Audism Free America, AGB and NAD

Sharing my thoughts about AFA and their rally at AGB conference last weekend in Washington DC.


  • Henry 13 years ago

    Joey, awesome vlog I ever watch! I concurred with you all the way about NAD needs to stand up against AGBell for pass out those mails. Not to AFA so they get scolded. Seriously, NAD needs to make a major changes and go back to what George Veditz did in the past that he cherish ASL and Deaf community. AFA didn’t do anything wrong at all for which I supported them all the way. You’ve said it all in your vlog. 😀

  • Cynthia Roberson 13 years ago

    Good for you Joey!!! Always admire your determination to put certain “Hearies” back in their place!

    I believe in signing ASL and mouthing English so I stand on my own. There are interpreters out there who need lots of work too! They keep “talking” more than signing ASL when there are “Hearies” who arent well versed in ASL. The “Deaf” are not aware of this and are somewhat slighted.

    We have to watch certain “Certified Interpreters” who also have an attitude , When using VRS,, certain of them feel a need to explain what I may not understand some “PHrases”. This has to stop!

    I instill in my students learning ASL they should never ever step over the boundary.

  • Dean 13 years ago

    I would appreciate if you can specify the person who did the scolding to us AFAers and what exact reason was it for? Then we can scold that NAD person for being trivial. Thanks. Dean


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