Interview with Dr. Paddy Ladd (3 of 5)

Question: What are your observations of the Deafhood movement the last 2 years?


  • Sandra Goldstein 16 years ago

    Nice Part 3 Vlog! I still would like to see us create a new term in place of Deafhood.

    Paddy, you may think of developing a “deafhood” workbook for our young deaf kids. Three presenters, Ella, DE, and GG travelled across America to spread the “deafhood” workshops. I haven’t seen this workshop. I was told that they did a fabulous job and will do awesome workshops in the future. We should think of our young deaf youths to be exposed the concept of “deafhood”. All schools that offer deaf and hard of hearing programs should have “Deafhood” course such as Deaf Heritage. Jack Gannon wrote a book,”Deaf Heritage”. There is a Deaf Heritage workshop for our deaf youths. We should consider of our deaf youths for they will be our future deaf leaders.

    For Deaf Studies we can include the concept of “Deafhood”. We can have DVD of three awesome presenters, GG, DE, and Ella for each of us to view the “Deafhood” workshop in place of having them come to each city in each state. Some of organizations or schools cannot afford to invite them. They presented the concept to much older deaf audience. How about the much younger deaf audience???

    Looking forward to viewing the fourth part, I am.
    Sandra 🙂

  • Coach Creech 16 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing and make this possible for all of us (I felt like I met him) to meet Dr. Laddy. Smile

  • deafkathy 16 years ago

    Amazing how Paddy planted a seed “Deafhood” by just one book making a big impact in deaf communities all over the world. Paddy mentioned that USA has strong involvement of Deafhood comparing to other countries, wondered why?

  • deb ann 16 years ago

    He’s amazing! I can hardly wait to see the next vlogs!

  • cnkatz 16 years ago

    Joey, if you do subtitle this and other 4 clips, the impact the clips will have is larger. Adding voice, impact will intensify – making waves of exciting discourses – a cacaphony of signs and sounds! I hope this is a window in which some deaf people will look into and realize what impacts their videos will have if adding captions and voice-overs. It s time-consuming and _______ for many signers like me. Easier if just sign, edit, and post. I consider captions and voice-overs essential and wish it ll be a “zip, zap, and there it is” process for many of us.

    This blogsite X one hundred is what the deaf community needs. hand-wave.

  • Harmon Menkis 16 years ago

    Very succinctly explained !! Affirms our overall resiliency. Thanks !!!!

  • Merle Baldridge 16 years ago

    Dr Paddy said that it is very important to have Deaf people involved to support our quality of life with ASL. I really hope that we will take action soon instead of talking about action forever.

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    Charles – that’s something to think about – to add a voice over. I agree that it probably should be voice-over so hearing people can hear what he has to say about Deafhood and Deaf people.

  • J.J. Puorro 16 years ago

    Subtitling isn’t too hard..just takes work and patience….

    Go to Jared Evan’s blog..he recommended several subtitling options…(I use Subtitle Workshop which works for you tube videos)…

    Looking forward to 4 and 5 now…


  • Deaf Mater 16 years ago

    cool… that’s something would motivate me achives the goals in automotive world …

  • deafk 16 years ago

    Hi, Joey,

    I enjoyed hearing from Paddy how he felt from the spreading of Deafhood. It is awesome to see his reaction like that.

    If possible, I have a few questions for him or for Deafhood, 😀


  • cnkatz 16 years ago

    We fight for the world to listen to us. They give in more and more by learning sign language and listening to us. We give in what the world, full of hearing people, need.

    We need to realize how inaccessible mono-ASL videoclips can be for them. We are “low incidence” – 01% of humanity maybe – but our language is rapidly spreading. The more videos there are with sign and text, the more they ll learn ASL! The more you subtitle or voice-over, the more accessible your videos will be. Voice over is probably easier to get terp do live-terp when you do the shoot, then nothing to edit or change and made into a clip. Voice add to clips on computer into wmv or mov takes more time. Paddy, I think, is easy to subtitle. The speed of information inputting is kinda slower. It ll be easy to subtitle your own signing because only one brain on earth match the signing, you. On others, a bit more. . .

    I would love to have software which instanteously caption (or voice) any signing on video. Then I will use it on my vidclips. Would you love that? Someday . . .

    Come on, post part 4 tonite, barely can wait . . .

  • Platonic's Eye 16 years ago

    I have to admit that Deafhood is very new to me. After all I saw number of issues through blogs and vlogs that really impact me personally. I begin to understand both side of internal and external from me and help me to see me for a wole person for being Deaf that enables me more examining through myself as you know “Know Thyself” that is what I am doing now. Thanks for opening my mind toward Deafhood!!!

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago

    Sandra (#1) – Yes you are right. We need to reach to younger audience. The best thing we have right now is ARCHIVES. Whatever we have on vlogs/blogs, it will be there forever! Now we need to focus on developing leadership packages for our young Deaf leaders. In those leadership packages will include watching vlogs and reading blogs that applies to them.  From there, we give guidance and empower them to get involved more. That\’s something we should consider!

    Deafkathy (#3) and C (#13) – You asked why Deafhood is picking up faster here in America than in England. That\’s a great question. I vaguely remember a theory by someone but I do not remember exactly.. Let me ask around and hopefully I\’ll be back with a theory.

    CNKatz – We\’ll talk more at DeafRead conference about subtitling and voice-over! Looking forward to it!

  • Nick Vera 16 years ago


    I truly enjoyed viewing the series of Deafhood interviewing with a renowned deaf author, Paddy Ladd. Thank him for putting his book to educate our community around the globe to maintain our perservance of deafhood community and language essentially.
    Accordingly to Paddy’s mention about Deafhood “epidemic” in United States and Germany. I found very strange about England. Why didn’t the Deaf Britishes interested in his book to comphrend the natural of being deaf? We have the same experience with language, folklore, oppressed by AVT and AGB to emphasize our learning in oral methods, fight to preserve our ASL in our country, and history. The Britians should take their look at our country’s effort.
    Hopefully, three of presenters could visit England someday with Paddy Ladd to educate the deaf community. Who knows about WFD conference to invite them someday?
    I look forward to see the final episode of Paddy Ladd’s interview.
    By the way, I agreed with Charles Katz’s suggestion about voice-over and subtitles to impact hearing viewers to understand our culture essentially. Hope your vlog will be inclusively soon.
    Thank you!
    Nick Vera

  • Cobra 16 years ago

    He’s amazing!

  • Justin 16 years ago

    A little mouse have roar! And the world starting to hear 🙂

    That’s how I think in my mind BUT it would be great to make the mouse roarer to add voice over or subtittles or text written to get the ears of the hearing people. I have made the best impreesion when I left Portland State University in Oregon and wonder where can I keep feeding them with this voice.

    I agree with Charles of using subtittles or voice over or text written for hearing people “hear.” It is time!

    Please do keep talking and make the plan for this to happens.

    Looking forward to what next to what the next question is going to ask Paddy!

  • John Critser 16 years ago

    I have spent a considerable amount of time in England, and learned BSL there. My suspicion as to why England is not as much into Deafhood the United States are is the fact that in Europe, the oral culture is prevalent, along with usage of sign language.

    United States has more educational institutions for Deaf people. We have more Deaf schools combined in our country than in other countries alone. Some countries just have one Deaf school. We have 50 times more!

    How can Deafhood effectively spread if England has just one tiny Deaf store selling TTYs and other assistive devices? Maybe that’s changed now since I last visited UK over 17 yrs ago.

    As opposed to USA where we have stores, in Gallaudet (and other colleges), in Deaf community centers, and we have many companies (Sorensonvrs, Sprint Relay, Viable, CSDVRS, HOVRS, etc), Harris Communications, the DeafNation Store, et cetera?

    Networking is stronger in America, too. Where networking is stronger, Deafhood is involved more.

    One thing that struck me about England when I stayed there for a while, was the amount of Deaf clubs in London alone- 44 Deaf clubs! In one city alone! I don’t know if London still has the same number of Deaf clubs now.

    Because we have so many Deaf schools, there are also many oral school programs in our country. There is a clash of cultures going on in our country, which elevated Deafhood into a very hot topic. CI implantees have ignited a spark, because generally their values are different than those of Deaf culture. That propels Deafhood as a mainstay in preservation of our native language, ASL, and of our culture.

  • patti durr 16 years ago

    i also suspect that the fact that Genie Gertz, David Eberwein and Ella Mae Lentz formed such a fantastic team to develop their indepth Deafhood workshop delivered in ASL and visual powerpoints was a HUGE plus in Deafhood spread

    Joey’s vlog also was instrumental in getting the publicity out about these Deafhood workshop via his posting of video from their NAD presentation

    really they have made Deafhood conceptualizations which appear in Paddy’s book much more user friendly

    they have also faced much criticism and misundertanding

    i have seen resistence to the concept of Deafhood by some US Deaf but thankfully others r understanding as a previous commenter wrote – it is about “knowing thyself”

    joey again u r doing a HUGE service by having interviewed paddy and by breaking it down into these short clips and distributing via the world Wide web

    another possible reason why Deafhood has not spread in the UK yet maybe be this isssue of how SMALL the Deaf-world is – some folks no everyones business

    some of the statements in Deafhood appear radical to folks who have invested and brought into the status quo and achievement via assimilation – Deafhood kinda confronts and shakes up that framework – thats a bit hard for folks to deal with and to find out its coming from someone from ur own home town and….

    crabs may be in the pot a bit but i think the biggest element is that it has not been picked up by a small group of dedicated thinkers who r willing to take in on the road and also use the medium of vlogs to get the information out there in the Uk

    in no way is this say the UK is not a vibrant and progressive Deaf community – i think their response to the HFEB Clause 14 (4)(9) is very impressive

    again thanks joey


    patti durr

  • Nigel Howard 16 years ago

    Regarding Sandra Goldstein’s comment about the need to educate Deaf children and youth about Deafhood, culture and history, it is a brilliant and, actually, an essential idea.
    Recently last year, I started providing workshops and presentations for the Canadian Deaf children and youth such as Family Network for Deaf Children (FNDC) and Deaf Youth Today (DYT).
    The format of the workshops and presentations are interactive and hands-on approach, rather than lecture approach. They need to feel inclusive and involved.

    Often time, not intending to beat the drum, they do end up feeling inspired, proud and more aware of their identity, culture, etc. They tend to not realise that “Deaf World” is massive, full of variety and diversity, and rich with amazing talented people, history, culture, arts and theatre, etc..

    The Deaf children and youth just need to know that they are valuable and wonderful human beings whom happen to be Deaf.

    The FNDC produced a promotional DVD interviewing Deaf youth of their experience and they all mentioned how eye-opening the workshops were.

    Therefore, I am in agreement with Sandra to develop some kind of package geared for Deaf children and youth.

    They are our future….


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