DPN25: Day 2 – Monday, March 7, 1988

Day 2: Monday, March 7, 1988

• By dawn, students blocked all gates and took full control of University.
• 4 demands were formed:
1) The Board must select one of the two deaf finalists as our seventh president of Gallaudet University
2) Ms. Jane Basset?Spilman must immediately resign from the Board as a Chairman and a member.
3) 51% of the Board members must be deaf.
4) There will be no reprisals against administrators, faculty, staff, and students involved in our historical movement.
• The Board met with 10 students, 2 faculty members, and 2 staff representatives for three hours.
• Board agreed to meet with protestors in the Field House in mid?afternoon.
• The Field House was full but it was emptied quickly after Board stated that its selection of Elizabeth Zinser was final.
• Dr. Harvey Goodstein, Gallaudet professor, walked onto the stage and announced that the Board will not agree to any of 4 demands.
• Protestors walked out almost immediately and marched to the U.S. Capitol and Lafayette Park.
• More television stations and newspapers are turning their attention to Gallaudet.
• Protestors met again in the Hughes Gym in the evening.

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