Do we really have to be patient and wait?

Do we really have to be patient and wait for Deaf children’s education?


Hello! Happy Holidays everyone! Spend time with our family and loved ones.

I saw a post by NAD (by Twitter – take a look). When I saw it, it is a red flag. That post says to be patient, be patient and it takes time. Wow, I felt its like a thorn that has stung my heart. It hurts. Can Deaf children wait? Can our Deaf children of next generation wait (any longer)? It is like if we have to tell our Deaf children that they have to be patient, be patient and it takes time. (It is) Like if NAD is telling us that we have to be patient and wait.

Yes, I have spoken up and question NAD from time to time but that does not mean if I am attacking or say that NAD is “lousy”. Why? Because I do still support NAD! Support them still. It is just how we perceive the issues and how we approach them in terms of activism. Activism usually changes its path through out the time. It also depends on what kind of board members – some will be active in some areas and then new board members will have different approach on how we arise the issues. Sometimes it is more of political correct. When the money comes in, the path will shift a bit. So keep this in mind that I still support NAD.

However, when I saw the post, I have to say that we will NOT wait (any longer). NAD should not wait either. No! We have seen many Deaf children who are suffering, in pain with no language. Finish – we have seen enough. NAD knows this very well. And for NAD to tell us to wait and it takes time. No. No, NAD. We are really screaming. We have more (people) and organizations forming and we are growing and at the same time, we are spreading ourselves thin. NAD needs to step up and take a stand, take a STAND that ASL and Bilingualism (is the way to go).

If NAD said we need to be patient and it takes time to build a bridge to hearing world. What bridge? Wait a minute, what bridge? We are “inside” the hearing world already. You know, hearing world and in the middle of “world”, that’s where we (Deaf people) are now. We are trapped inside. (Looking up) Hearing has been dominating us (Deaf people). Cochlear Implants (industries) are controlling us. Hearing people are controlling us. Cued speech, Cochlear Implants and oral (programs) are controlling us. “Finish” We have seen enough of this. Build a bridge, no. We are already connected with hearing world and allies through interpreters and others. We have people who are working (together) and screaming!

So, NAD, please stop thinking that we need to wait and ask us to be patient. STOP! Or…. Deaf people will become extinct.

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