Happy Birthday, George Veditz!

Today on August 13, 2011, George Veditz turns 150! George is actually our hero who fought for full equality for our language, American Sign Language. We should recognize and honor him more than ever across the country.

Happy Birthday, Veditz!


  • Sandra Goldstein 13 years ago

    We, deaf people, can propose to have George Veditz to have his picture on our postage stamp like Gallaudet. George would be the first deaf person to be on the postage stamp. Galaudet was a hearing person. We can find many ways to honor George Veditz.

    Nice job, Joey!

  • Todd Murano 13 years ago

    I wonder if Veditz has relatives alive today and/or know what impact he made in the Deaf Community? Good Vlog!

  • Brian Buckley 13 years ago

    I agreed with you, but there is one problem. We already had been recognized ASL in 1960. it was not officially at the time as Congresses thought we are whiner about recogniation our ASL. Now we need to get Congresses attention to make it officically RECOGNATION OUR ASL in America. Also, make that George Veditz as Honor in holiday like MLK. or raise awareness day all over to hearing High Schools and Elementary Schools.

    one more thing I want to teach you and everyone. please do not sign Deaf Journal or Deaf Instution because it made me feel like we are below level than Hearing people. Often we Deafies always say Hearing Schools all the time. so what the Difference and say it Deaf High School or Deaf Elementary School than saying Journals or instutions. I like to say in sign Deaf School, not journal or instutions. Equally Hearing High School and Hearing Elementary School EQUALLY as Deaf High School and Deaf Elementary School sound more above average Equal Deaf and Hearing people. Dont you agree, Joey? From Brian Buckley

    • Joey Baer 13 years ago

      Brian – when i signed “Deaf schools”, I was referring to all kind of programs where ALL Deaf children attend. And you made a good point that we should sign Deaf elementary, middle school, and high schools instead. That’s something we need to look into. Thanks Brian!!

  • George A. Adams III 13 years ago

    I think it would be a good notion to urge U.S. Congress to honor George Veditz memorial service for one week just like the black people honor Dr. Luther King service and allow it to be a official one week holiday in memorial of George Veditz for preserving the American Sign Language. Should get someone to paint a portrait or sculpture bronze of George Veditz in honoring him for preserving ASL. Find someone who can do it. Would love to see a Deaf person do these products. I was thinking of John F. Kennedy bronze sculpture.

  • LaRonda 13 years ago

    Joey, that was so cool! Veditz was a true hero with great foresight to preserve ASL through film.

    You, Joey, are our current “Veditz!”

    Hand waves!

    ~ L

  • Heidi 13 years ago

    Can you tell me what episode of Deaf Mosaic you did the Deaf Portrait of Veditz? I want to show my students.

  • Ethelette 13 years ago

    I wish each 100 mile circles, Deaf Community America host Veditz expo in August annual year. It will carry to be very strong asl sign language.
    I love to watch or listen his life story. I want to know more more.

  • Joey Baer 13 years ago

    Heidi – I tried to find which episode but was not able to find it. It was around 1988 -1989 when I did this. I will keep on looking and if I find it, I will let you know.


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