A Tribute to Our Heroes

Our Heroes!! ASL Film by Patrick Boudreault


  • Mama Alla of Danik Soudakoff 18 years ago

    GG and DE,

    I am very impressed with your presentation I saw on JoeyBear’s site. Glad that both of you did a Tribute to Our Heroes. All of those students who were arrested last Friday are heroes in my eyes. They did this for a better future for Gally as well as for my son Danik’s future too. Thanks to FSSA and DON’t GIVE UP.

  • Francis Cooney 18 years ago

    Beautiful.. Presentation……

  • Tara '03 18 years ago

    What a beautiful Tribute to Our Heroes…every one of them touched my heart and I adimired them for standing up and fight for their beliefs espically for the future of Gallaudet’s sake. When Tim Rarus was arrested and It struck me as I could not believe this is how IKJ repay him…IKJ has lost my respect! To all of you, our heros…bless you all and ILY!

    Unity for Gallaudet!

  • Patrick Graybill 18 years ago

    I am a retiree who seems to be isolated and far away from the intriguing movement at Gallaudet University. Thanks to the modern technology on your part, I can experience the pains and hopes of the Deaf community. Thanks for divulging eye openers to me. I cannot stay aloof and ignorant. I will stay in touch with you for shots in my arm. God bless you.


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