Deaf’s Black Friday

The darkest day ever in Deaf and Gallaudet history! UNITY for GALLAUDET!
(ASL Film by Patrick Boudrealt)


  • Sarah Stadnicki 18 years ago

    Wow great vlog! It sure was great seeing many familiar faces from my experience as eventplanner for DWW Expo.. .especially JAC whom I have lost touch with. Pass on the message for her to contact me… Thanks

  • Tara '03 18 years ago

    We are one family! It has struck me when they arrested Tim Rarus, one of former DPN leaders and the picture is telling something WRONG!

    Tim said it well

    “King, we helped you in 1988 and now you’re arresting me”

    Shame on you IKJ! You, IKJ one hypocrite son of a b*tch!

    Keep fighting and we are with you all the way!


  • Working_Brain 18 years ago

    the protestors disrupted the business of the university for a solid week. students who paid good money (either their own, their parents’, or their governments’) for a Gallaudet education were not able to get into their classrooms. They could not take their midterm exams. Faculty and doctoral candidates could not get their materials out of HMB. Students at MSSD and KDES could not get to class. Parents had to scramble to find childcare. Families who live on campus could not buy groceries or feed their children. Protestors should be deeply ashamed of their deeds this week. Instead of looking like heroic radicals, they look like stubborn, squabbling children. I encourage Dr. Jordan to expel the lot of them forthwith. They are troublemakers and care nothing for Gallaudet, only themselves.

  • Matilda Lonn 18 years ago

    VERY GOOD VLOG!!! I also attended this CAD event and it’s really great to see that there is Gallaudet spirit – united and supporting FSSA all the way!

  • Dave R 18 years ago

    Working Brain? Are u sure? Hmmm.

    Has it occured to you that the Jordan administration was the ones who decided to close MSSD and Kendall? The protestors had planned to allow them to go about their business, but what did they do? Pre-empted them by telling all MSSD and Kendall staff the the campus was closed. The protestors have allowed cafeteria staff and other essential emplyees to go to campus. Parents with children on campus were allowed into and out of campus. I was there and saw it first hand, so don’t go spouting helf-truths and outright lies. I submit to you that it is Jane K Fernandes and I. King Jordan who are the ones that look like stubborn children.

    Oh, and by the way, if Gally expels all of the protestors, there won’t be a Galludet University in the future, cuz there won’t be many left.
    Just my humble opinion.

  • Tara '03 18 years ago


    Please check all the facts first before you make any statements because the students allow the children at MSSD and KSDE get to class, it was not their intention to close MSSD or KSDE and it was Gallaudet (actually, Dr. Jordan) decided to close the whole campus.

  • Francis J. Cooney class of 83 18 years ago

    I. King Jordan forgot where he came from. We helped himn to be a first Deaf President of Gallaudet U. Now he ruined his own Legacy. Shame on you President Jordan… You are no longer in part of Deaf community. may you rest in h*ll.

  • carolyn 18 years ago


    “Protestors should be deeply ashamed of their deeds this week. Instead of looking like heroic radicals, they look like stubborn, squabbling children. I encourage Dr. Jordan to expel the lot of them forthwith. They are troublemakers and care nothing for Gallaudet, only themselves.”

    You have to agree with you said.

  • james utzman 18 years ago

    to save alot of trouble and engery, also sake for mssd and elem school, just pack and walk out for a week or so. let gallaudet classroom to be dried up and gallaudet will lost monies for function based on daily needs. also protest homecoming…. show the black week of this year. good idea???

  • IamMine 18 years ago

    Working_Brian, I’ve seen you all over different blogs and while I believe one’s right in freedom of speech, I respectfully disagree with you on the “troublemakers” comment.

    Unfortunately, “Brian”, sometimes things cannot be perfect in order to “properly” protest (ie, other students’ educations, daycare, etc…) and I believe they’ve voiced their concerns before the actual protest took place.

    None of this would have happened if JFK had done her job (should I dare say “better”?) in the last SIX years and still NOT listening.

    Troublemakers, you say?

    It’s JFK and IKJ who ARE the troublemakers.

    I feel for those disrupted lives – but those protesters are doing a very important job – which is calling for a change, a badly needed one.

    Not just at Galladuet, but all over USA where education for the deaf/hoh is poor in many areas.

    We need Galladuet as a role model in education, social, political, as well as services for the deaf/hard of hearing.

    You just can’t please everyone or make everything work in order to attain your goal – the one that will benefit the majority in the future, not just for themselves.

    As you can see, there are currently 30 tent cities in support of FSSA.

    That ought to tell you something – that everyone is crying for a change and they know it’s at Gallaudet FIRST.

    Well, if there’s a tent city here in Michigan, let me know…but I’d die of shock first. 😉

    “We all are faithfull, we all believe, we all believe it…” ~ Pearl Jam’s “Faithfull”
    (two L’s on purpose to make it plural, coined by the singer, Eddie Vedder)

  • testing_the_truth 18 years ago

    Dummy_Brain, you are a disgrace of the community. Wherever you go, you spread your anti-protest droppings. Nobody is actually reading you. You outta be ashamed of yourself for going this low.

  • jim coyne 18 years ago

    Tim-you are a brave champion for our deaf children Thanks!

  • Francis J. Cooney class of 83 18 years ago

    “The freedom of thought is a sacred right of every individual man, and diversity will continue to increase with the progress, refinement, and differentiation of the human intellect.” Felix Adler

    Well said huh?

    Every student and faculity are the sacred right to increase diversity awareness and freedom of speech at Gallaudet.

    Jesse Jackson once said,
    “The problem is not that the students do not hear, the problem is that the hearing world does not listen.”

    18 years later, another students protest, the problem is not the students could not hear. The problem is that the Deaf and Hearing member of Board of Trustee, I. King Jordan and JK does not listen.

  • Francis Cooney 18 years ago

    President Jordan I apoloized for saying you rest in hell.

    I know you are a good man with a good heart, but, but you have changed. You are the same man that we used to know. What happened?

  • Francis Cooney 18 years ago

    I think not you are the same man..

  • McBeth 18 years ago

    Wow, I can’t believe this is happening. I think the prez should be a servant to the students and staff and this just keeps getting worse. Also the board needs to attend their own history classes. Causes love protests and martyrs and while it was awful for the students to get arrested, it’s just proven to the world that they are in the right.

  • Francis Cooney 18 years ago

    you are right. President should be a servant to the students, fac and staff. He just forgot who he was.

  • McBeth 18 years ago

    I also think that all universities should have as much say in the choice of the president and even the vp’s, board, etc. Welcome to democracy and as of the ’88 protest which encouraged this empowerment, what the hell did anyone expect? Jordan and the board seems to want the students to just bow down and accept their terms and they can’t have it both ways.

  • Lisa Gonzales 18 years ago

    Working behind the scenes with the media community down here.. the media can’t get proper information since the GIS interpreters cant terp for ****! Encourage the top qualified legal interpreters out there to be heard CORRECTLY. Then “The WORLD will not only hear Gallaudet but understand” Does this sound like a new catching title of this historical movement?

  • james utzman 18 years ago

    if jane have to be forced out or resign, where would she go??? no i doubt she would be volunteer because gallaudet is her last straw. nobody would hire her for 800,000 a year. heh secondly, we are starving for tim rarus s comments after arrest. where was he??? hey francis cooney, enjoy reading your short message

  • Gentry Shortes 18 years ago

    To IKJ and JK,

    I want you start thinking more carefully what you have done to our deaf people in United States as well as to the international deaf people,
    There are two great differnce between worry and concern apply to IKJ and JK and to the deaf people,..Worry people who see the problem and will create more problem later on, concern is those people, who do want to solve it, JK and IKJ.. you’re are the one who need to worry about what happen to gallaudet university, Deaf people does share their concern enuff and T H E Y will somehow win this battle. Deaf people will leave NO ONE BEHIND on this battle. Sucess is the final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts!!!

    -Harold Stephens
    -Winston Churchill
    write by Gentry K Shortes

  • james utzman 18 years ago

    need more inputs about updates so that we all from out of state can feel bond with gally. i have read some blogs. some are out of dates and conflict informations. need reliable blog, anyone from gally campus??? we need borrow your eyes…

  • janene 18 years ago

    james- you can check out http://WWW.ELISAWRITES.COM from our very own gallaudet student who’s blogging away up to dates right on the campus. also- http://WWW.GUFSSA.ORG for valided information.

  • Dorothy Griffith 18 years ago

    IKJ and JK

    I am very shocked to read the blodgs and washington post newspaper. What a shame both of you for oppressive on Gally students. They do not deserve to arrest.

    I myself grew up oppressive and abusive from Deaf School oral method. I had been suffer confuse with two languages oral and ASL. I worked for Federal Government 25 years. I have been oppressive and block from the promotion since I have a College degree. I have been GS 6 for years. Hearing people do not have the college degrees. They are in Grade 11 and 12. Can you tell me why the Deaf people have been struggle with Hearing world for a better their careers and stuck with SSDI for many years because many companies do not hire Deaf people.

    Where our explosure for a better education and look up the DEAF administrators to help young students for their better esteem self grow stronger like Hearing people.

    There is ENOUGH of “Oppressive” from the Oralism and Hearing people !!!

    Keep F I G H T and stand up stronger for your development and better esteem self and successful careers equal as Hearing people.

    We love you Gallaudet !!
    Dottie & Andrew

  • Karen Bryant 18 years ago

    I hope hearing people can begin to realize and understand the real needs of the Deaf Community and its Deaf members. ASL and Deaf Culture are the most cherished part of the Deaf Identity. Gallaudet protestors …. stay strong for yourself and everyone who cannot hear words even if it is only the sounds. Each one of you who is not Deaf is encouraged to look deeply into yourselves – who you truly are – hearing people are hearing and Deaf people are Deaf period. Noone is acting like a child. Oppression, neglect and isolation are the most saddest memory of one’s experience. No one should grow up with this experience. Professionals should listen to each child and give their best possible empathic ears. Hearing people do not know what it is like to be Deaf unless they lose their hearing abilities. I know a friend who became deafened in his 20’s. Hearing people and some deaf people do not understand what it is like to be deafened. I believe everyone benefits from acquiring ASL and understanding Deaf Culture as a part of Deaf life and respect Deaf Community all over the world. Deaf people are not Dumb or mute. Hearing professionals can be dumb because they still carry over Deaf stigma over 200 years or since AGB era. Let Deaf people be Deaf not cochlear implanted or oral Deaf. Deaf pride is something one should experience without criticism. Noone should control Deaf people’s lives. Let Deaf people live as fully as possible without fixing their ears. Period!

  • EK 18 years ago

    Until I know who “Working_Brain” is, I will assume that it is JKF.

  • vera fleischer 18 years ago

    Fantastic video from Bay Area, my old hometown. Nice to watch my brother, Ken and his wife, Carlene. Go, Fight, Win, BISONS I support to start a new search for a new President of Gallaudet with new BoT. I am sure that there are several good applicants better than what we have now. We must not give up! Vera

  • Graduate Student 18 years ago

    That was a fantastic video, thank you Joey Baer or whoever put that together!!!! I really needed to see that.. so many people’s support.

    I am a hearing graduate student at Gallaudet and was witness to the arrests–they broke my heart! 🙁 It is a tough environment now at Gallaudet–so cold and oppressive. DPS and police on campus. Students afraid to open their mouths/or hands to sign. People afraid to express themselves.

    My department is not very happy about the protests and takes a neutral stance. Very cold. I tell them about the arrests that night, saw IKJ come to campus and authorize it in the dark! They have nothing to say.

    You all said it all! They are heroes! We will always love and remember them! Don’t give up FSSA!

    Please alumni and Deaf community members please come to Gallaudet this weekend! We need you.


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