done! Kudos!

  • TAR 16 years ago


  • DE 16 years ago

    Probably the most “Deaf” SuperBowl EVER! I am getting caught up in the excitement even though I don’t watch football… shows that Deaf people bring so much to the world!!!! 🙂


  • Cousin Vinny 16 years ago

    Disclaimer; I\’m a Miami Dolphins fan. That said, I support New England Patriot\’s quest for perfection. There is definitely room for another perfect team to join the \’72 squad, and I hope it will happen.Thank you for letting us all know about the video clip, \”Jamaal, My Son\”. I will look forward to watching it, but not during the game! 🙂

  • deafk 16 years ago

    To Joey, thanks for bringing the spirits of Super Bowl!! 😀

    To DE, true, true… not think of that until now… 😉


  • Marcus J. 16 years ago

    Hope all is well and life is treating you fabulous.

    I believe that Super Bowl is holiday. Families and friends get together for Super Bowl. Everyone wears his or her football gears to show pride, cheer, eat, drink, and socialize together. I have to say, “Thank God, we have Super Bowl!”

    I am rooting for the Patriots. Tom Brady is from San Mateo, CA and we grew up together in the Peninsula area. His parents are friend with my parents. We used to attend to his games at Serra High School in San Mateo, CA. Therefore, my hometown supports him. Go Patriots!

  • Bernard Bragg 16 years ago

    Heartfelt congrats to all of you on a job well done!


  • deafkathy 16 years ago

    A MUST to watch those two stories (TV commerial and Sprint’s video clip) on this very special day along with SUPERBOWL game. I have been, as always, on Seattle Seahawks but this time they didnt make it to Superbowl so Im rooting for NY Giants, know why? NE Patriots’ not a honest team!
    Seattle’s 12th fan is backing the NY Giants for Superbowl game this coming Sunday…
    Thank you Joey for sharing the two special brief shows for us.

  • Michael Beykirch 16 years ago

    Through personal experience or a knowledge of Deaf history, or both, your viewers such as Mr. Bragg will relate to the following account of the school that Captain Richard Pratt founded in 1879, the man who was the pioneer of Native American education in our country:

    “From the beginning, children [at the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania] were left in no doubt that they were to be stamped with a new identity. When they arrived, as well as receiving new ‘American’ names, the boys had their hair cut (often a deeply traumatic experience, because in many tribes long hair symbolized manhood) and were forced to put on stiff uniforms, while the girls were squeezed into Euro-American dresses. Pupils then quickly had to adapt to a strict, quasi-military regime, under which — in addition to learning English, US history and other ‘American’ subjects — the boys were drilled like army recruits and the girls were taught the domestic skills thought appropriate for ‘civilized’ wives (and servants). They were forbidden to speak their own languages, and all mention of their Native American background was discouraged.

    . . . . Native American schoolchildren were thrown into a hostile universe in which everything that made them what they were was systematically ridiculed and condemned. Not surprisingly, many did not survive — and many who did survive were scarred for life by the experience.”
    “The Earth Shall Weep: A History of Native America,” by James Wilson

    Perhaps what your viewers will relate to less is the account of Anna Mae Aquash, whose hands the FBI had chopped off of her murdered body in 1976. As Steve Hendricks points out in his book “The Unquiet Grave, “The agents who sent Aquash’s hands to Washington [for identification] were working in a long tradition. In four of the New World’s five centuries, frontier capitals had paid bounties for Native body parts in proof that their owners had been exterminated. As a grisly byproduct, scalps and hands, ears and genitals became trophies in the saloons and on the saddle horns of the Americas. Even in 1976, when Aquash was dismembered, the museums of civilized North America displayed the skeletons and the mummified heads of tribal elders —grandparents and great-grandparents of those still living.”

    Given Native American experience in the Americas since European discovery, your viewers such as myself might understand why stamping names such as the ‘Braves’ and the “Redskins” onto our cultural and economic icons becomes the equivalent for Native Americans, as James Wilson points out in his book, of naming a team “the Buck Niggers’ or “the Jewboys,” in all cases, something quite unacceptable.

    Michael Beykirch
    Corning, NY
    Proud Subscriber to the Joey-Baer Vlog and both Newspapers “Signews” and “News from Indian Country”

  • Texas Guy 16 years ago

    Since Dallas Cowboy didn’t make it and no south team to root for, I was going to dump TV/Super Bowl and do something else BUT special PepsiCo commerical pulled me back to sit and watch!

    Go PepsiCo for selecting our beautiful language/culture to show all hearing fans all around the US! Hope it will be chosen for best commerical award!

  • David Burch 16 years ago

    Redskins suck! I was born in Washington,DC but hate the Redskins! Im for the COWBOYS!!! Hope NY Giants can upset the Pats to prevent history being made !!

  • Black Sugar 16 years ago

    That the Giants could beat em’ them because Tom has some suffering his ankle. that what all about playing the game!
    We thought this one of them should not adhesive upon their team suppose not to getting comprenshive!
    We believe that their would be embrasure. just kidding you!
    The Giants will have one that “enact”! Go! Giants!

  • Judge 16 years ago

    Hey 9th Guy

    Yeah, Let’s drink for him! 🙂


    Let’s go Giants!

  • susanna cook 16 years ago

    hi my name susan cook im cincinnati ohio. im looking forward for super bowl.. wow i see everyone here support new york giant. wow.. but sorry to say im looking forward for new england bec i want to see record history of 19-0!!! ehehe well good lucky everyone thanks for sharing

  • John Critser 16 years ago

    It’s exactly 5 minutes after the NY Giant’s won the Super Bowl. It was a good prediction for me to make, and my wishes were granted! Champ!

  • Al Noll 16 years ago

    Look at how Judge was right about the NY Giants. He assured us on January 31, which was 3 days prior to the Super Bowl game, that NE Pats would finish with 18 wins and one GIANT loss. Besides, they both played very well…and indeed was well-worth watching Super Bowl game.

    Here’s a good one for your pleasure viewing:

  • Bob Dillman 16 years ago

    Hi! Joey,
    My first name Bob last name Dillman…you wonder why? You accept ASL??? then you better pray that no one will call you “audist” after you teach anyone the supposedly done in ENGLISH!! SMILE…but well done job regarding this topic.
    Keep up with well done vlog(s) you have been providing us! I



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