DPN25: Day 4 – Wednesday, March 9, 1988

Day 4: Wednesday, March 9, 1988

• Gates continued to be blocked by protestors and their cars around the campus.
• Gallaudet campus police tried to gain control but students kept their stronghold.
• Elizabeth Zinser arrived in Washington D.C. from North Carolina and said “I am in charge and take whatever steps necessary to return Gallaudet to normalcy.”
• In a meeting with 4 Leaders, Zinser refused the request to resign.
• At a press conference, Gallaudet board chair, Janet Bassett Spilman, assured that Zinser was still our President. I. King Jordan, another candidate, gave his support to Zinser.
• The faculty’s vote of 147 to 5 in complete support of protest.
• A forum was held at Hughes Gym to discuss students’ plans of spring break on the following week. Students elected to miss spring break and stay at Gallaudet if protest continues longer than anticipated.
• Ted Koppel of the well?known Nightline program on ABC interviewed Greg Hlibok, Elizabeth Zinser and Marlee Matlin, first Deaf Oscar winner for 35 minutes.
• Rumors swirled that Elizabeth Zinser was trying to get on campus, so protestors moved Gallaudet buses and flatten the buses’ tires to block the gates. Students stayed up overnight blocking the gates.

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