Kendall Gate

Gallaudet Video (3 of 5) on October 25, 2006
Courtesy of DawnSignPress

We stopped by Kendall gate! There were no signs of any DPS/PPD activity that would attempt to clear the gate. We went inside the big blue tent and had a short talk with Matt Korpics who had several interesting topics to share with us.

“These video clips are to give you a general feeling of what the day was like. There are a lot of hard to understand dialogue in these video clips. The signs are not always easy to understand but the urgency behind the protest is crystal clear. There will be more video clips that will show clear dialogue. What you are about to see is the gritty footage from the day.”


  • Tara E-'03 18 years ago

    Very true! We are being used as they don’t care about us nor our culture. Only they want out of this was ASL, the language itself. They truly do not respect us and yet ASL has been recognized as a language within our culture.

  • james utzman 18 years ago

    please please film more around… i want to see more of it after i left homecoming weekend last weekend. great job james utzman

  • Stephon 18 years ago

    Yeah, this time to change….put faith to God mr good happen will be coming


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