“Audism Unveiled” DVD for sale!!

Yes, it is finally here!!! Some of you probably remember my vlog I made/posted on December 2006 called “The Bay Area Premiere of ‘Audism Unveiled’. If you missed it, you can see it below.

Audism Unveiled:  (From Dawn Sign Press website)

Audism Unveiled exposes and explains another form of oppression prevalent in the Deaf community. Going beyond definitions, this powerful documentary uses real life experiences from Deaf people of varied social, racial, and educational boundaries –showing how this form of oppression does lasting and harmful damage.

Audism Unveiled will help educate and spread the knowledge that the oppressed are not alone, and share a common bond with many others who have experienced it. It is also beneficial to educate yourself, by seeing the many faces of audism, and the deep emotional scars resulting from this discrimination.”


  • Penny 16 years ago

    I will definitely order the tape soon. I agree with you that Audism exists…no question ask however we still need to be extremely careful how and when we can label this word to a person or a group. An individual or a group can either be audist or ignorant, uneducated, unaware and so on. If the person is awkward or has an attitude problem toward a Deaf person or Deaf community then we need to examine closely if he/she is an audist or something else.

  • Kimmo Leinonen 16 years ago

    Hi Joey,

    I am very happy to be coming Audism unveiled of DVD for sale. We Deaf people need to be a strong confident about a deafhood and an audism’s theory.

    Thank you very much for your wonderful vlog. This is a deafhood for our confident and certainty of the consciousness about the deaf persons’ community. Warmest regards, Mr. Kimmo Leinonen

  • Penny 16 years ago

    Joey- I typed my comment late last night…I meant why and when…not how…and also examine carefully….not examine closely. Thanks.

  • Sandra Goldstein 16 years ago

    I prefer using the word deafism to audism.

    Sandra Goldstein

  • drmzz 16 years ago

    Just ordered it. Thanks.

  • Jon 16 years ago

    Me too after this vlog, I directly went to the Dawn Sign Press site and ordered it immediately! I will show it to my hearing co-workers. Just hope that Audism Unvield would open their eyes.

  • debby 16 years ago

    To be honest with you I think there is more percent of deaf people who practice Deafism than hearing people who practice Audism.

  • Hildaholics 16 years ago

    Jaa, it is PAH! 😉
    A month ago Dickson Bauman was coming here by Frontrunners in Denmark.
    We, fr’ers are shocked too and want to do something.
    So we made a vlog, see –>
    I hope you will be enjoying it.

    Greetings hilde from Belgium

  • TJ 14 years ago

    Have you ever thought of “Deafism?” I told one of my friends that sometime I feel like being “Deafism” because of how some deaf people oppress me because I dont sign ASL fluent or becuase I am from a hearing family or I dont know much about deaf culture..

    I was just wondering??

  • Hartmut 14 years ago

    The term ‘deafism’ has been used already not in the sense of “oppression against deaf people for not acting like a deaf person or signing ASL well”. One meaning is the faulty English language many deaf persons use by saying “there are many deafisms in his writing”. Generally it meant certain mannerisms by deaf persons among hearing persons, like “not saying ‘thank you'” or “being not polite”, that is, not following the cultural norms of the hearing society.

    What TJ complains is just like a foreigner trying to speak French in France and is often given disapproval by French people. TJ is unfortunately a victim of the sad history of oralism, of the oralistic decision his parents and teachers made, who believed that sign language must be avoided and that no child shall be made any different from the society. It is not a “reverse audism”, but is rather a result of audism itself.

    Sandra (above) thought ‘deafism’ would be more correct than ‘audism’. I view this as not correct. ‘Audism’ is still the best term that denotes discriminatory behavior by the hearing people toward Deaf people.

    I have developed a formal definition for Audism in Germany where I gave lectures and workshops. Here is the definition translated:

    “Audism is the result of overvalueing the sense of hearing and speech to the detriment of deaf people, from which discriminatory practices may emerge in form of attitudes, utterances, and deeds to harm deaf persons.”


  • Trudy Fisher 13 years ago

    Please I need your help to order for Human Right Bureau, Montana Disability Right, and Montana Independent Living Project. They would recommend to learn from that. We are having crisis in Montana due of deaf school wouldn’t do something help to for the deaf rights and causing more damage on deaf community. So how much would be costing for those?


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