Through Joey’s Eyes 2: We are Fine!

Second part – to see my first part, scroll up.


  • David 17 years ago

    Amen! We are just humans .. We need to contiune the healing process and fight oppression

  • Jessica 17 years ago

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I also loved what CJ said about what really matters and that is not the ability to hear or speak.

    About the first part of your vlog, it is sad to see that we still have that issue today. I am seeing a very serious issue of division happening right now in my area at the school for the deaf. The administration is creating division by not allowing the students from two separate programs to interact at all. This has caused so much concern among parents with children in both programs. Some parents describe it like actual segregation. One program is growing fast while the other is dwindling and possibly will close in the near future. Yes, even now in 2007, that is still happening. I hope that this becomes a issue for the concerned Deaf community to address and put a stop to. We do not need any more division as we already know and have felt the effects of it. We cannot afford to allow this to happen to our future Deaf generation.

  • Mark Hill 17 years ago

    Joey Yes I totally agreed with you about being a collectivist group, not just deaf and also like deaf-blind people and deaf persons with cerebral palsy where we are at best to help each others. Like you said we are fine, we educate those professionals to work with us.

    Keep up a good work,Joey

    Mark Hill, Vice President
    Cerebral Palsy and Deaf Organization
    Yucca Valley California( just movd from North Dakota recently)

  • IamMine 17 years ago

    Great review!!

    AND thank you for showing CJ Jones – I had just read about him and people mentioning about him.

    Now I SEE him and understand why people adore him!!

    I’m one of his adorers now – just took what, 3 seconds?!! Love his energy, subtle humor, and strong values as a Deaf person!

    Rock on, CJ Jones, rock on! 😀

    His message is pretty powerful and I’m glad it was at the end because the “ending” is, in my opinion, the most important message to either summarize the entire show or focusing on the most important message as a Deaf person!

    I agree (responding to your first vlog) that we are healing and need to continue – that it’s far from being over! We are NOT going to stop and have to force ourselves out of the “comfort zone”!

    By the way, I’m going to an event called political action on April 22nd in Lansing, Michigan for all deaf/hoh citizens to learn more about politics. From my understanding, politicians will be there from the state level?? I think this is a great opportunity for ALL deaf/hoh citizens to make every effort to go there!!

    I’m already doing my part as a deaf citizen and we all need each other to build a better and stronger lighthouse in our home state to make it visible for everyone to see and the messages are bright and clear!!

    That in turn will work with other lighthouses!!

    Thank you, Joey!

    As you would say, upward we go!

    Oh, if you DO know CJ Jones… get that man to do vlogs!! We need him!! 😀 😉

  • debby 17 years ago

    Which states are you aware of that have strong deaf communities and many team workers? California, Texas, New York, Kansas, and Maryland, right? True, NAD needs our help to spread Deaf Awareness and rights of the Deaf. However, what happened to the ADA law after it passed, it is not stronger like old Rehab Act used to be. Actually I think what weak ADA is maybe because the courts have many cases on waiting lists that companies, hospitals, etc are being sued for being discriminated by hearing people with disabilities. I wonder why…for example, after the ADA law passed, IRS hired about nine deaf people in Birmingham, AL and now no deaf people work there. They even do not provide interpreters during the filing season. I assume they do not want to hire Deaf people anymore. After the law passed, mainstream students attended public school without supervisors to make sure deaf students receive their rights of educations like hearing students. Most of them are in special education. Hearing parents, hearing doctors, and the hearing community in general are always stronger than Deaf communities and still try to divide us. I think they still follow AGB’s methods. For example, I moved from Texas to Alabama. It was cultural shock for me. The Deaf community of Alabama is the weakest and most divided that I have ever seen. They said they were afraid that hearing people would punish them if they rebel against them so they allow hearing to run their lives and make decisions for them. ASLTA president recently started but she is hearing and many officers are hearing. ITP (Interpreters Training programs) will be established soon but they are controlled by most hearing ALRID members. We pah have Deaf mental health director who moved from Missouri to Alabama but it is very hard work for him to expand programs. Deaf Alabamians need your help to make us all in one as one team..We need more Deaf leaders…California is lucky to have you there.

  • Chuck Baird 17 years ago

    I think CJ implied by “The End” as “end of discussion” He wanted to finish the argument strongly like a big period, that the we can think and have the knowledge that really matters.

    We the Deaf theatre people do like Bernard Bragg intend using The End and credits to finish his stories. I think he picked it up from that, figuratively.

    I understood you wanted to use CJ’s to twist or reverse that we are not done; stay together and heal by participating NAD and the likes. Good move.

  • David Kerr 17 years ago

    I really enjoyed your reviews. Your comments have helped us see relevant issues that have impacted on our life.

    I really appreciate your recommendation and leadership. We need to work together and help us understand each other regardless of different views but common goal for our Deaf people.

    Keep up

  • Peachlady 17 years ago

    I agreed with debby(#5). We have problems in Georgia. Many Deaf leaders left Georgia for a better job.

    I wonder why deaf people have a hard time finding a job in Georgia? IRS in Atlanta used to have over 100 deaf employees. Not anymore!
    Also CDC used to have 8 employees, but now we have 3 Deaf employees. I often wondered if ADA is destroying us (deaf).

    I think many older Deaf people are burned out in Georgia. Many young deaf people have no goal or leadership in Atlanta Area .

  • Keri 17 years ago

    My response to Brian: The word ‘collectivist’ is not negative at all. In cultural studies, ‘collectivist’ and ‘individualist’ cultures are used quite often. We should be proud that we are a ‘collectivist’ culture because 80% of the cultures in this world are collectivist cultures.

    My question to Joey: What exactly are we ‘healing’ from? I don’t feel that we are healing from anything in particular. Yes, our people have been hurt throughout history in many different ways but we are survivors and we will continue to be. At the same time, we will continue to educate the majority about our language, culture and values. So tell me, what are we healing from?

  • LaRonda 17 years ago

    Bravo!!! You left us with positive feelings about who we are. You’ve given us things to do, taking us to the next step, such as advising people to join NAD, clubs, groups and to continue the discourse among us.

    This is what makes your vlogs stand out. They are exemplary among others.

    Thanks you for caring, Joey. You hold the lamp that lights the way.

    ~ LaRonda

  • Roger Kraft 17 years ago

    Great vlog! One comment about usage of signs–I notice Joey points upward when referring to hearing persons, hearing people, hearing culture, or “the system.” Joey’s not the only one…I’ve seen other Deafies do the same thing–even I’ve caught myself signing that way. Are we somehow subconsciously saying that “they” are above us–because of the way we were raised? Is it so ingrained into us that it also affects the way we sign about hearing people? Why don’t we point to a position on the same level as us? Or, is there some other meaning inherent when we point upwards while referring to hearing people?

    Again, great vlog(s) and always look forward to yours!

  • Mia 17 years ago

    I support Debby and Peachlady comments. Why ADA not shown even stronger policy for Deaf People?? ADA and EEO, NAD should work together to protection for Deaf Workers from laying off, firing, absence of leave, etc.

  • Tara (MO) 17 years ago

    Yes! No need to worry…we are FINE! 😉

  • Keri 17 years ago

    Roger (#13), what a GREAT point (no pun intended)! That really got me thinking about how I sign when referring to the hearing culture. Thanks for pointing (again, no pun intended) it out to us! I’ll be more conscious of it from now on. 😉

    Brian, you are right that collectivism is associated with communism and socialism according to the dictionary. However, I still feel that the word ‘collectivism’ is not viewed negatively by the majority. Perhaps it’s because I study culture theory and rarely encounter negative perspective of ‘collectivism.’

    As for Charlotte Allen, I could care less about her. Sure, what she said was totally off the mark but if we let people like her bother us, we are only adding fuel to the fire. My feeling is to just carry on and continue to educate those who are willing to listen. After all, we can lead a horse to water but we cannot force it to drink. =)

  • Grant W Laird Jr 17 years ago

    Awesome vlog as always 🙂


  • Tizy 17 years ago


    I’m deaf woman and I’m from Italy.
    You are right abt the colletivist of Deaf. Usually, who deaf people grow up with the hearing world and they joined to the deaf community, I’ve noticed that they are lack of information and knowledge.
    I and my friends are always teaching and communication, they got full and growing of knowledge, information and communication.

    It’s funny CJones, he is right. The most powerful is knowledge. Also I did read a book ” Wake up, Meet, Visit” wrote by Deaf belgium.
    the quote is very empashize,
    “Deaf people should know many things! Knowledge is power! When you know a lot, then you are strong, then you know what you have to reply. when hearing people ask me questions, and I can answer them all the time, then they will not oppress me. I protect myself: I have an own language, an own culture, that is a protective layer.”

    So, the deaf people must to share communication, information anything issues because the school hasn’t given us the subjects: sign language studies, deaf history etc.. that’s why we share teaching and give us knowledge at every place: club, assocation etc…

    PS: Keep Vlog.
    Happy Easter everyone!

  • Sharon 17 years ago

    Hello Joey,
    It is my very first time to email you and I would like to share with you and the Deaf communites that they would need to think carefully about Diversity and we need to work together. I would like to see Deaf parents of Deaf children not to RESPECT hearing children of Deaf parents. I strongly feel that Deaf parents of Deaf children show RESPECT for Deaf parents of hearing children. The reason why I am saying that I am Deaf and I have two lovely daughters. Please make sure that the Deaf communites need to work together in welcoming Deaf parents of hearing children. Thanks!!

  • Kenton 17 years ago

    Three Deaf churches (mine being one of them) used to be in a hearing denomination. We got along fine for about 8 years or so, until problems and conflicts came up between culture/language differences. (We had two other issues we had differences with unrelated to culture/language conflicts.)

    What was most disappointing of all was when other hearing persons chose to believe in ONE hearing person rather than over SEVERAL Deaf leaders. So our Deaf leaders and churches discussed and decided to leave the hearing denomination.

    We have gotten in touch with other Deaf church leaders about getting together to have our own Deaf group. We will have Deaf Summit during April 27-28, and we’re very excited on how God will work in our Deaf churches in the DEAF way as long as it is Biblical based.

    Yes, God made us Deaf! AND YES, WE ARE FINE!!!

  • Peggy 17 years ago

    Reckon AGREED with * CJ *, everyone over there on Vlogs, amazing information! Keep up, stand up, speak out for our Deaf communities! I know, it’s hard working, keep on Standing for DEAF!

  • Shawn Lattier 17 years ago


    I’m alumni of CSD 1991, I do totally agree with you very much. Wow, we are seeing how much hearing people (I’m not against them) are still trying to make decision for us to make them look better on themselves. For years we are fighting to improve ourselves due to access our techology to help us to understand ourselves better to show hearing world that we can do it our own as Dr I King Jordan quote ” We can do anything expect ear” Therefore, that statement proved us that we did it without their help. As so far we haven’t ask them one itsy bity to help us to get information. Frankly, I really thank God that HE is providing us techology to allow us to access anything we want to learn and share many information as possible to contribution deaf community all around world. You have a good day

  • John Uri 17 years ago

    I love that black guy and totally agreed with him and am from Australia., Learnt bit of ASL from the past and trying so hard to read but overall to repeat it couple of times, great subject. Giving praise to the father of those three Deaf children.
    Agreed to be Deaf is fine. Yes, those medical workers need to be more aware of our Deaf Prides, actually we have the same problem here too. Maybe you could come in Aust to give lecture to those medical examinators?????
    Waving hands


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