Technology and Deaf Culture

Found this videotape and it made me wonder what has become of Dylan Craig these days? Is he actually “hearing” by now? Is he learning with help of ASL?

It is also interesting to see how people thought Deaf is a big deal back then. How did this change?


  • Beth 13 years ago

    First, I understand that this video is from 2001. But I am suprised–both of Dylan’s parents know ASL but they still had him get the implant.

    I have mostly heard of parents having their Deaf children get the implant because they don’t know sign language. It doesn’t make much sense if the parents are able to communicate with their child already.

    I believe that the Deaf culture will change because of technology, specifically cochlear implants. I do believe that it will take away from Deaf people learning ASL. Without the language there is no culture. It is because of this that I can understand why the Deaf culture is worried about its’ culture.

    I must state though that I understand that people in the Deaf culture believe that people should wait until they are 18 years old to make the decision for themselves as to whether or not they should get the implant but I believe that if a person is to get the implant it should be done at the earliest age possible. The longer one waits to get the implant the more difficult it is going to be for them to learn to talk and to understand and interpret sounds.

    HOWEVER, I am not worried about the culture at this time. I believe that the people of the Deaf culture are strong and proud of who they are.

  • Mary 13 years ago

    Why is there no audio on this?? I could use this in the classroom for deaf issues but it is worthless to a hearing class with no audio!

  • Joanna 13 years ago

    Great vlog – thank you. Many of your videos are excellent!

    Mary, I think the video is excellent material for hearing class on deaf issues. It would raise awareness in hearing students about what it means to have no access to audio, but to read captions instead. This is what deaf people do on a daily basis. I am hearing (and sign) and it did not bother me a bit.


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