Interview with Dr. Paddy Ladd (5 of 5)

Question: What do you forsee for the Deafhood movement?

Note: Thank you Paddy for your willingness to be interviewed for this site. As we can see that many people enjoyed this series very much! Upward we go!


  • Orkid 16 years ago

    Hello Joey –

    I agree with Dr. Ladd about giving out more education by a Deaf presenter or presenters with training.

    Looking back near the end of my Gallaudet’s years, I was asked “What are you doing here? Finish your degree and get out of Gallaudet !!! There is no point to stay here longer than 5 years. Go out and teach hearing people about us. That is your responsiblities to show” as told by a Deaf professor.

    I was awe-struck by her comments to me. And yet teaching was not interested nor my passions. But I was wrong. A year later after I graduated from Gally, I end up being an ASL teacher in various location. I looked back and realized how much my ASL students really enjoy learning ASL same time with Deaf Culture instilled into the lesson plans.

    With right resource and training, no matter where we go, who we bump into, positive or negative, We the People (including DEAF/HH and CODA as well) are responsible for teaching ignorant people out there.

    Again – I really enjoy watching vLOG interview with Dr. Ladd.

    Cheer everyone !

    – O. : )

  • cnkatz 16 years ago

    Excellent series of interviews, Paddy and Joey!

    I have one more question for Paddy and everyone.

    How would you distinguish/handle between the universal nature of the deafhood development and the use of deafhood as an empowerment tool?

    Both are critically important. Look at universal womanhood and vocal feminism as an example.

    Would the latter wane as the Deaf achieve the goals they are now fighting for?

  • Joey Baer 16 years ago


    I will forward your question to Paddy and if he ever respond, I will be sure to post it here.

  • John Critser 16 years ago

    Dr. Paddy Ladd with simplicity, with no illusions about it, stated clearly that we can be empowered with rational action, to keep people informed about Deafhood thru a regular parade of speakers, with workshops held at events, we need to keep the topic alive and educate people.

    I feel that Dr. Paddy Ladd’s Deafhood will evolve into a more clearly defined presentation, that Deaf people will contribute to the Deafhood concept that has yet to reach its’ pinnacle.

    Dr. Paddy Ladd is the Deafhood pioneer, and everyone that hops on the train will add any missing component.

    Deafhood will make a lasting impact on Deaf culture and a dent to the oralist cocoon. A friendly dent.

  • Coach Creech 16 years ago

    Excellent Interview from 1 to 5 part. Mr. Baer, I cap off you for your wonderful and decidated your time to us, (vloggers). I looking forward his (Dr. Padd) answer to those questions from Cnkatz. I curious and hope he will respond to those question. Once again, Thanks!

  • Sandra Goldstein 16 years ago


    I recalled that audism was everywhere for a while. Now we do not see audism often.

    Deafhood is another “audism”. Now it is everywhere. For how long is a good question.

    Deafhood movement belongs to National Association of the Deaf, State Associations of the Deaf, Clubs of the Deaf… Just like Deaf Power..Deaf Culture, DPN, etc.

    Should we establish a new organization that focus on Deafhood movement?

    FYI… There are more hearing ASL teachers than deaf ASL teachers. It is a big joke to let hearing people to teach ASL. Should deafhood movement object to the hearing people to teach ASL???? We can not forbid hearing people teach ASL because of human rights.

    It would be a parallelism with civil rights movement, wouldn’t it?

    ADA…American Disabilities Act.. Is it working for Deaf people???? American Disabilities Act is anyone with disabilities ( deaf and hearing).

    Deaf Culture is not for only Deaf people. Some hearing people are dedicated to deaf community are part of Deaf Culture. Some Deaf people are not part of Deaf Culture for they are not interested in getting involved with the Deaf community.

    Deafhood movement should get hearing people involved to fight for Deaf people. More people getting involved, the better.

    Look at the Deafhood workshop presenters, Ella Mae Lentz, G. Gertz, DE..Only three travel around in order to spread the deafhood concept. Why cannot they educate other deaf people to spread the deafhood concept? For example, Region 4…Ella, DE, and GG are responsible to present the deafhood concept. In the East different Deaf people present the concept of Deafhood. It is better to have different people in different regions. It will save a lot of money for some organizations, schools, others money. Ella, DE and GG should educate or help other Deaf people to spread the Deafhood concept. They can send the materials to those interested Deaf people to spread the concept for them.

    Sandra 😛

  • Nick Vera 16 years ago

    Thank you for giving us five installment series of your interviewing with Paddy Ladd upon the perspective of Deafhood movements.

    Absolutely, I agreed with him, depending on how much deaf and hard of hearing reallly want to invite presenters to attend the deaf residential institutions, mainstream or deaf program including college/universities to continue in education about the journey of deafhood internationally.

    Hopefully, one day, there will be Deaf Way III or Deaf International festivals to be include Deafhood education to collaborate our cultural diversity with C.I, Oral, SEE, etc to be unify around the globe.

    These episodes are outstanding to impact me and to understand his sharing in perspective on Deafhood journey. Thank you again!


  • DE 16 years ago


    Paddy said the following,
    “Time for the Deaf to depend on each other”,
    “be responsible for local activism”,
    “take responsibility to talk and discuss Deafhood”.

    That’s what we (Ella, GG, and myself) are doing. We are sharing Paddy’s work through our workshops across the world, and the local Deaf communities then take responsibility by doing the following;
    start book discussion groups,
    revamp their organization missions,
    become more active with their local issues,
    and even present on the Deafhood concept.
    etc. etc.

    It’s going great. We are actually educating others to spread the Deafhood concept. And we have always shared our PPts every time people asked for these.

    Me, here locally- I’m starting a 16-week Deafhood course for active Deaf community members (Deaf, CODAs, and hearing allies- total of 36 have signed up so far!) this Thursday. We will study the Deafhood book in DEPTH and do vlogs, etc. (will let you all know). At the end of the semester, we will have 36 MORE people well versed in Dr. Ladd’s work!

    Not only I am doing my part with the educational aspect, I am very active with DBC. Education + activism = empowerment & liberation.

    You can do you part, too!

  • deb ann 16 years ago

    Thank you a bunch for the wonderful series of interviews, Paddy and Joey! I also enjoyed reading all the comments. I hope that his book will help them to understand about the deaf.

  • Platonic's Eye 16 years ago

    I think Deafhood is very baby now, need to expand the understanding of Deafhood which depends on four things first: metaphysics, epistomolgy, politics and ethnics before all of those people can develop the expanding of knowledge and udnerstanding Deafhood better! All of these four things that would benefit Deafhood in a long run! That is what i think.

  • Donna 16 years ago

    Hello Joey, Many thanks for showing your interviews with Dr. Paddy Ladd. We in Deaf community, of course need to get together and work for the future sake of our Deaf children. thanks again, Donna

  • Terri Watts 16 years ago

    Depends vary others Deaf Community and willing part of DeafHood or Deafness somewhat of areas.. Hearing people are trying to making separate way as Deaf Community of terms. I meant that, Two Ways aren’t same 1 group of community likely eg: Deafhood and Audisim/deaf. How make your point, so called ?

    Dr Paddy Ladd was focus studies on Deafhood all along or both or all different cases?

  • To respond to Sandra 16 years ago

    Sandra writes “FYI… There are more hearing ASL teachers than deaf ASL teachers. It is a big joke to let hearing people to teach ASL.”

    I’ve learned from a deaf professor at Gally saying that she has noticed more and more new deaf students sign like hearing interpreters. They don’t sign naturally.

    That isn’t what George Veditz wants to see today. We’ve got to ask mainstream schools to hire deaf ASL teachers to teach ASL to deaf students so that they would correct hearing interpreters in mainstream schools.

    I do not want ASL to be ASL-Hearing Style. I think I hear Veditz say in the grave, “That’s right on!”

  • Merle Baldridge 16 years ago

    I am very pleased with Dr Padd’s messages very much. I think we will do wonderful if we have many Deafhood Coaches in every states, big cities!

  • John Critser 16 years ago

    Hearing CODAs who teach ASL are same as Deaf ASL instructors. But wow! Deaf students evolving into hearing interpreter ASL style..that’s new to me but I did notice some glimpses of that here and there…I have an interpreter friend who is real fluent in ASL. And she is not a CODA. But it makes sense to have more Deaf ASL instructors to set the record straight…

  • David Ennis 16 years ago

    Today, our society has been failed simply to recognize Deaf as a human being.

    I always believe that God has own purpose to create a diversity of many people like Hispanics, Africans, Europeans, Asians and of course, Deafies.

    In fact, Paddy and other American Deaf leaders are the true pioneers whose their dedicated works are sowing many positive seeds among Deafies and Hearing allies.

    Without my doubts, Deafhood will eventually become enlightened in many different American Deaf communities.

    As you know, during 1850’s, American pioneers went west to find a best place for their children to live. The pioneers had never dreamed of their future generations that led to create the powerful nation on Earth.

    The future Deafhood movement will be next.

  • Question to DE 16 years ago

    Where will the 16-week Deafhood course be taught? At a community college?

  • Justin 16 years ago

    Well! At last that I see all 5 parts. This is the new direction with “Deafhood.” There are alot more questions and journey for a Deaf/Hard of Hearing down on the road. Having the “first” group that took over just already started! Hands waves to Ella, D.E. and GG.

    Questions: Are these Deaf people the “first” to make the movement? Are there any other group in the world do this?

    I believe this is an intresting questions that I am asking.

    Again, there are much more to talk about what is Deafhood and hopefully more people will follow the steps of Dr Ladd’s Deafhood and the “first” group workshop. Let it grow and GROW HARD!

    Thank you Joey for thisVlog of interview!

    A Deaf man from Oregon.

  • Strongasl 16 years ago

    I watched all 5 parts interview with Dr. Paddy Ladd. I admire him and want to thank Joey for sharing this. Waving hands to both Joey and Dr. Paddy Ladd!

  • pdurr 16 years ago

    Paddy – miss ya bro!

    I love when u talked about positive action

    not reaction, not over reacting – but rather ACTION

    Frederick Douglass said “Agitate, agitate, agitate” and here he meant:
    To arouse interest in a public cause via words – thank goodness for vlogs so arouse interest in Deafhood via signed words and not just written ones

    the key to a successful movement is the presences of a PEACE DOCTRINE

    that when one advocates and agitates one does so with compassion and peace

    firm with love – its an incredible hard thing to do

    all our brothers and sisters must be made to feel welcome to the table of Deafhood – none shall be turned away except those who threaten or attempt to over turn the table



    joey – BIG THANKS

  • pdurr 16 years ago

    cnkatz wrote:
    I have one more question for Paddy and everyone.
    How would you distinguish/handle between the universal nature of the deafhood development and the use of deafhood as an empowerment tool?
    Both are critically important. Look at universal womanhood and vocal feminism as an example.
    Would the latter wane as the Deaf achieve the goals they are now fighting for?

    this is a good question – i dont think anyone knows the answer for sure. I was talking with an African-American hearing interpreting student and he was discussing how his generation does not take seriously black issues and does not demonstrate the reverence and seriousness that his parents and their parents displayed

    i do think this is a danger at times when “a people” – African-American, Women, Gays and Lesbians – achieve certain milestones – if they dont build in rituals to preserve and instill the value of these achievements then yes the empowerment can wane and bling bling can become more important than I have a Dream but still if u look who is really at the helm and pulling the strings it is often the dominant society so no under-represented group can really afford to ever fully “relax”

    women r still paid less and still often have to choose between children and careers

    African-Americans r still experience economic oppression and judicial discrimination and an outrageous proportion

    Latinos are still exploited as cheap labor and put into catch 22 situations with their family and making a living

    Deaf people are still not viewed as fully human

    it goes on and on

    if i understand katz questions right – i think the two are pretty indistinguishable

    cant really have one without the other – individual and collective

    hence the message from paddy – its not just sufficient to become self-actualized in ones own understanding of Deafhood – u r then called to do more – form a Deafhood foundation, pay it forward by training others and informing others about what Deafhood is and isnt (pay it forward), and to stand strong and firm on very important issues – to DO and not just to talk

    to be active – to be AWAKE



  • Wanda 16 years ago

    A lot has been said, written and protested for Deaf People. What about Deaf People in the Hearing World who needs assistance, too? Deaf People in the Hearing World continues to lose their Rights after one or both parents died, the Will “mysteriously” gone, Hearing Siblings are given power to control Deaf Sibling the same way criminals lose their Rights for breaking laws, the same way children are limited by minority laws, the same way mentally ill patients’s Rights are taken a way or limited. Hearing Authorities of Law continues to strip Deaf Adults of Rights. Deaf Adults in the Hearing World at first are misled by Laws and Consitutional Rights. They are misled into believing they will have no problem getting appropriate protection until it’s too late. All they have done is provoke Authorities of Law and relatives into rage and vindictiveness. Authorities of Law do not see Deaf Adults as equal and as capable of handling difficult decisions. There are no one, not even N.A.D., readily available. If Deaf People in the Hearing World had not been misled by teachers and N.A.D.’s activities, they would not have gone in with full confidence that there will be no shortage of legal assistance to defend their Rights.

  • Wanda 16 years ago

    Why aren’t N.A.D. and Deaf People of DEAF WORLD disturbed by Hearing Authorities of Law taking away Deaf People’s Rights to financial management and handing financial controls over to relatives all because relatives can HEAR? Local government are stealing from Deaf Individuals so easy just like stealing lollipop from a toddler while N.A.D. and other organizations for the Deaf just shrug their shoulders and look the other way? Not only are Deaf Individuals of Hearing World are decieved by their local public schools and N.A.D., their parents are decieved into trusting their friends and the Hearing Authorities of Law not to be impaired by Audism, too.


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