Important Quality!

Important Quality in an University President:
Bridgetta Bourne-Firl explained why Jane lacked an important quality as University President way before she was chosen as 9th president.



  • MikeS 18 years ago

    “Non-fit,” exactly. JKF MBI tactic will not fare well.

  • Tara '03 18 years ago

    It is very true! I feel that once JKF becomes President that things will worsen the ideal of Gallaudet, etc. We can’t allow JKF to be our Gallaudet 9th President…we can’t let that happen!

  • Jen 18 years ago

    It’s important to note that Bridgetta said this 2 days after JK was selected. In a nutshell, Bridgetta showed that our objection to her selection is NOT about her being deaf enough. It is about her NOT being an effective leader because of her limited people skills.

  • PJ 18 years ago

    Tell me about it 🙂

    It is pretty obvious that JKF is absolutely clueless lady! Time for her to go NOW!

    It goes same for IKJ. Get out of Gallaudet.

  • KD 18 years ago

    IJK grew up in a hearing world then became deaf and learn ASL later in his life. Same thing goes to JFK except she was born deaf. So since deaf people don’t like JFK, then why did they welcome IJK to Gallaudet when he became Gally President in 1988???????

    I don’t understand deaf students at Gally. They’re clueless!

  • KD 18 years ago

    There are bunch of hearing college presidents out there who are not really involved with hearing community, students don’t have any problems with that but for deaf college, students don’t like Jane just because she has not been involved with deaf community and learned ASL much later in her life is just plain silly. Grow up and accept her as 9th president!

  • Michelle Deuz 18 years ago

    Are you serious!? Do you really believe that hearing presidents are not involved with their hearing community! Hearing people live, eat, and breathe their community. It’s more accessible to them, whether they think about it as culture/community or not. If they are the president of a college, they are majorly involved in their hearing community in many ways. Please help me understand why you would say to these students who are standing up for their rights, their heritage and their future, ” Grow up…” Would you want your own children to accept what is considered less than the best for them or would you encourage them to press on and contend for what is best. If you listen to the students you will see that this goes deeper than when she acquired ASL or her lack of involvement in Deaf community. Please take seriously these allocations.
    Thank you.


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