A Night of Fun with Bay Area Deaf Poker

Poker is getting popular these days and here’s one in the Bay Area!


  • Teri 17 years ago

    Oh my god!!!!

    I was at the men poker game a couple of weeks ago, and then went to my \\\”lady\\\” Triopley game.

    They brought up an interesting issue about their friends\\\’ husbands\\\’ addiction spending their fortune.

    I was going to do a vlog on So. Cal Poker Club, too. But I did not get to it sooner.

    It is a serious issue here especially among the wives!

    Ch Jesus rist! You and I think alike and adifferenct! LOL!

    Shucks! Another \\\”opposed\\\” thinking! ( no way is it antagonistic ) Wink! But shall I speak the truth!

    Interesting vlog, though!

  • teresa maxwell 17 years ago

    sigh-its a ‘HOT” sport everywhere else. my heart goes to these wives who long to be with their husbands, but they choose to play poker. if the wife is very supportive, its a relief, i suppose. i can see that playing poker helps strengthen in many ways (develop rapport with other players, social time, thinking tanks, better strategies, and many more.) im curious to why all of a sudden it has become a hot sport within two years, eh?

  • edgewilderness 17 years ago

    wow, if i were still living in california… i’d probably be playing poker games.. my girlfriend and her husband showed me how to play at the LA Lakers game in a suite on NYE… aww, looks like fun!!!! I’m gonna see if she knows about this tourney. Have fun ya all!

  • Fookem 17 years ago

    Curious…how many people showed up for this event?

    Anyway, my brother will host deaf poker at my place this Sept. I will videotape. 😉

  • jasonlamby 17 years ago

    Wow, I’m very impressed with the professional look! Kudos to you, Joey Baer! 🙂

  • todos la vie 17 years ago

    Hi Rogue twerp back, you’ll be 83..no 38..my eyes twitched…. Happy birthday on Tuesday, fool!

  • dat 17 years ago

    Sounds fun. Just keep in mind, playing pokers are as dangerous as drinking problems. Basically everywhere in Reno, Nevada, I’ve seen people lost their homes, cars, and their lives to the ravish of gambling. I see these issues as gambling disorders at daily basis. Maybe pokers are the great tool for promoting the social skills, but just make sure our Deaf community manage stay healthy and strong. Perhaps one may consider in setting up an organization for the deaf on the issues about the addictions in gambling. An organization for this disorder is a must if the poker becomes a major hit among the Deaf community! To Be Prepared is vital especially its happening in our community.

  • Jenny 17 years ago

    H’m. So this is basically an ad for deaf poker? I hope this is not the direction your blog takes. Regardless, it was really cool to see an actual poker gathering in action and to see something different on your blog. Thanks! 🙂

  • Kristy 17 years ago

    yep, tell me about it. LOL sure is fun to play and enjoy it every bit of it. I am glad it came out in style but I do play cards back in my old days. sure is awesome fun but now it came out, good thing I been wondering all along till this. wow that great!


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