GUAA – NorCal Tent City Rally

On October 4th, GUAA-NorCal chapter held a Tent City Rally to show our support for protest at Gallaudet. The video include some words from Bridgetta-Bourne Firl, David Eberwein, and Tom Holcomb. NorCal chapter also have a special treat for FSSA, “A Revised Bison Song!”

Unity for Gallaudet!


  • noreen 18 years ago

    you captured it all – GREAT JOB!

    JK out! JK out! out! out!

  • MikeS 18 years ago

    Thanks for showing this. I missed this due to being at SFSU that pm. Inspiring speakers and crowd! Dr. Tom Holcomb, LOL, indeed it STINKS!
    Hand cheers to all.

  • anonymous 18 years ago

    Regarding the violence on campus, the students are endangering themselves. They are choosing to do this and the university is merely following procedures. I still think it is
    about not deaf enough…I saw her address to the gally community at beginning of year..itts on her website….. She doesn’t sign that
    great….so of course hard core deafies don’t want that kind of deaf person as prez….she’s very hearie looking. I think they’re making up stuff to cover up the real issue…she’s not
    deaf enough. A lot of university presidents have to make unpopular decisions.

    Gally houdl be the Deaf capital of the world, not the ASL capital of the world.

    A Deafie of Deaf.

  • JK 18 years ago

    Hello all
    It is interesting about the Tent City regarding many websites reporting the students’ perception and many news. One thing disappointing me is that there are students/alumni with different viewpoint being shunned. That is also audism among the deaf elites (or protestors) upon the people of different views. That is audism, fyi.
    Just like a black elite shunning at the black population which is probably a racism.
    For example, news tells me that IKJ along with his family including the children and grandchildren appeared on the stage. The crowd composed most of deaf protesters and threw bottles of water toward IKJ family, and one water bottle HIT IKJ in his head. That is very outrageous and immature. The protestors appear to begin becoming violent and immature. Ridor and Jeff Carlson encourage violence and that is so dumb and kindergarten level. Even Elisa is not reporting that!
    So these news reporters are unreliable.
    The protesters should NOT be violent. See see, you probably havent heard these news the deaf audists hide. Sad.
    Again, we need to emphasize sharing all news without any filtering.
    Tent city in Bay area seems to be non violent so that is good.
    Since these protesters in DC are becoming violent, I am not sending any money for fund.

    The administration may not be what we want, but we SHOULDNT lower ourselves to low level by being violent.

    I know Ryan C all my life. He gets radical over tidbits anyway.. thats him! I spoke with many friends knowing RC all their lives and they agree RC gets wacky at times.

  • Dr. Angel M. Ramos 18 years ago

    Wow. I’m sure the folks at FSSA and throughout the country are inspired by this video, just as Gallaudet students and staff were inspired by the community support in 1988. As for the comments made by “A Deafie of Deaf,” the FACTS speak for themselves. Two of the strongest candidates were omitted from the final three – (1) Dr. Rosen, a former provost at Gallaudet with far more experience than all three finalists combined (Her sin? Disagreeing with Dr. Jordan.) and (2) Dr. Glen Anderson, former CHAIRPERSON of the Gallaudet Board of Trustees. Please, this guy knows Gallaudet through and through, more than any of the three finalists combined. Do you realize that Gallaudet hired an outside company to help with the search for a new president, a company that had NO diversity and NO knowledge about Deaf education? Do you realize it takes longer to hire a secretary than it took to hire JF? Like Tom Holcomb said, something stinks, big time.

    Sure, JF isn’t Deaf enough but if that was the only reason there wouldn’t be such strong opposition to her selection. Hey, even I am not Deaf enough and I agree with the FSSA folks – JF needs to go. The NAD, GUAA, Deaf AND hearing people all over the country agree with the FSSA folks – JF needs to go. Certainly there is more to this than she “isn’t Deaf enough.”

    Dr. Jordan and Dr. Fernandes heavy handed approach toward those who disagree with the selection of Dr. Fernandes also stinks. Threatening students with expulsion, staff with being terminated, manure at Tent City (which students had a permit for!), refusing the GUAA board requests for alumni email addresses…please, can you imagine the outcry if Dr. Zinser had done this in 1988? Hey, Dr. Zinser had more class than either Dr. Jordan and Dr. Fernandes. Dr. Zinser resigned because she did not have the support of the faculty. Dr. Fernandes also doesn’t have the support of the faculty but she isn’t resigning. It’s HER university and she will do whatever she wants. Uh, uh, it isn’t HER university, it isn’t Dr. Jordan’s university, it isn’t the BOT’s university, it is the DEAF COMMUNITY’S UNIVERSITY. Just as Howard University will always be a university for and by Black people, just as Yeshiva University will always be a university for and by Jewish people, just as Catholic University will always be a university for and by Catholic people, Gallaudet University will ALWAYS be a university for and by DEAF people.

  • Penny 18 years ago

    I think all of you gave your presentations very well with many points as to why we should remove the new President of Gallaudet. I finally get it! I think this time you have clarified the reasons we should do something about this.

    I strongly encourage Dr. Glenn Anderson, Dr. Rosen and other applicants to get together and file a complaint that the Board of Trustees (BOT) did not comply processes fairly and were biased. This will help protestors to get attention from media, Congress and etc. I hope applicants will read this message and DO something about it. The whole world will wake up to the fact that protestors from Gallaudet and others nationwide have good reasons to protest the choice of Jane Fernandes as President. So, applicants, please get involved if you agree with the protestors! You NEED to act too otherwise Congress and BOT may think that you accepted the process as being fair and were treated fairly.

  • Jen 18 years ago


    Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

    I’ve checked with sources to verify the truth of some of what you’ve said, along with other comments casting the protestors in a bad light. In general, those reports are completely untrue or they were wildly exaggerated and distorted almost beyond recognition. For example, I have heard the following from several reliable sources: The FSSA talked to the students at length about how to behave … and in fact, had DRILLS before the ceremonies. There is suspicion that the lone person who threw the water bottle was planted by the administration to make the protestors look bad.

    Since you and I were not there, we have no business proclaiming what is fact and what is fiction. I know I am choosing to believe my sources and yes, there is the possibility that they are not presenting all sides or that they are leaving information out. I acknowledge this possibility. I hope you will acknowledge the same possibility exists on your end.

    Here’s a thought for local people who are concerned that the protest may be getting out of hand… you may want to contribute financially to send local representatives who are level-headed, who can help calm people down, and who can tone down some of the alleged behaviors if they are indeed happening. This would help prevent outrageous behavior for occurring.

    Just my $0.02.

  • Video Yoga 18 years ago

    Your post is on target. Keep it up.


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