What has become of Dylan Craig?

This vlog is a response to “Technology and Deaf Culture” news program that was shown on PBS in 2001. In that program, Dylan Craig was the focus point on how CI will help him. It led me to wonder how Dylan is doing these days?

Not only that but the video also helped me realize that we can re-frame ourselves by pointing out the advantages of using ASL. The Bahan family is shown in this program showing the benefit of ASL which should be the focal point of the whole program.


  • Barbara 13 years ago

    What becomes of Dylan Craig today since he had CI at age of 2…11 years ago? Is it successful or what?

  • Michele Westfall Ketcham 13 years ago

    Excellent vlog, as always. I agree that yes, we do need to stress the benefits of ASL and how holistic it is for Deaf people. Additionally, ASL provides complete access: to information, to people, etc and that needs to be stressed more.

  • Letha Hoogewerf 13 years ago

    Yes, ASL is very top and help deaf persons to learn faster and see the world . With audism it is nothing to see what is the best thing. When I was little girl going to the deaf school first thing was teaching to read the lip and made some sound. Now I see the little deaf kids learning much better by using the ASL first.

  • patti 13 years ago

    thanks joey for sharing
    yep its VERY important to examine these representations in the media and also to ask about follow up – now what of Dylan and Susie and Jose and Latasha and …..

    Deaf-blind poet and publisher John Lee Clark made an excellent point in this SHORT video clip – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o8vCZqlXu4

    re: making our own frame YES. we gotta pull down the mask of benevolence and expose false representation and we gotta jump at the sun – show the truth andt the glories of stuff that works mighty fine naturally

    pull and jump

    thank u again



  • Bridgetta 13 years ago

    where can I view Dylan video? You said on utube but Im not sure how to find it. Please advise?

  • Joey Baer 13 years ago

    Bridgetta – It is right below this vlog. Scroll down!

  • Davy 13 years ago

    Hi Joey,
    You did make very wise good point about the different with subject target on “Frame area flexiable movement as freedom” as well done point out. I am clapping to hear it .
    Still they don’t get it with hard limit frame in narrow movement.
    The move flexiable bring more ASL as more bring news chat than read lips or try harder to listen as still getting less news chat.


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