Afterthoughts #2

Here’s my second afterthoughts discussing about Unity for Gallaudet, What’s next for Tent Cities?, Positive Thinking, and Reflect. In this video, I also thanked Crazy Web Hosting for their wonderful support to keep my vlog site going in extremely high busy time. I look forward to our dialogue.


  • zoee nuage 18 years ago

    Good to see you again, and looking forward to part four and final part of the Deafhood video!

  • testing_the_truth 18 years ago

    Joey, yeah that is the way to go! We have the momentum now, we are empowered by unity as maybe never before. We need to build on this momentum. The Gally protest — our relentless efforts, pains and suffering that finally earned us a great breakthrough — brought our communities together with an incredible force. A new brotherhood and sisterhood grew out of this unity, a new spirit of community that will shine through the years to come. We must keep this treasure guarded and nourished.

    It is truly a historical time that should not slip away without its fruits. The protest could break through because it became a powerful movement supported by the whole Deaf community. Now, the movement should grow even larger and transform into a movement of our unified communities all around the country. It is evident now that we have tremendous power if only we act together.

    We need to build a strong coalition of Deaf constituency on our unity, making it a permanent powerhouse of positive change. We also need great leaders who will elevate our unity, lead our coalition and bring about progress. If the body of our unity is in the communities then the soul of the unity is in Deafhood. Without Deafhood we would be weak, we could not have been able to break through at Gallaudet either. The success of the protest reinforced our center of gravity in Deafhood.

    I see great thing coming along in the future. All we need is faith, wisdom and courage, and we shall write a new history for the Deaf in the 21st century! If we succeed, and I know we will, that will have an amazing impact not only on our lives but on the whole of the American society. Let’s all work hard to make this wonder happen!

  • IamMine 18 years ago

    Cool…I’ll email crazy web site to ask some questions before I decide – as I like to program my own to refine my programming skills. 🙂

    Anyway – thanks for the tip on subscribing, that’ll save me…er, 30 seconds per day!

    I also would like to see “tent cities” to continue, so I’ll ask around when I attend Deafhood session this upcoming Saturday.

    See you around, Joey!

    (make sure you hug your wifey since you have been awfully busy and she understood! *hands waving for her and your children, if you have any!*)



  • Betty Broecker 18 years ago

    Dear Joey:

    “Afterthoughts #2” is great. I so enjoy your thinking and your signing. I am a senior citizen who worked in deafness for many years and yes I am deaf. I learned to sign ASL from dear deaf friends in Louisiana when I was 40 years old. I had returned to Gallaudet as an older student who was divorced and had four children to support. So I had two missions: m y family and advocacy. Not always easy to balance as you mentioned in your preliminary remarks on this vlog. I am so glad and even a bit teary to see your heartfelt and highly moral devotion. Keep it up my friend!

  • Barinthus 18 years ago

    Hey, Baer. A positive and constructive vlog as always.

    You are correct – this is not the time to bring up bitter feelings and other negative things. The Deaf community is evolving socially and politically and it is not without growing pains.

    In order to continue the evolution and maturing of the community, we need to have a positive yet frank discussion with each other on where we want the Deaf community go.

  • ToddE 18 years ago

    While subscribing to Joey’s ASL Vlog is a good idea, an even better one is to do this;

    If you are using MSIE v7, press:
    Alt-J, and then RETURN key to get the RSS 2.0 feed for the site.

    If you are using FireFox, click on the RSS icon; It looks orangish and has ‘radio waves’ emanating from a point in the lower left.

    Using RSS will enable you to not only subscribe to Joey’s site, but countless other blogs, including DeafRead! In fact, using the RSS feed enabled me to find this vlog within minutes of its arrival.

    And as always, an excellent vlog, Joey! Looking forward to part IV of the Deafhood series.

  • The One and Only Ridor 18 years ago

    Well said, Joey.

    Could not have said it much better than you did! I am firmly in support the concept that the tent cities be channeled into some kind of forums, clubs, chapters and organizations in order to empower ourselves to unify for all.


  • JGJones 18 years ago

    Good morning from the UK!

    I’ve zero skills in ASL apart from the finger spelling bit (and only slowly!) but I think I managed to understand your first part of the vlog above.

    I also run my own vlog website as well at – although my language is BSL so if you don’t know BSL, you might find it a bit hard to follow although my videos are typically very short (I don’t get enough time to make a long vlog, nor my signing good enough for it!)

    If I understood you right, I believe you was saying that you got asked quite a lot about how to setup a vlog?

    If I got that right, I wanted to point you out to this quite useful website which does explain how to setup a vlog quite clearly – however I am planning on making a BSL version of that page (perhaps you could get in touch about making a ASL version as well so that we can point people wanting to make a vlog to that website?)

    The address of the website is as below:

    Step by step to creating a blog, making a video, compressing it, uploading it and showing it on your blog.

    Please do get in touch if you are interested in making an ASL version of the tutorial.

    Many thanks



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