Joey’s Back!

It is really good to be back and in this 3 min clip, three things are covered.

1) Our Europe Trip

2) A perspective

3) Inspiration


  • Oscar the Observer 17 years ago


    And AMEN!!!

  • Sean McCauley 17 years ago

    Hey, JOEY!

    Welcome back!

    Where did you go in Ireland?

    I was in Ireland last May. I went to Limerick, County Clare, County Donegal, and County Cork. It’s very beautiful! I also found distant cousin in County Donegal. It was wonderful experience!


  • Patty Trek 17 years ago

    Yes, welcome back!! We missed your vlogs!

    thanks for sharing your experiences and inspiration!

    great pics, too!

  • Hillary 17 years ago

    Welcome back!!! looking fwd to more of your vlogs… smiling

  • George 17 years ago

    I agreed with some of your remarks about people’s reaction to your deafness. I have been to Europe over 35 times. I can explain you why they do like this, very unlikely of America’s attitude(s) toward us. I will be more than happy to explain to you. And welcome back to your home.

  • LaRonda 17 years ago


    What a lovely family you have! You look great! Europe must have totally agreed with you! You seem refreshed and ready for new vlogs! I can’t wait to see more! I know you will continue to be an inspiration to us at DeafRead!

    Welcome back!

    ~ LaRonda

  • Morris 17 years ago

    Welcome back! u are one of many inspirations!

  • Jean Boutcher 17 years ago

    Welcome baaaaaack, Joey! Yes, I agree with
    you completely that hearing Europeans are
    enormously different from hearing Americans!
    I know why. Europeans are multilingual
    whereas Americans are soooooo monolingual.
    By the way, I am glad you went to The
    Netherlands because it has been the most tolerant nation in the world for more than
    500 years!

    Long Live Europe!

  • Judge 17 years ago

    W E L C O M E B A C K …to reality! 🙂

    No need to add more comments about Europe because everything you said was sufficient.

    It’s great to see you once again!

  • Deaf Socrate's Trail 17 years ago

    Of course, many of different countries in Europe people do appreciate the languages and they are well aware of different languages they accept and many of them speak more than one language! America people are not! Too many ignorants. Freedom? IT must be a real big joke! Good to see you again through VLOG again!

  • jon 17 years ago

    Welcome back Joey!

    I do miss Europe! Last time, Holly and I went there 10 years ago as our honeymoon. Yes, I agree with you about people in Europe are acceptable to deaf people than in America.

    an inspiration is powerful word because it’s easy lose it! Yeah.. Keep up my, your, and our inspiring to each other as opposite of crab theory!

  • Ted Henry 17 years ago

    Welcome back… Ah, that’s interesting; Europe people don’t look down on Deaf people. Hmm. There are some Europe people at where I work; they don’t look down on me. That explain from what you said. What’s more, they always approach me friendly and show no hesitates to chat with me in gesture signing form.

  • Penny 17 years ago

    Glad you and your family did something this summer. All of you deserved a good vacation due to giving up a lot of your time to the Deaf community. You surely have a lovely family. God bless you! I traveled oversea for two years by bike, hitchhike and trekking and I can agree with you about people from oversea—the way how they treated you because they never treated me differently too except they think something was wrong with me when I went on journey alone. However, I had one man yelled at me when I stayed at his hostel in Bluff, New Zealand. He kept telling me I should not cycle because I was Deaf. He was furious at me. I yelled back to him and said hey…you should not be driving because you have one arm. (he had one of his arms amputated) and I told him that if he accidentally steer the wheel wrong he could have hit someone. I was mad at him for putting me down. There were only two or three people included me who stayed at his hostel. I thought he would have killed me that night but he did not. That was the only time I was treated differently as far as I could remember. Anyway, welcome back, Joey!

  • JustJodi 17 years ago

    Welcome back !!!
    I am a deaf American living in the Netherlands ( too bad you didn’t get ahold of me I would have given you a great tour and in ASL; too LOL )
    I do not want to get into an arguement ,,, but in Europe things are ALOT LESS ACCESSIBLE for the Deaf., But they are generally pretty nice to me where ever I have gone here in Holland..there just are no real services or referral agencies for EX-pat deafies,,
    BTW I have been all over the southern part of ireland and the Northern Part,, I love every thing about Ireland.. the views are just GORGEOUS..
    Any way I am glad you are back and it appears U had a terrific time here in Europe,, now it is my turn, I am off to the USA for a month

  • SusanA 17 years ago

    welcome back, good to see you vlogging again.

    interesting about europe being more acceptable towards deaf… I went to france and had the worst experience there, perhaps its just some people in france, I don’t know.

  • Sven-Emil Karmgard 17 years ago

    Hi, I’m an Europe (Swede) so it was fun to see you talk abt Europe in the last vlog! 🙂 I’m following your blog and I want to thanks you and your guest vloggers, in Sweden we don’t have a similary “vlog culture”, not then… It’s so many, many ASL-vlogs and so few Swedish vlogs… Well!

    I want to ask you abt a sign… Do ASL have a sign for the word “trafficking”? (Illegal trade with people…)


  • Emily Cosmore 17 years ago

    Hello Joey,
    Welcome home! You are right about the European. I am deaf and lived in Germany for five years. My husband is in the Air Force and had an assignment at a small NATO base.
    My overall experience in Europe was WONDERFUL! I’ve never made so many hearing friends in Europe. I did not want to leave when our five years tour was up. I’m hoping we can go back and visit our “second” family very soon.
    I really enjoyed looking at your Vlog. Keep up the great work you’ve been doing.

  • deafk 17 years ago

    Hi, Joey,

    Welcome back to our ole homeland!! I am glad you were experiencing something so different than what America has to us. Joey, I am trying to establish a new perspective among the deaf communities, that is, we can change the system of America that what they did to us is not accepted. First of all, this behavior is learned. We need to change that to be better behavior. I wrote two articles, “Behavor Not Accepted in hearing world…” and “Environment is also the key.” Those articles are all about hearing behaviors toward us the deafies. I hope we can work out on this, also beside this fabulous orgainzation, DBC! Smile,


  • SnoopyFreak 17 years ago

    Welcome Back Joey,

    Darn, we could have met each other while your family visited in Holland.. that where I live in Holland… Next time we may meet again if you and your family come back to Europe again..

    Yes, in Holland is not great accessible for the deaf..

  • summer 17 years ago

    Welcome back.
    I like to comment your opinion about your trip in Europe. Just to let you know, I’m deaf German living in the US for almost six years. My experience says that Americans are more willing to use paper and pen or laptop for communication than European peers, especially Germans who put a heavy weight on speeching and hearing. But, I admit that Europeans are more aware about deafness now and it takes time till they put it into practice.

  • Cy 17 years ago

    Welcome back althought it seems you’ve long since returned to America way back in June or July….

    Two possiblies regarding your European experience…you were obviously to them a bunch of tourists that they were welcoming and were more helpful…


    They re quite accustomed to seeing signers in Europe – after all, our ASL originated from FSL…French Sign Language. FSL existed in France long before America was introduced to ASL pre-Milan. If France had FSL, it is safe to say some of other European countries also had their own versions, particularily BSL.

    However, I understand Europeans remain heavy on oralism…more so than here in America.

    Perhaps what you experience is more cultural than language…Europe is so diverse multi-racially and mutli-culturally. America has become more monolingual and egocentric.

    It is ironic because America is often hailed as a melting pot when in realtiy it is not – Europe is more so than we are.

  • DE 17 years ago


    Yeah- Paddy Ladd says our Deaf Ed is better than Europe’s (except for Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries, of course), but over there their political activism seems to be more strong than ours. Check the British Deaf Association’s position on bilingual education- wow!

    Looking forward to the day when BOTH our education AND politics are both strong!


  • joan 17 years ago

    I was in Ireland this past June to celebrate my duaghters HS graduation, it was amazing!! We noticed the acceptance of peoples language and disabilities right away! The television news was split screened with a newscaster and an interpreter!! (as an interpreter i was thrilled to see that!) There were other shows that had an interpreter on as well!!!
    Joey I am thankful to have access to your site durring my break as an educational interpreter you and your peers keep me connected!!


  • Kathy 17 years ago

    I watch your ASL Vlog, its awesome and like it very much.

    Talk about your travel vacation into an old world recently. I did went to Amsterdam, Netherland on June 2005 for 3 weeks, travel to Athens, Greece for 3 days then travel to Budapest, Hungary myself alone while my husband was at working that time.

    Anyway while I was at Amsterdam, Netherland, I was very ambitious myself, seek to meet the deaf holland, I learned their sign language, and met 2 deaf ladies also from USA (Arizona & chicago) as they ask me to join with them, I am from NJ too. To teach them ASL instead of Holland Sign language, looks funny, but I dont say nothing, thats their culture, so holland want to learn America SL.
    Went to Athens, Greece, cant find deaf people, too bad for me, also went to Budapest, Hungary, they did not pick up fax, etc, too bad for me. I trade with deaf holland of my yahoo and msn, they ask me to limit english, LOL.

    Wonderful experience so much, I did studies and their culture, sad, and struggles their hardship life in Holland, dont have like what America have ADA Law. I feels bad about them, cuz we are the same DEAF, same feeling, same frustration, lack, etc. Told them, same with America, not only Holland too. even thought the same as in the deaf world have the similar problem too.

    I love to travel alone, try to meet the deaf, and learn their way too.

    Thank you very much. I enjoy your view of Vlog. Keep going on. God bless you too.


  • John Critser 17 years ago

    I know this is a late comment for a european tour taken by you last summer, but I could not resist making a comment..

    It is true that America needs to embrace the diversity which INCLUDES Deaf people as much as Europe does. Your v-log wasn’t about accessibility, this is more of how they look at Deaf people, I applaud you for bringing that to awareness. We should be looked as a blend of colors making this or that country a beautiful place to be in, not as discoloration. Amen to you!


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