Dear National Association of the Deaf,


  • Barbara 13 years ago

    As I was looking through staff Board’s profile on NAD’s website, I was looking for their interests and employment to see if anybody there could actually understand what it takes to take care of children and their education.

    On thier profiles on NAD’s website, I only see 3 people (or maybe few more) that shows their employment and interests working with K-12 system at anytime throughout their life. And the rest of the Board are either with based-community (non-profit) organization or into human services field.

    My question is are they really capabile to understand what it takes to make the system to really work? Will these 3 people end up doing all the work?

    How is NAD going to be able to work with the tasks if they are not familair with it. How are they going to get this moving?

  • Sandra Goldstein 13 years ago

    NAD is not an educational organization. If Indiana School for the Deaf is in trouble, simple contact the Indiana Association of the Deaf with the aid of NAD. We must do the first step…local organizations such as Indianapolis residents who can fight including clubs of the deaf…state organizations…Ind State Association that is affiliated with the NAD, What is wrong with Ind SD alumni, faculty, teachers, parents of ISD students. NAD is outside of the boundaries. You cannot point your finger to NAD to do something. NAD cannot work alone. Other organizations in the State of Indiana must fight too. Contact CAID ( educational organization for the Deaf…Convention of American Instrucors of the Deaf) and CSEAD ( administrators of the Deaf).. NAD should develop a new position to be responsible for deaf education. NAD is a political organization fighting for grants, money. NAD does not have many staffers in the Headquarters. Educators and Adminstrators of the schools are the perfect people to fight. Alumni, parents, students, too.


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